Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat Mishpatim 19 Shvat 5775 (8.2.15)


G-d is telling the Jews in Israel and outside of Israel, Jews who are real Jews: there is no time, redemption started in 1948 and it is time to crown the King Messiah very soon – it will happen suddenly!  Like King David was suddenly revealed, or Josef who suddenly came out of the pit to rule Egypt, when Moses suddenly saw the burning bush and many other messengers suddenly appeared and were known, so it will be with the Messiah, son of David; the day will come suddenly!  There will be no preparations; G-d will crown him Himself.  No man on earth can crown the King Messiah.  The King Messiah belongs to no one in this world; he is above Moses, above the angels, and G-d Himself will crown him.  The King Messiah comes to remove all impurity and evil, to erase the evil inclination from the world and destroy it, to bring kindness into the world, mercy, and peace, and to build the third holy Temple.

G-d will continue to create conflict and complications within the Arab countries around us and the countries of the world, except for Israel where there will be quiet and peace.  G-d complicates the countries of the world because they want to harm His holy land and take parts away from the land of Israel.  G-d will not let go of one centimeter of the holy land!  G-d can make a country with a billion citizens disappear in a fraction of a second.  But the Jews don't have enough brains to understand His strength, heroism, and glory of the King of Kings, G-d!  All of the countries around us will get harsh blows like they've never imagined.  Arabs fighting Arabs, Muslims fighting Muslims, the world in chaos, fighting each other and all done by G-d so that they stop bothering the holy land and the Jews living in Israel.

The state of Israel and the Jews living in the holy land is the center of the world!  All of the countries are nurtured from here!  If, heaven forbid, there is no holy land or the Jews in Israel, the world will become chaos like it was in the time of the flood.

Jews in exile, run urgently to Israel while you still can!  Don't believe anyone from Israel or the world who tells you not to come to Israel.  They are going against G-d and will be judged before G-d directly. They don't understand who G-d is and that what G-d does is for the good of the state of Israel.  They or anyone in the world must not tell the Jews not to come to Israel.  Woe unto them, they cause problems and will have to deal with G-d.  You need to encourage and help every immigrant that comes to Israel that is what G-d commanded.  We'll see who is the hero, who will rise against G-d.  Jews coming to Israel can leave Israel and continue their business overseas, as long as they live in the holy land.  In Israel the economy is the best.  You need to be wise with your finances and accept any job – every job is respectful.

All of the Jews traveling the world – stop.  There is no protection and there is no holy spirit outside of Israel.  The state of Israel is the most beautiful in the world, it is very dangerous to leave, our lives are worth everything.

G-d is informing the weathermen in Israel and the world: the weather is in G-d's hands.  Rain and snow, heat and cold – He decides.  He will change the weather however He chooses and will surprise as He chooses, all will be according to the will of G-d – instead of "weathermen," they will be called "guessers."

We have been saying this for years and we say it now, anyone who does evil things, bribes, thievery, cheats, cons, betrays, or is not clean in his public duties, G-d will reveal him in public.  When the sins stop and he truly redeems himself, G-d will not reveal him.  Time is short before the King Messiah is crowned!  There are people who take things for granted and believe it is their own strength and actions that brought them to where they were.  If they knew that
 G-d is the one who decides and doesn't play, they would all obey the Torah, redeem themselves, and pray to G-d.

The IDF must not be idle, they must be vigilant in their watches, all over the Israeli borders.

Syria is being erased from the planet and will continue to be erased.

Hezbollah is saving all of its ammunition so it doesn't finish it; it is losing ammunition to ISIS, the rebels and Syria.  Nasrallah is listening to Iran, he is in their hands.  There are tunnels in the north for certain.  It is not like the Gaza Strip where the earth is sandy and in days they dig ten meters, in the north it takes years.  They learned from the Hamas in Gaza.  The entire world is learning this, all of the rats, moles, and snakes dig.  They need to listen to the citizens of the north, they are complaining about noises for a reason.

Hamas in Gaza is working around the clock, arming with missiles and digging tunnels.  It isn't quiet there, just business as usual.  They pretend to want peace and laugh at Israel.  They don't want peace; they want to destroy Israel and the Jews to be their slaves.

Iran is consulting with Russia how to take advantage of the United States; and, they take advantage of both of their weaknesses; they fool them both and gain from them both.  Dear Jews in Israel, Iran is deadly afraid of Israel, and takes only indirect action against Israel.  Iran knows that if it messes with Israel directly, Israel will turn it into a pile of dust.

Turkey is entirely surrounded by ISIS, Arduan cries all day like a baby, he is being controlled like a puppet.

In Egypt, Hamas, ISIS, and the extreme Islamists continue to use all of their power to try to topple the government.  There will continue to be complications in the Sinai dessert and in Egypt.

Jordan is in a very bad place, everything is complicated there; ISIS has taken their respect in the world.  Millions of refugees are eating and trampling Jordan.

The candidates for Israel's parliament must not slander other people!  G-d has put it in the minds of the Jews of Israel not to vote for anyone who slanders another.  Whoever maintains the dignity of every Jew will be voted for.  The beauty of it is that every citizen in Israel knows who to vote for, because G-d put it in their heads.  So the commercials, slander, or temptations will not help to convince them.  We all dislike the behavior of Israel's elected officials.  Around the world they mock, "these people can be trusted?" Forget all of the arguments and talks, instead of that you need to watch over the borders of Israel.  The Jews have nowhere else to go, the state of Israel is the one and only in the world.  Arabs have many countries in the world.

The government of Israel needs to watch over every piece of land in Israel.

The forces of nature will continue to wreak havoc all over the world except for Israel.  There will be natural disasters and the world will have the ten plagues until they fall, surrender and believe it is all from G-d and stop bothering the holy land, Israel.

When a Jew speaks the truth, G-d helps him and everything is a success for him.  G-d helps those who are truthful.  We Jews told G-d "we will do and we will listen", we have a covenant; we are a special people, a chosen people, chosen by G-d Himself.  G-d loves the Jews in Israel, He wants His children to redeem themselves, to obey the Torah and steer clear of wrong doings and assimilation.

The Messiah, son of David continues to work above nature, to bring Jews in Israel closer to G-d, to bring Jews from exile to Israel, to create complications and conflict in Arab countries and the world and to protect and guard the holy land of Israel.

The hour of the Jewish people's salvation is near, and the suffering of the Jews in Israel will cease!

Courtesy of  "Tair Neri"


  1. What is the definition of a true Jew. In one of the messages of the handicapped kids like Moshela it said that no one had to think that for example all Litvac, Chassidim or Dati Leumi are Tzadikim that Tzadikim are to be found in ALL groups. They said ALSO amongst the so called Secular Jews.

    1. I can only tell you my definition, not the Rav's or Moishela's. A true Jew is one that has a Jewish neshamah. His or her mother is Jewish, with a Jewish neshamah. Or, a Ger that was converted properly, once again that Hashem gave that person a Jewish neshamah.

      Why is this so questionable? How many people have you known who think they are Jewish, because their father was and they decided to take on his faith system, or they were converted by being given a certificate that says they are Jewish. Only Hashem knows for sure and only Hashem will let us know who are the true Jews and who are the Erev Rav.

      A secular Jew can be a real Jew, but is not one who is living by the Torah. Most Jews in the world today are secular Jews, but will be Torah Jews when the Moshiach is introduced -- they will know what they have been missing and how much better life could have been following Hashem.

  2. Hello Menachem!!! :)

    Thanks a lot for sharing these words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi. (B) ' H!!!

    There's no way not to cry while reading the words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi. I am happy and moved by reading them.

    What does "guesser"?!

    What can I say about my round, is that the whole Latin America is a very big chaos, it's like Sodom and Ammorah, unfortunately.

    Venezuela: Venezuelan Communist Government announced that only food until April, in addition to suffering with great inflation, inflation there is 70% according to the Government, but the private sector says it's much more, are around more than 300%.

    Mexico: authorities involved with the drug trade, in addition to the deaths of many innocent people.

    Argentina is in great recession and suffers from high inflation.

    Brazil: water from the main financial centre of the country (São Potus ") is ending and there may be rationing, the dams are drying up and may soon be rationed too. The federal Government, as well as some of the other spheres is very corrupt and populist, besides trying to implant the communism by Gramsci (deployment of a Communist dictatorship via silent). Inflation is much makeup and is great, although the federal Government say that is around 6.5. The drugs and promiscuity in every way (as well as in other Latin American countries) is dominant. :(

    There is a great risk of impeachment in the current Government, other groups have already ask for military intervention (guaranteed constitutionally), dissatisfaction gradually grows in Brazil, even if slowly, there is still the risk of a civil war (Communists vs. anti-Communists), which could lead to the collapse of the whole Latin America, due to geopolitical importance of Brazil to this part of the world.

    Shavua Tov and Kol Tuv!!! :)

    1. The most encouraging message from Rav Ben Artzi this week is that your problems are almost over. You, like all of us, are being tested in the end of days. Even though only Hashem can judge us, I feel confident that you are passing your test with a high level of spirituality and will see a very happy result in the near future. Hashem loves you and, I have to admit, so do I. You are no doubt a righteous person with a very bright future.

    2. Amen v' Amen!!!. :)

      Thank you very much and is reciprocal (Hashém Know that is)


      I got yesterday (2/11/15) via email the following news of a Brazilian Jewish newspaper, about an anti-Semitic attack:

      "A Jewish woman was killed in the separatist stronghold of Donetsk, in Eastern Ukraine. The victim, whose name was not revealed, was working in the city's Jewish nursery, according to the international society of Christians and Jews, which provides aid to Jews in the war zone. In another incident, a bus was hit by rockets, three hundred metres from the Donetsk synagogue during morning prayers. The Rabbi had sent his followers out of the synagogue in search of protection. The normal distribution of humanitarian aid in the synagogue will continue today, according to the announcement of the community on their Facebook page, inviting people to pray for the victims. Dovid Mondshine, the Federation of communities of the CIS, have expressed interest in the evacuation of the Jewish community in the nearby Russian city of Rostov, which became a popular destination for Ukrainians, fleeing the civil war in their country. "

      Unfortunately I don't have the link of the news.

      But it shows very well, about the words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi, in your previous posts, he said that there would be a certain "quiet" for Ukrainian Jews (since the beginning of the Ukrainian civil war) but that after this "quiet" everything would blow up. Today I can understand what he meant.

      B ' H!!!

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

  3. BH

    Good night, Sara from Mexico City.
    And someone knows what does we, the Jewish people that we live outside Israel, in exile mean to Hashem from the standpoint of Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita?

    1. We all know from Jewish scriptures exactly how Hashem loves all Jews and righteous non-Jews, whether they are in Israel or outside. Hashem is merciful and will take care of all those who follow Him. He will even take care of all that do not follow Him, but only after they receive the correction they need for not following Him. It is all good news, just a lot easier for Hashem's faithful.