Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Vayishlach

A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

(Translator’s message: May the inspiration gained from this message be for a blessing for the soul of my loving mother, Gertrude Adler, of blessed memory, who departed this world 9 weeks ago and is sorely missed. A sweet, long life to all the readers)

The King of kings, the Holy One blessed be He, personally directs this world. Everything begins with Him and ends with Him! Choices made – are in human hands!

Tzahal left Gaza just in time! If they didn't agree to a cease-fire with Hamas, Tzahal would have placed its foot soldiers fighting from house to house, in the mud, they would have entered, G-d forbid, an indescribable trap, which would have caused, G-d forbid, heavy toll of life and injury. They have nothing to lose – these are their homes, they prepared everything in advance, the Hamas of 14 years ago is not the Hamas of today. They have many scientists and people from all over the world who are helping them with operating the rockets and the weaponry. No Jewish mother would have wanted even one soldier to be killed or wounded – this is the nature of the Jews.

This could have been a year of war, with many casualties and wounded for no reason, given the fact that two months after Tzahal would leave Gaza, everything would go back to where it was before and the Gaza strip would fill up again with weapons as before – and even more. This would have caused Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Jordan and Egypt to battle against Am Yisrael. For them this would have been the opportunity to release their rage, anger and hatred on Am Yisrael. Had Tzahal gone into Gaza, there would have been even more malicious protests against Israel around the world.

Thank G-d that the Holy One directed the war and ended the war! Every rocket that was fired from the ‘Iron Dome’, which in Heaven is called “Golden Dome,” was under the personal supervision of the Holy One! All the rockets that flew over Israel were directed by the Holy One! Which rocket will fall in an open area, which rocket will be intercepted by ‘Iron Dome,’ which will fall in Gaza and which in a neighborhood or a building! No one in the world believes that all the firings of the rockets didn’t accomplish anything! There were huge miracles! Miracle of miracles! Everyone feels and says that there is supervision from above!

Don’t blame the government of Israel or the general command of Tzahal, that they stopped the war – they left with tremendous honor! The air force and marines, destroyed 70% of the infrastructure and weapons in Gaza! Even the foot soldiers were inside, but in secret. This was the best and most advantageous way, the best and exact time to agree to a cease-fire, to stop the war with Hamas. That’s leadership! That’s strength! This was the very best route for Am Yisrael!

Let’s not forget, the Holy One, He conducted the war, He started it and stopped it! Bnei Yisrael needs to continue to be lead in a natural way, continue thanking the Creator, continue the reciting of Tehillim in all synagogues in the Land, continue with acts of kindness in Eretz Yisrael with Jews, and to be exceedingly happy that we “gained” life – a lot of life, with healthy and whole soldiers! Please, Am Yisrael, this is not an embarrassment, it is a show of strength! Hamas got the strongest blow – and the soldiers of Tzahal are healthy and whole!

The United States was involved in the efforts of a cease-fire – she wants to keep her place in the Middle East.

Egypt allegedly helped in the process, but continues to bring weapons and ammunition into the Gaza strip – they put the cat in charge of the dog. Egypt allegedly made a big public step to effect the cease-fire, but it was not a clean step. Egypt wants to fight against Israel, and the Holy One caused confrontation between Morsi and his nation! Egypt will have a revolution unlike any ever in the world!

Iran provoked the rockets that Hamas sent to Israel, they wanted to know what to do to prepare it has an encounter with Israel – she got is all backwards! Iran is scared to death of the Jewish state, knowing she is the strongest nation in the world! The cease-fire doesn’t say anything, the Jewish state benefitted greatly from it!

The President of Turkey is crying crocodile tears! He has no pain that Syria is being erased, he is crying allegedly regarding Hamas – it’s his ‘dirty trick!’ What pains him is that Egypt took “center stage” and he was not involved.

Syria will continue to be erased. With Assad or without him – it will continue to be erased.

The government of Jordan is scared to death. They are afraid that Hamas, the Palestinians and the refugees coming from Syria will topple the government – this will happen, be patient.

Nasrallah – in just a bit the Holy One will get to him, he shouldn’t worry!

The Sudanese infiltrators must be returned to their country! This is a cold war of the goyim whose aim is to destroy Am Yisrael, similar to drinking hard liquor and taking drugs.

There is a huge group of Arab gangs within Eretz Yisrael, who want to kidnap soldiers. Soldiers of Tzahal, beware!

All the political parties must unite! They must not be posturing because the goyim don’t differentiate between right and left, they want to erase all of them from the world. The economy in the world will continue to fall and topple!

There will be many hard challenges from terrible forces of nature. The hatred and anti-Semitism against the Jews in the world will grow and grow to the point of forcing the Jews out of the diaspora into holy Eretz Yisrael, whether they want to or not, it won’t help them – this is G-d’s plan!

The economy in the Jewish state will never ever collapse, it will only get better and better!

All the Rabbis must unite and get together, no matter if it’s Ashkenazim, Sephardim, or Charedim! All need to approach Am Yisrael with great shouts and crying! They must strengthen the masses and return everyone back to their Father in Heaven, to cleave to Him and believe in Him! Go from place to place, in order to save the Jews! It’s worthwhile that you should have the merit with the Holy One of saving Jews before the revelation of Mashiach ben David!

Every Jew and Jewess who transgressed, or did things that were not clean, all will be revealed one after the other, from aleph to tav – be patient.

Every Jew who does one small mitzvah – is worth millions, on earth and in Heaven! Keep the 10 commandments! This is the secret and strength of Am Yisrael – “the voice is the voice of Jacob!”

The revelation of King Mashiach has not stopped – on the contrary, it’s speeding up! The world is on a “reef” and we need Mashiach in order to save Am Yisrael the Jewish people and the entire world – those who will be left!

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.

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  1. Our Holy parent who has created this universe and everything in it. Our Loving father and mother who has given us the most loving gift...free will. With this loving gift we are given a choice to do our deeds with love or without it. God is loving and all she has created is based on love but we are blinded by our ego and our misunderstanding of her desires for us. We are all her children and as any loving parent, she will it not that we kill in her name for any cause be it right or wrong by our standards. We kill because we feel sad and feel that we must do what we must and worse of all we state that this is done with the will of our loving God. This is based on error and will not bring peace. Love always creates more love, lack of it always creates pain.

    We place judgement on what is right and wrong without considering our creator. As we become more humble we can begin to develop desire to understand her nature. She does not "direct" killing of any of her children and she does not choose one group of her children over the other. When a parents child lives in confusion and acts unloving, the most loving parent will have more compassion for this child not desire to punish or destroy the child where the child is only the reflection of lack of love in the world.

    We cannot create peace with war. This planet has seen too much fighting and too much war as it is and it has not lead us to peace but a temporary illusion of it with many sacrifices to keep it so. When we realize that we are all immortal beings and that love is the only way we can develop and grow closer to receiving God's love we will see that there is no need for war or defending ourselves but realize that there are unjust things in this world and that we are just as responsible for the way things are as the rest. Once we open up to the truth that we are all God's children and that we do not need to kill her children but simply be humble to understanding the deeper meaning of her love and her truth. If we are humble enough to feel the pain that is within us and thus release it and forgive, we will start to receive a flow of Gods love hence where there is error there is no room for Divine love.

    I wish you wisdom and compassion. To feel God one must first learn to feel love where there is no love there is no God.

    Boris Yurganov