Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Beshalach, 6 Shevat 5775 (01.26.15)


G-d is the father and mother of the Jews in Israel.  G-d protects and watches over every Jew who is a real Jew, who has a soul with a G-dly spark from above, shakes him and wakes him up to be closer to Him.  G-d wants every Jew to believe in Him from the bottom of his heart.  He wants all Jews to believe the miracles and wonders that G-d is doing for the Jews in Israel.  G-d is fighting the wars of Israel and is continuing to do so – now strong, through messengers or miracles.  G-d is opening the eyes of the IDF.

The panic in the northern border is from G-d to wake the people of Israel so that they don't take everything for granted.  You need to thank G-d every minute for the wars He is fighting for the Jews in Israel.

G-d is continuing the huge mess in the world without stopping.  The clowns, those who mock, wait patiently to see what else G-d will do in the world.  You need patience, so all will be seen by the world!

G-d does not enjoy seeing Jews in exile suffering; and, they will continue to suffer greatly.  All of the guards they hire to protect their businesses, homes, cars, will flip on them, inform on them out and hurt them because bribery and money changes the hearts of man, like an animal would kill another animal for food.  In Israel there will be no flood, there will be protection and only good.  There will be warnings to bring the people of Israel closer to our Father in heaven.

There will continue to be floods, rain, snow, harsh winds, storms, earthquakes, collapsed bridges, roads falling apart and suddenly cut in half, derailed trains, planes going off course and experiencing navigation problems.  The earth will shake like never before, heat, fire, the harshest volcano eruptions – so that all in the world will see.  The world will get ten very harsh blows and the Jews in Israel will stand aside and watch what G-d is doing, to see and be seen.  Like the ten plagues of Egypt, Egypt is the entire world, and Israel is Israel.  Those who repent and those who will repent – let them keep imagining and living in delusions.

In Egypt there is already a big mess and it will continue.  Now is the end, there is no choice.  ISIS, Hamas and the extreme Islamists will not give up and will work together to make a revolution.  The government of Sisi has missed the train.

Turkey is completely controlled by ISIS and Hamas.  Arduan is being pulled by puppet strings, he hides all day in his room crying, 'where did I go wrong?'

Jordan continues to watch and wait, like all of the enemies of Israel wait, to see what happens in the elections.  Let them keep waiting.

G-d has said: There will not be peace with the Palestinians and Hamas, never.  And there will definitely not be peace with Abu Mazen who lies to everyone.  Jordan continues to "kidnap" millions of refugees in its country until it will no longer be called Jordan but the "Refugee State."

Syria is being erased and will continue to be erased.  G-d is not relenting and it will continue until it is completely erased.

The Iranians, Nasrallah, and Hezbollah want to move ammunition and long-range missiles to Nasrallah as well as steal chemical missiles from Syria that can reach 400-500 kilometers.  The activity that the IDF carried out in Syria was done well for the Jews in Israel and G-d.  Iran wants to send Hezbollah long-range missiles any way possible.  
G-d has opened the eyes of the IDF and will continue to do so forever!

In Iran they are working quietly, twenty four hours a day to take advantage of the time that the United States is busy with racism and its own problems.  Iran's goal is to be a nuclear power.

G-d is telling the Jews in Israel: Iran is deathly afraid of the Jews in Israel, they know that if they mess with Israel Iran will be destroyed and erased from the world!

Nasrallah and Hezbollah can't do anything.  Nasrallah is afraid to start an assault, heaven forbid, he is afraid to run out of ammunition.  Syria is over and erased and Iran can't send him missiles so he is thinking twice about finishing the ammunition he has or staying with the ammunition and being all bark and no bite.

Hamas, Abu Mazen, ISIS and the Jihad are united.  They are being guided so that they make a mess in Israel.  In the north 7 ISIS activists were caught; there are hundreds.  There are many ISIS seeds, in the north they need to be cut down before they grow.  In the north of Israel, ISIS and Hamas are coordinated.  In the south there is a Hamas conspiracy.  In East Jerusalem, Jerusalem and the surrounding area Jews are still threatened; keep your eyes open and don't take risks.

China and Russia will educate the world.

G-d will give the United States something to keep busy with, something so that they will leave the Middle East alone and deal with racism, the economy, and the mess from the Russians and Chinese.

All of the real Jews who have a soul from G-d, support the IDF soldiers and the police officers in Israel; they do not stand idle and do not shoot for no reason, don't judge them.

All of the Jews, not only in France, come to Israel.  Jews in France, you are on the front line, you are the first strong spark that is opening the road for the Jews.  This is a sign for all Jews in the world to come to Israel; you cannot say you don't understand.  Jews of France, run from France to Israel.  Not to European countries or the United States, it is useless; there, it will be a hundred times harder!

All of the parliament members and the government: stop slandering each other and start working to promote the state of Israel.  All of the money wasted on elections should be invested in settling the Negev, Western Galilee, Samaria and Binyamin.

The economy in the holy land of Israel is the best in the world and it will blossom and grow.  There will be plenty of work in Israel, even if one hundred million Jews come, and millions will come.  Don't worry, wait patiently, we have never been wrong.

All of the white and black collars, the bribers and bribe takers, the thieves and cons, if they repent G-d will have mercy; if they do not and say "this will not happen to me," then they will be revealed in the media.  The small and non-famous ones will be handled by G-d directly in the harshest manner.

Dear Jews, vote for the veterans for parliament; the Jews who care about the holy land; the Jews who care about assimilation; the Jews who care about alcohol and drugs problems.

Parents, watch over your children so that they do not assimilate, this is not racism.  Whoever obeys the Torah and believes in G-d; who runs and leads the world; that person is modern.  That person is wise, smart, and knowledgeable.  Whoever goes the crooked path and does not obey the Torah; whoever makes mistakes that lead to terrible suffering, he is primitive.  The modern person chooses the path of honesty and truth, and believes there is a king leading the world – G-d.  G-d is calling the Jews in Israel and the world: "Come to me my sons, those for 
G-d come to me!"

There are thousands of atomic missiles in the world.  The atomic deterrent came to the world to make peace not destruction.  There will not be a third world war – there will be a third holy Temple!

Jews, pray three times a day.  Tefilim is protection for every Jewish man and a direct connection to G-d.  The Jewish nation is the only one on earth that has the knowledge and ability to connect to G-d!

We are all waiting for the desired day to come for the people of Israel.  It is all in the hands of G-d, when He decides, He will surprise even the angels, the earth, and all of the worlds, and crown the Messiah king in this generation!

There seems to be a discrepancy between the message I posted yesterday by Moishela and the above from the Rav.  One said that there will be a World War 3 and the other said there will not be a war.  Since Moishela has referenced Zechariah 13:8 which talks of two thirds of the world population being cut off and one third remaining safe, it alludes to two thirds experiencing WW3 and one third not even noticing.  Those who follow Hashem’s ways will be protected and not even notice a war.  Those in Israel will be the most protected (except for the evil ones who fight Hashem).

In the 12 years that I have lived in Israel, I have been here during the last intifada, the war in Southern Lebanon, the conflicts with Syria, the conflicts with Gaza, including the rockets and mortar attacks and the terrorist activity in isolated areas of Israel, especially Jerusalem.  In all that has happened I have lived in a city that has seen absolutely nothing.  We don’t even have a police force, since there is no crime here.  Why have I not seen anything?  I live in a city that is 100% Torah Jews.  There are no secular Jews in this city and definitely no non-Jews.  The major industry in this city is Torah study.  What is comical is that television is banned from the city, very few listen to the radio and most of the residence here do not have a computer (except where needed for business).  I recall during the 2006 war in Southern Lebanon when there were an abundance of rockets coming out Lebanon and hitting northern Israel, most of my neighbors were not aware that there was a war happening.  They were too busy studying Torah and Hashem was busy shielding these Torah Jews from the reality around them.  In the 12 years that I have lived here, I have never seen a terrorist attack, a rocket landing or even a crime occurring.  This was not the case when I lived in the US of A where I saw much, much crime (neighbors being mugged, houses being vandalized and robbed, I even saw a fellow chasing another with a gun trying to shoot him – he didn’t, I am happy to report).

My entire message is that Hashem is telling us through Zechariah (delivered through Moishela and Rav Ben Artzi, that WW3 will be everything from horrible to non-existent depending upon those who turn to Hashem or not.  If you don’t believe this, it will be devastating for you and your loved ones.  It’s your decision as to how much suffering you want; and, I mean that wholeheartedly.   Of course, those who have moved to Israel are the most protected, but those who are making a great effort to move and have the right attitude to save themselves and their families, will also find Hashem’s favor.  He knows your complete attitude towards Him and His Torah and will, measure for measure, react, protect and help accordingly.


  1. BH

    Shalom UBraja.
    Sara from Mexico City.
    In which city do you live in Eretz Israel?

    1. Betar Illit, about 15 minutes from Jerusalem. There are many other cities and towns with completely observant Jewish population, like Betar. It will be the way all of the world when the redemption and the Messiah are introduced. It is the greatest reason that we crave the end of this evil world of lies and crave the world of truth and peace.

  2. Hello Menachem!!! :)

    I would like to thank you for the dissemination of messages of Rav Ben Artzi.


    My rav, once said:

    The France in the time of Napoleon, was a spiritual force (negative) very strong.


    And why is France, the first country to be seen as the first sign to the Bnei Israel?!

    I thank the answer, if it is possible to know, of course.

    All good! :)

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

    1. I believe every country is a problem for Israel, since Hashem wants all the Jews to come home. France just happen to get into the news, so it looked bad. One of the problems is that France still has a Jewish population of about a half million. It was interesting that Rav Ben Artzi told us about the problems coming up in France months ago. Right after he said it, the protests started and got worse as time went on. I heard recently that France has about 130,000 Jews considering making Aliyah to Israel. Part is due to an effort in Israel after the trouble started.

      All countries will show their true colors and cause their Jews to flee. It is all a sign that the redemption is near -- Hashem at work.

      Good to hear from you, Luiz.

    2. Shalom!!!

      Here near the Brazil (in Argentina), South American antisemitism has shown his claws, because Cristina Kirchner (Gentile woman who was married to the deceased and former President Nestor Kirchner-Jew). First was Alberto Nisman, now was Damián Pachter, persecuted by the Communist Government.

      For a while in Brazil, left-wing groups who speak against Israel for the time being there is no pursuit or direct attacks on Jews in Brazil.

      Curiosity: once my Rav said that in Brazil, a good part of the first Portuguese settlers were actually new xistian, and including the name of the country (Brazil) may have been given by xistian-new.

      Follow the link (unfortunately the link is in Portuguese, but I leave it here for those who want to know about that curiosity and the origin of some names of Brazilian States-new xistian-related):


      Sorry about the English. Anything you don't understand, just ask, I will try to be more clear.

      Shavua Tov and Kol Tuv!!!

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. -Brazil

    3. Very interesting. I had no trouble translating the website using Google translate. Thank you.

    4. Shalom!!!

      What Rav Nir Ben Artzi meant when he said: "China and Russia will educate the world."?!

      What is the meaning of this?!

      I thank the answer. :)

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. -Brasil

    5. The United States is creating so much chaos in the world, especially financially. China and Russia are not putting up with the craziness and are doing something about it. One thing is they are not acknowledging the US dollar as the world standard. They are looking to other possibilities to use for oil and commodities prices (gold, silver, etc).

      There also is a desire to do away with the aggression of the US. The US is trying hard to start WW3, and presently has military forces in 74 countries. China and Russia are not interested in the evil efforts of the US, and are becoming a formidable opponent to US policies.