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Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Miketz Shabbat Chanukah 5773

 A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

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(from the translator: May the inspiration gained from the translation of this message be a blessing for the soul of my mother, Shvartzel Tova bat Moshe Yeshayahu and Glicka, who would have celebrated her 65th anniversary today with my father, who should live and be well)

The King of kings, the Holy One blessed be He, says that the entire world, everything that lives and breathes on this earth, is joined to the Holy One! Some are linked openly and others in a more subtle fashion, yet everything lives by the merit of holy sparks that invigorates the entire world to life, the waters, the land, people, living creatures, as well as the winds blowing in the heavens and the earth.

We, human beings, don’t fully understand the powers of the Creator. The Holy One says, ‘There is no time precious Jews, it’s getting close, very close! Our righteous Mashiach ben David has to be revealed, must stop his secretive work and begin working out in the open.’ There is pressure in Heaven to already reveal King Mashiach, even more than that which we find on earth!

The entire world is against the Jewish state – Israel. Whoever is for Am Yisrael, has a Jewish spark. The whole world is not interested in Jews, it is only interested in the Holy land – the holy Eretz Yisrael.

All Jewish mothers and fathers, you need to have heart-to-heart talks with your children to warn them, not to answer messages or telephone calls from goyim who are seducing young Jewish girls for evil things. They destroy their lives, this is part of the cold war waged by the goyim, in order to destroy Am Yisrael, like drugs, and alcohol and the infiltrators who come here in order to destroy Tel Aviv. Parents must be prepared to deal with these problems with explanations and not force, pity on our children!

All the leaders of Hamas are actors. They present themselves as good and sweet people – they are fakers and liers! They receive hundreds of millions of dollars for the people of Gaza and its surroundings, they take the money for themselves with part going for weapons – and the people suffer. Citizens of Gaza: Don’t trust the Hamas leaders, they should stop rescuing you! Citizens of Gaza wake up – leaders of Gaza are stealing from you and cheating you!

Hamas of today is Amalek of the past – and more cruel!

In Iran it’s the same story with a different shade, with all the taxes that are taken from the people and all the money that comes into the country, their president and his advisors are sinking it into atomic weapons. The Master of the world is preparing a surprise for them that they never dreamed of. Everything will blow up in their face! The Iranian people must wake up and create a revolution in order to change the government.

Iran in the meantime is quiet, their president thinks he has been forgotten. Sorry to tell him he hasn’t been forgotten at all! They are planning for him a major blow that he never dreamed of, from down here as well as in heaven. Let him continue to dream, that’s good for him. His own people are pursuing him. All the money he is sinking into weapons and atomic activity – is a bottomless pit. The economy is collapsing in Iran. Ahmedinejad can’t do a thing, it’s all a show with scenery so that they will say another one wants the power.

In the United States they know the plans of all the large countries and what they are conspiring.

Morsi thinks he can out-wit the Holy One. Egypt will continue to be in chaos, as it was during the time of the flood and the tower of Babel. They will receive the 10 plagues again! Citizens of Egypt wake up!

Syria will continue to be erased. The Syrian soldiers are not stupid, even if they will be ordered to send chemical missiles, they won’t – they know it will all fall on them! Assad is afraid, he is having dreams about Ghadafi and knows deeply that his turn will also come like Ghadafi’s! In the meantime, let him live and continue his work!

Turkey is afraid of Syria and Russia, because the Syrians are cruel people, they have no semblance of humanity. The Turkish are afraid that the Syrians ‘will surf’ into Turkey and create an uprising – be patient, they will also have an uprising!
In Jordan they know that Hamas and the Palestinians want to conquer Jordan, they are digging a ‘hole’ for their king in order to hide him and his government.

In Ramallah they’re celebrating, having received a sort-of approval from the UN, nothing will help them, there are plans of the Holy One – they will fall!

Hezbollah is like a parrot in a cage, it is confused all the while that Syria is thorny. A parrot without wings just talks. Their swords will enter their own hearts and their arrows will break, this includes Iran.

The government of Israel and all members of Knesset, stop slandering and bad mouthing each other. Speak nicely and the people will choose who they wish, the people are not stupid. All the slanderers and gossipers will not be elected. When there will be unity and togetherness in Israel’s government – no one will be able to speak badly about Am Yisrael. The world sees the problems between the parties and play on the weakness of the Israeli government – against Israel. The slander must stop immediately. Don’t speak in the media against the government. If is forbidden to gossip, and measure for measure has not ceased from the world. Whatever a person does returns to him – good or bad!

The Holy One has promised our forefathers, going back many generations, that holy Eretz Yisrael belongs to the Jews. Only the Holy One will decide who will be in the government. All the talking does nothing, up above they check the heart and not the mouth!

Tzahal must not rely on anyone. The armed forces must fulfill its obligations  as assigned and not, God forbid, to get involved in politics. It doesn’t matter who will be elected – everything will be the same. Am Yisrael can sleep at night, it exists and remains in the merit of Tzahal!

All forces of nature will continue, the Holy One is shaking out the entire world so that the Jews will come to Eretz Yisrael and so that the goyim will stop bothering Am Yisrael!

Anti-Semitism will grow in a way that was never seen since the beginning of the world. Government of Israel – don’t get excited by any nation in the world.
Real estate will grow and expand without end, the economy of Israel is the best in the world and will never collapse.

Am Yisrael will continue to increase kindness, will continue to produce and build baseless love. No one in the world can help the Jews in Am Yisrael and in the world – only the King of kings, the Holy One blessed be He!

The world is hanging on a ‘hair strand’, on an ‘explosion’ from which there is no return. Mashiach is working is secret, for the protection of Am Yisrael and for the good of Am Yisrael. This is the reason that Am Yisrael sees all the nations around her in conflict while Am Yisrael sits and watches!

Am Yisrael, don’t be ungrateful. We must thank the Master of the world and fulfill the ten commandments in their entirety. Don’t delay!

All that is written in this message is happening and will happen exactly. You can check it out! It is a mitzvah to spread this message everywhere in the Land and outside of it!

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.


  1. This entire post was published two day before your post came out on a blog called: Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi in English. In case you didn't know, this is stealing. I'm sure you made an honest mistake. You should credit the real author or remove this post from your blog. Blogger has the power to close blogs that plagiarize so be careful.

    1. I never saw it on another blog -- it was sent to me from the original source by Email as was all the messages from Moishela (which appeared on other blogs). The purpose of my blog is to help people. If giving this information to more people, since I have hundreds of readers, is a problem then you need to review the ways of Hashem. Helping people is not a competitive sport to see who gets the credit for it. It is a mitzvah in the Torah called Ahavas Yisroel. You may not be aware that there are many blogs that have used information that I originated without giving me any recognition. Who cares? I want the information to go out to and help as many people as possible and anyone who wants to plagiarize my work can do it with my blessing and Hashem's blessing. We are not in business making money according to what we blog, we are in the business of doing Hashem's ways. If helping more people bothers you then stop reading the blogs; you missed the point. I have written over 300 pages of information since I started this blog in March of this year. If somebody wants to take my writings and publish it to make money, go right ahead. If it will help people, I couldn't care less about getting credit for my work. Get the idea? -- it's Hashem's ways.

  2. Menachem,

    I sent you an email about this issue earlier in the week and you didn't respond, so I am writing to you in your comments section. It isn't necessary to approve this comment for publication. I just didn't know how else to reach you.
    I am the blogger who posts the original translations of Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi here:
    I don't know who sent you the articles by email, but the Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi in English blog is the original source. The translations are done as a personal favor to me and I post them.
    I am very happy to have you share his work with your readers as long as you credit as the original source.

    1. I am happy to comply with whatever you want me to do. The most important concept to me is helping people. I would think that Rav Artzi would want his vital message disseminated on every blog that he can be arranged, since his messages should reach every righteous person in the world. My many readers have appreciated the messages from Rabbaim, the Facilitated Communications individuals and even critical information from the news. I wish to give credit to whatever sources are involved as long as I know who is involved. Now that I discovered your blog, I am very happy to reference it (as I have done above with a change that I just made). In fact, if you refer to the right column, I have added your blog to my Recommended Websites list. Let us work together in helping people. You may use any information that appears on my blog at any time (copy word for word if you want). Many blogs have done it and I thank them for spreading the information to more readers. I don't care if you or anyone gives me credit for any of my original writings since I am not here for the glory, I am here to help people as Hashem wishes His servant to do.

      I believe what Rav Artzi and many other sources are saying that we are very close to the happy ending of time as we know it (according to many sources, it is tomorrow -- 21 Dec 2012 at 11:11 UT). This means we can't get the messages out fast enough to enough people. That is what is important -- the eternity of every Jew and righteous non-Jew on planet Earth. How is that for a little perspective?

      Also, if you wish to correspond with me without it appearing as a comment on the blog, my personal Email address is
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  3. If you wish to give your work away for free, that is fine. But others may not feel the same way. Why not just give the author proper credit and be done with it?

    1. Very happy to comply. Please read my answer above it puts my purpose here into perspective.

  4. Arrzi does not have smicha and is not a rabbi. So much for "Absolute Truth"....

    1. Your statement makes no sense. Ben Golden, Daniel, Moishela, Avraham, Yitzchok, Yaakov, Yosef, Yehoshua, Dovid, Shlomo, many names in Gemorah and myself never got smicha; does that mean they didn't tell the absolute truth? What does your statement mean? When you quote the words of Hashem, you can be a five year old non-Jewish girl and you are telling the truth.