Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat Tetzaveh, 3 Adar 5775 (02/22/15)


G-d will harm every country, president, prime minister, or person on earth if they want to take parts away from Israel.  The holy land and the state of Israel belong to G-d; and, no one in the world has beaten or could beat G-d!  People will see with their own eyes the harshest blows to anyone who touches even a centimeter of the holy land!

G-d will continue to activate the forces of nature, to create conflict and complications between countries around Israel and the entire world.

The rain that fell is an embrace from G-d to the Jews in Israel.  G-d has cleaned and purified the holy land; He has given snow, hail, and thunder - cleaning the holy land.

The United States is making every effort to topple the right wing government.  They want to build a new Middle East.  This is hiding their true goal to harm and topple the right wing so that the left can do whatever the United States wants and eventually give parts of Israel away.  This is the greatest danger which will lead, heaven forbid, to the destruction of the state of Israel.  There will be a huge mess in the United States.

In the Ukraine there is a big mess, a very harsh war, Jews must run away from there.  Jews must run away from the United States, don't say you were not told.

G-d is telling the Jewish immigrants, you have to come to Israel; whether you like it or not, there is great danger waiting for you, greater than the holocaust.  Even the Jews married to gentiles - come to Israel and convert.  G-d is opening His gates for conversion - for a limited time.

Out of Israel, every other Muslim wants to murder and harm the Jews, don't say "it won't happen to me."  Now it is like the holocaust, bit by bit, they strike and it is not being published.  They think it will go away but it won't, it will only get worse every day.  G-d is telling all of the Jews, even the assimilated, come to Israel urgently!

Whoever tells the Jews not to come to Israel will be brought to judgment before G-d and when you mess with G-d, everyone knows how that ends.

ISIS continues to grow stronger.  They are in every country in the world.  When ISIS decides to "harvest" a country - they do so and destroy it.  G-d is sending ISIS into the world.  Israel, the IDF, the ISA and Mossad need to guard the borders of Israel.

Every Jew that calls the police or army to inform of a problem must be taken seriously!

The tunnels in the Gaza Strip are being renovated 24 hours a day.  The Hamas is quiet because they are waiting for the elections.  The plans of the Hamas, Palestinians and everyone are to destroy the state of Israel, not peace.

In Egypt there will continue to be a mess and conflict; ISIS in the Sinai is getting together with extreme Islamists; they want to end and destroy Sisi's reign.

In Syria, the United States is helping the rebels with weapons and ammunition against ISIS.  There will come a time when ISIS and the rebels will unite to end Syria and the Hezbollah faster.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah have no mind or wisdom; they are trapped within themselves.

Iran is kissing up to the United States and Russia who are courting it.  It continues to manufacture nuclear weapons in order to be a powerful country.  Every Arab is afraid that Iran will rule them; they are against Iran, the United States, and Russia.

Jordan made a big noise about the pilot that was burned and suddenly all is forgotten.  The king of Jordan is terrified that ISIS will behead him.   He is waiting for a Palestinian state - let him wait another million years.

Turkey is controlled by ISIS.  Arduan is afraid that ISIS will behead him; he is surrounded by guards like they are protecting a nuclear reactor.  ISIS is developing very fast in Turkey.

Israel needs to be vigilant and on guard.  There is ISIS and Hamas in the north and south.  The ISA and Mossad need to take care of it right away.  In East Jerusalem, they think it is quiet - it isn't.  They need to look into that place too before ISIS and Hamas come out of the woodwork in a horrible surprise.  You need to be careful and keep your eyes open!

It is shameful that the Knesset members are hurting each other, seeking each other out, and the whole world laughs at them.  Instead of having 120 members talking to each other about how to help the elderly, handle the problem with drugs, alcohol and assimilation, how to stop Iran from creating ten atom bombs, they are busy attacking each other; it is shameful.  The whole world is saying that the Jews are the smartest in the world, and they invoke mockery everywhere.  Everyone is laughing at the 120 Knesset members.  G-d is telling the Jews: trust no one but G-d in heaven.  Cry out to G-d to crown the King Messiah and bring order to the land and the entire world!

G-d is interfering with the Knesset members, getting into their mouths and purifying them until the government is pure and clean to protect the borders of Israel, take care of the elderly and army veterans, fight against drugs, against giving parts of Israel away and against assimilation.  This is G-d's will.  This is G-d's decision!  Do not fight G-d; do not waste your time; there is not, nor has there ever been a man that has beaten G-d, from the beginning of the world to this day - don't be bullheaded against G-d.  Israel is like a herd without a shepherd!

The Jews in Israel have nowhere to go.  Seven billion people in the world hate the Jews, so all of the Jews must come to Israel!  The holy land of Israel - G-d is here, protecting and guarding it.  If any country wants to harm it, even only thinks of it, it will burn.  The state of Israel is protected forever!  There will be no atomic bomb; there will be no atomic war and no world war three.

Armageddon will be all over the world and not in Israel; like the flood was all over the world and not in Israel!

Everyone thinks that they are right and smart.  G-d says: if you do not obey the Torah, no one will be right and smart.  The Torah has 613 Mitzvahs in it; if you obey them, G-d will give you all of the best in the world like you have never dreamed of.

Floods, volcano eruptions, fire and heat, earthquakes, snow and rain - all of the forces of nature in action listening to the voice of G-d.  Trains, planes, ships and cars will continue to experience complications; there will be strange things on earth that have never been seen before.

Con men, bribe takers and givers, from the smallest to the greatest of all kinds will continue to be discovered.  You should repent immediately because G-d is revealing all of the famous ones in public, one after the other every day, and those that aren't famous, he handles them another way, through other forms of trouble and torment.

All of the greats of Israel, the Torah greats - all of the problems, conflicts, evil, hatred, slander, evil deeds being discovered every day, the forces of nature and the chaos in the world, this is "I have conflicted Egypt within Egypt" - Egypt is the entire world!  All of these are signs of the crowning of the Messiah soon.  These are birth pains of the birth of the King Messiah which will happen soon, don't miss it - starting now; cry out to G-d to crown him now!  Don't say that G-d has not given us all of the signs; even a newborn knows these are signs of the Messiah!

Courtesy of a "Tair Neri"


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