Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Yayeshev Erev Chanukah

A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

The King of Kings , the Holy One blessed be He, is dismantling and destroying all of the old world! Dismantling and destroying the harsh world of impurity, through forces of nature, through arguments of factions within a country and countries against other countries. This is a plan, a Godly strategy, the hardest there ever was! The Holy One is sifting out who will live and who will not live, which nation will be destroyed and which will survive, is cleansing the evil from the entire world with tweezers. The world is not ending; there will be an end to impurity, the “other side” and to wickedness!

The Creator of the world is bringing the world and Am Yisrael to baseless love! The goyim that will remain outside the borders of Israel – will serve Am Yisrael and will believe in the Holy One! The entire world is in chaos, we don’t know what will happen the next minute, and the craziness is rampant. It is easier for the Holy One to make a flood, just like during the time of Noach, and to leave just a small portion in the world.

All terrible forces of nature will continue.

Anti-Semitism is increasing, particularly in Europe, and is spreading to the United States and America. The Creator is telling all authentic Jews, come urgently to holy Eretz Yisrael! If they don’t come and think “this won’t happen to me” – they will make a severe mistake! There is the “saving by Hashem in the blink of an eye” and there is the destruction of a nation in the blink of an eye! Anti-Semitism has come out in the open against all Jews and Am Yisrael. After the Holocaust they spoke against the Jews in a whisper, in strict privacy. Today they speak against Jews and Eretz Yisrael front and center, in front of the whole world! The United States is protective of Am Yisrael, because Israel is the key to the world! They don’t want any nation protecting the State of Israel – only them! The United States is obligated to help Israel from A to Z, they are not doing any favors – this is an order from the Holy One! This is their merit for remaining in the world! The support of the Palestinians by nations in the United Nations – fuels the anti-Semitism!

All Jews: Return to the Land immediately! In Eretz Yisrael you will find the Holy One, the Shechina and the Mashiach who are guarding every piece of land in Eretz Yisrael. The goyim around us – Mashiach is dealing with them, and if they don’t change – he will destroy them!

In Egypt there will be a huge revolution, it already started and will continue with no end like in Syria – be patient! In Egypt they caught a ship of weapons and ammunition targeted for Hamas – they got the media and photographers to capture it on film, and on the other hand they continue to supply weapons and ammunition to Hamas through the tunnels.

Syria erases itself and will continue to do so. Not one person in the world can stop this process. Whether Assad lives or not, they will continue to fight each other!

In Jordan the “business” is beginning to really boil, there will be a revolution and Jordan will come apart and fall, “they will eat each other up” just like in Syria!

In Gaza, it’s quiet, “as though” there is a cease-fire – it’s all false! They are re-arming with lightening speed for the next time.

Iran “is playing” that she is poor – and in truth, she is poor in a big way! Their president has put all their money into atomic reactors and their economy is going down the drain! The Holy One will dissolve the Iranian president and all his backers with sulfur, because of the edict they wish to impose on Am Yisrael! He can’t do anything! All his atomic works – their swords will enter their own hearts and their arrows will break, if he will ever use them – from Heaven they will use him! The Creator looks upon the president of Iran and the Iranians from above, and is always giving them a shock in the head – he will dissolve them with sulfur! The president of Iran is from the seed of Haman and the Holy One doesn’t like the seed of Haman!

All the political parties: Come down from the high tree, playing with honor – not with the Creator! Pity the waste of money, rather invest the money in the education of our youth! The Holy One confuses all the parties because they have no unity. In the Heavens there is no right and left, Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Haredim, all need to be like the light of the shamash of Chanukah that kindles all the lights! Pity all the time that is wasted!

The State of Israel must not be afraid of any nation, we must be on alert and not apathetic. The Holy One protects and has each Jew covered when he or she is in – the state of Israel!

The world economy – nothing will help, it will come apart, their economy will never be balanced. The Holy One is not interested in them!

The economy in Israel is stable, good and strong! Unemployment is caused by the people and not the government! It’s the people who don’t want to change from their usual jobs and switch to another profession – there is work for everyone, there shouldn’t be unemployment.

Anyone who steals, sins or does things that are not nice or clean – will be revealed in their nakedness, nothing will help, good looking or ugly, poor or rich. The Holy One will make us transparent in front of Am Yisrael!

Any business or company of Jews in Eretz Yisrael, will fall and go broke if they don’t do things properly. Tithes of ma’aser and terumah must be given to the State of Israel, to synagogues, yeshivot, mikva’ot, the needy and the sick – from this will come blessing! Any Jew who says about his money “it is my strength and the power of my hands that all this has come to me”- will go broke. When he acknowledges it is all from the Holy One – there will be great success!

There are many gangs of Arabs in Eretz Yisrael who are preparing kidnappings of soldiers in Tzahal – be careful!

Am Yisrael, Jews living in Eretz Yisrael, instead of fear – keep the ten commandments and cleave to the Holy One! It is very worthwhile, for it is the Holy One who guards and protects Am Yisrael, the end of the evil in the world has arrived! Together with this, Mashiach ben David is cleansing the old world and has begun to open a new world! Very soon he will be revealed! Precious Jews, don’t miss out on the good that is coming! This entire message, and all the messages in the past – is absolute truth! You will see!

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.


  1. Who added last paragraph, you, ben Artzi or translator? :
    Am Yisrael, Jews living in Eretz Yisrael...
    ...This entire message, and all the messages in the past – is absolute truth! You will see!

    1. The last paragraph was the concluding paragraph from Rav Artzi and you will see.

  2. sounds like this "prophecy" is the same in every speech

    1. There are so many sources that are saying similar messages that it gives one confidence that we are close to the end. I have been working for weeks on a compilation of such sources but I still have more research to do before I can make definite statements. It is not prophecy coming from many of these sources but an evaluation of prophecies that are happening and seem to be coming to fruition. There is no coincidence so all these things happening at once sound like very definite messages from Hashem. Rav Artzi appears to be one of the messengers.