Thursday, August 14, 2014

Message Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, 14 Av, תשעד

Our dear G-d speaks through the elements, events, signs and miracles, with all Jews in the world!

The Jew-hatred is making this a very difficult world.  Gentiles want to seriously harm the Jews who live in and travel to Israel.  Every Jew visualizes running and coming to Israel.  How URGENT!  How much time do Jews living outside Israel have?  They do not understand what the Creator wants from them.  Gentiles, in their hatred, harm synagogues, Jews, Jewish businesses and all sorts of places belonging to Jews.  It will continue until Jews immigrate to Israel, it is time for the redemption of Israel!  It started in Independence but it is time for all the Jews to be in Israel - soon will be the crowning of the King Messiah!!!

Seven billion people in the world hate the Jews.  The Creator is instigating and is divisive among countries and within themselves, to deport and scare away the Jews (it is being seen throughout the world).

All the children of Israel, the Jews, the real Jews, must be united and make an effort to follow the Ten Commandments from the heart.

Hamas will not end their evil because they do not give up.  The solution must be continued by air, sea and ground.  Armament must continue to guard the Gaza perimeter. Special devices are being developed to discover and eliminate tunnels.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels with the Arabs in Israel -- it has not stopped.  Any ceasefire between Hamas that Israel allows Hamas to continue to arm.  Hamas is still planning a large attack.

The Israeli government is dealing with Amalek - Hamas, they is cruel.

Mahmoud Abbas 'the actor' comes across as a beautiful soul, yet he meets with Hamas in secret.

Overcrowding was created in the Gaza Strip by Egypt and Hamas, who intentionally doubled the number of residents in the Gaza Strip.  Jordanians also arrived in the Gaza Strip.

Egypt enjoys the way the ISF treats Hamas causing Hamas to suffer badly.

Syria continues to fight each other and eat each other - it does not stop.

Hezbollah and Lebanon are involved in the Syrian situation to complicate and add to the problem and make it more complex.

Jordan waits in silence and fears Hamas; they are waiting for the establishment, G-d forbid, of a Palestinian state.

Iraq will continue to get involved; Syrian refugees continue to flee to Jordan, Turkey and Iraq.

Iran is supposedly happy and cheerful that the United States would not interfere with her ​​- they believe their day will come.

The Israeli government speaks gently and pleasantly with the United States about causing no harm to the United States and no harm to the land of Israel.

The whole world hates Hamas, no one supports it.

For each missile that they send from Gaza, we should send four missiles back.

Do not get excited about any meetings with Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, no one can fix the Gaza Strip.  Hamas eat each other.  The Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the War of respect for them, is full of malice and hatred.

Hamas controls the Judea and Samaria; they penetrate terrorists into Israel, causing protests and issues within the State of Israel.  Hamas wants to make demonstrations not only in Jerusalem, but in most cities in the country. We should treat them harshly.

The government of Israel and all the Jews in Israel and around the world, must unite and join forces.  There is a left and right, but they should support and strengthen the IDF!

The IDF soldiers all pure and righteous.  Anyone who defends and protects the body, mind and soul, the Holy Land and the Jews in Israel, are called the righteous in heaven!  All scholars who study Torah and pray also defend the Holy Land!

Jews are forbidden to speak Lashon Harah about Jews and soldiers of the IDF.  If they are real Jews, they will speak only good of the soldiers and Jews in Israel Holy.

Natural disasters continue at land and sea.  Earthquakes, winds, storms, fire are in many countries in the world that interfere and plague Israel.  The Creator is the purifier and is purifying the State of Israel, the Holy Land.

The mothers who abdomen embryos, newborns, aged three, eight and even twenty and older, everyone understands unanimously: This is the time of Redemption and we are close to crowning the King Messiah!  There are signs to understand and written in the holy books about this period, this time of Redemption and the crowning of the King Messiah!

Hundreds of thousands of Jews will rise to Israel.

Economy of Israel is controlled by the Creator.

What does the Holy One, blessed is He, of Israel want for all the countries and the world?  With the activity of the elements, the disputes between states, all understand His intentions.  What G-d wants is for the Jewish people!  Everyone understands that it's time for the crowning of the King Messiah in the near future and therefore the world is in chaos.

A messianic figure has appeared in every generation.  No matter who, as long as it works to protect and preserve all the land of Israel!!!

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  1. I would like to make a donation isn't there a simpler way to just donate with a credit card. I looked at the link above it looks complicated and they want all this information. I am sure more people would like to donate since we are all very happy with the Rav's drasha in English so gracefully and with no personal gain translated by you. Thank you again we would love to donate and love it to continue.

    1. I have already discussed the topic with the contact that I have from the Rav's office. I requested a way in English to donate not requiring an Israeli ID number. Hopefully I will get some feedback this coming week.

      I did not receive a translation on this week's message. I didn't have time to translate it myself, even though I have in the past. I know that there were individuals on vacation in the Rav's office, which may be the cause of the lack of translation.

      If I am not successful in getting a translation this week, I will try to still get his message posted, B"N. Since I have personally donated funds to the Rav's organization, I am hoping, for now, that they are happy to continue helping us.

  2. Thank you for your effort and it is understandable that you don't always have time to do the translation yourself it is a great chesed to us anyway. It might be good to make a donation button on this site as well with possibly the message that if people want continues messages from the Rav they can donate here since not everyone might read the comments. A blessed week and b"h Sorot Tovot for Am Israel and the rest of the World