Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Comment of Interest

I received this comment on my Email that I thought was interesting and deserving of a reply.  The commenter gave me permission to post this on the blog



        Recently I read the article what Rabbi Nir ben Artzi said. He said Seven billion people in the world hate the Jews. That's not true. Do you agree with him? I learned something about Rabbi Nir. He never mentions or discusses the righteous gentile people (Noahide) who provided foods, clothing, etc to Jews during war now.  Remember the verses: If anyone curses Avraham, Elokim curses them or if anyone bless Avraham then HaShem blesses them, too. I'm not worried what Rabbi Nir says. HaShem is shielding to people (Gentile or Jew) who depend upon Him daily. His Mercy endures forever. And His Kindness endures forever, too.

        Be strong daily,


Read my post of 20 Nov 2012 about Jew-hatred:

 When you review the truth about the subject, ask how people feel about Hashem and whether they want to follow His ways.  I am not saying that Christians and Muslims don't have a feeling for the Creator of the world, but it seems to be the New Testament or the Koran version.  Anyone telling the absolute truth about Hashem and trying to bring His real message to the world is an outcast and must be eliminated.  Also know that missionary work done today is to help save us, since we are not doing things their way.  While they tell us they love, love, love us, they would feel much more comfortable if we were gone and would take Hashem's real message with us.  We live in a time of hypocrisy -- even most Jews don't have a clue of Hashem's absolute truth and the sinas chinam, baseless hatred, that we talked about last week, that lost us the Temple, is still prevalent today.

Most people, possibly all people, on Earth will always tell you that their troubles were not caused by them but they point the finger and say "it's his fault, or it's their fault!!!!"  That finger has been pointed at the Jews throughout history and is no different today.  Look at Gaza.  The Jews have been trying to defend themselves against over 15,000 rockets, missiles and mortar shells since about 2005.  When we eliminate the source of the firings at us, the world screams "war crimes."  The fact that Hamas uses children as shields to defend their rockets is of no concern to the UN or the Jew-hating media.  The fact that so many people are being killed in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Libya, etc, etc, etc is also of no concern.  Israel is killing Arabs and they are ready to hang us.  The fact that most Arabs are killed by Arabs is of no consequence.

Now the truth.  Hashem is making the world so scary, and telling all the Jews "it is time to come home."  That is more of the message from Rav Ben Artzi, shlita, than anything.  If 7 out of 7.2 billion in the world hate us, then the message from Hashem is strong and in our favor.  Thank you Hashem for your message.

Actually if 200 million sincerely love the Jews (7.2 - 7 billion = 200 million, which includes the Noachides), that sounds like a high number to me.


Thank you for the post of 20 Nov 2012. I see many miracles during Gaza war. I see the vision that HaShem blows the rockets from harming His people. Amein! I pray that Jews outside of Yisroel saw many miracles. Hope the miracles touch the hearts of Jews and that they are ready to move Yisroel ASAP. Cheers!


  1. .....When we eliminate the source of the firings at us, the world screams "war crimes."
    This is simply NOT true !!!
    What is true is that SOME PEOPLE scream "war crime" while SOME scream Israel (self included) must defend itself and finish the job this time. This exactly what your respondent is talking about. The "world hate us" slogan popular among many Jews is IMHO is an attempt to "force fulfill" their scripture interpretations. This is extremely frustrating for non-Jews who genuinely love God and are trying their best (within their understanding) to do what they can to support Israel. The good news is God sees the heart.

    1. It is not such a simple subject with a simple answer. The many news items these days about how horrible Israel is to these Arabs is definitely not from the silent majority. The problem is that the silent majority are followers and the noisy minority are the leaders, the rich, the powerful and the evil -- the ones who control the media and lies to the world. Throughout history we saw the Exiles, the Inquisition, the Crusades, the Pogroms, the Holocaust, the Intifadas, etc, etc, etc. Were these always the loud ones or were they secretly supported by the silent majority. One must realize that until about 200 years ago, the Church was very much the ruling power in the western world. Their feelings were obviously very hostile to the Jews since we would not accept their deity and were even accused of his demise. I blamed the modern day hatred on the continued idea that the Chosen People were the message carriers from Hashem to the world and how the world rejects that message. Do you think that if the world had accepted the message, the world would be in such an evil, chaotic state? I think the rejection of the message and the messenger are very much the cause of today's upside-down fantasy of a world.

      It is interesting that there actually have been surveys done asking about Jew hatred. A recent one that I saw said that 1 in 4 people hate Jews. I think that was 1 in 4 honest people. I think the real numbers are much higher.

      I lived in Germany for 6 years in the military. I did much investigation about the holocaust. If I had a nickel for everyone who told me they were hiding Jews, I would be rich and many fewer Jews would have been slaughtered. People say one thing and mean another -- after all, they don't want to come across as barbaric or chance offending their leaders. But I once saw an article published during the war. It was for positions available at Bergen Belsen death camp. They were looking for people to operate gas chambers and ovens. There was definitely a problem with unemployment at that time, but weren't most Germans appalled at such an operation? The answer was that the lines went for many blocks of people applying for the jobs. As long as people can feel that "I was only following orders" is their excuse, their true nature comes out.

      How many Jew-haters are there in the world? Who cares as long as Hashem loves us and gives us Moshiach to make it all go away. Remember, I am an optimist and know that those who follow Hashem's ways, whether Jew or non-Jew, will survive and thrive and achieve the happy future He has planned for us.

  2. Our Jewish survival and future is beginning to look more hopeful now, just a bit, in the Diaspora, wherever we choose (or are 'forced' to reside). No need to put the shutters up just yet.

    1. The most encouraging thing about the total craziness of the world is that it was prophesied thousands of years ago that this is what the end would be like. Hence, this must be the end (actually it is the time just before the happy beginning).