Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Here’s to Your Good Health

I have been asked about solving medical problems, both physical and mental.  Since I have hinted to various procedures that I have used very successfully, I thought I would share some of my secrets with you.  Wait a minute.  You might ask, what does an Electrical Engineer know about solving medical problems?

Let’s begin by describing how most of the body works and what often causes medical ailments.  The body works by electro-chemical reactions that cause signals to flow throughout.  In other words, it is one big electrical circuit.  But, like a battery that creates the electricity through chemical reactions and then allows the flow of electricity by providing a completed a circuit path, the body reacts in a similar way to cause proper functioning.  When the electricity doesn't flow properly (signals getting from brain to the organs and limbs, as an example), medical treatment is needed.  There are two ways to treat such problems: one is to cause proper chemical reactions to affect circuit completion and signal distribution; or, to do some other  procedure to complete the electrical flow.  Most of the world uses the chemical method better known as medicine or drugs.  Why?  Because, there is good money in it.  The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world.  A big reason that the US and many other nations became such a haven for drugs is that we are indoctrinated from birth with the idea that to solve a medical problem all you need is a pill.  The fact is Hashem created the human body with everything it needs to heal itself.  The problem is that medical science has turned the healing process into a multi-billion dollar industry.  They don’t want you to perform self healing – there is no money in it for their stockholders.  I have a lifelong friend who became a detail man for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.  His job was to visit doctors, hospitals and pharmacies to introduce them to the new products of the company he worked for.  This friend told me much about the medical system in the US.   The item that many of his customers were interested in was placebos.  Why?  Doctors, as an example, knew that the body could cure itself as long as the mind believed there was a cure being administered.  But the sad part was that the doctor was not interested in curing the patient, but just making the person feel comfortable which promotes future business.  The doctor makes much more money by having his patients return than curing them.  Unfortunately, the medical profession is a very lucrative industry that has made many very wealthy.  We lived in Europe for six years and Israel getting close to 10 years.  We have experienced leaving a doctor’s office without a prescription.  In the US most people would say:  “that doctor wasn't any good, he didn't prescribe anything.”  To have a doctor tell you “eat a particular diet, get some rest or do this exercise and the ailment will take care of itself,” is unheard of in the US and, after all, return business is the key to success in the medical field.  (The best thing about the medical services in Israel is that we have no trouble finding a good Jewish doctor).  I thought I would throw in a joke here to demonstrate the system in the US: Obamacare (end of joke).

So what am I recommending as a way of curing your ills that is totally effective and in most cases free of charge.  I got your interest?

Let us break it down into different categories of medical help that is needed and simple techniques that truly work.  The basis for medical problems is emotional instability.  When people are stressed out, worried, out of control, the body reacts with physical problems.  Why?  I’ll tell you later.  Suffice it to say that most medical problems are solved when we become very emotionally stable and happy.  This emotional stability causes the completion of the electrical lines mentioned above and solves many of the physical ailments resulting.  The more technical term that describes this is meridian zones.  Acupuncture, as an example, has been used for thousands of years to realign these meridian lines of energy causing a flow which results in solving medical problems.   What if we had a technique to do acupuncture without the needles and even without a person to administer the treatment, in other words, a self-administered procedure?

Let me introduce you to The Emotional Freedom Technique® or EFT which is an approach to healing that has gained attention from medical professionals and laypersons all over the world and often gets results when nothing else has worked.  There are many excellent websites that tell you all about this technique and the easy procedure to be done to affect healing.  I need not say any more but invite you to look at some of the sites available:

These two sites can introduce you to the concept, and help you get started (there are many more).  The testimonials that exist of all the medical problems that have been solved using EFT are overwhelming.   Stay with it with complete confidence – it works.  It does take persistence and may require several tapping sessions before it works, but it works.  Whenever I use the technique I am usually successful on the first try since I have been using EFT for years and have total confidence that I will succeed.  If you have a negative attitude towards something like this, then as with anything else I have suggested (prayer, meditation, Teshuvah, etc), it will hinder your success.  Complete trust that Hashem has given us bodies that can heal itself with very little effort on our part is essential to success of solving medical problems.  It all starts with the mind being emotionally stable and happy.  The rest is easy.

There is another very important aspect to good health that I have to include -- proper diet.  The chemical part of our wellbeing is enhanced greatly by what we eat.  The biggest diet problems in the world today are the fast food (more appropriately called junk food) that has become a typical diet.  Hashem gave us the gift of our body with instructions to take care of it.  If we think that poisonous junk food is fulfilling the Torah request to take care of Hashem’s gift, then we should not complain when medical problems arise.  Doing the right thing should always include common sense.  This is not rocket science – it is simply using the intelligence that Hashem gave us in His handbook of life and applying it.  Here is a very good video of how diet can help your success in solving medical problems:

The diet that this doctor in the video is suggesting may not be as enjoyable a  pizza, but it is much more enjoyable than medical problems.

I have mentioned several times that we become sick, measure for measure, as a way of giving our soul Tikun (rectification) which is one of our most important purposes of this life on Earth.  The soul actually controls and gives us our sickness to achieve the Tikun.  Why?  To compensate for what we are not doing to accomplish our mission in this life.  There are many techniques that I have not discussed since I feel they are counterproductive to what we are supposed to be doing.  As an example, I have a particular statement that I can make that completely takes away pain.  By talking to my soul and convincing it to not give me pain, I can completely avoid the discomfort, but also lose out on the Tikun that my soul needs and is trying to get.  The soul has a way of robbing Oxygen from an area of the body which results in the pain.  By tricking my soul into believing that it is not necessary, I can cause pain to be completely eliminated.  I once met a man with a slipped disc, a woman with severe migraine headaches, a man with horrible knee pain and many others with chronic pain problems that used this technique and were totally relieved of their pain.  This is how a placebo works.  There are many stories from times of war about injured soldiers that, when pain medication was not available, they were given placebos (basically fake pills) and told to go easy that this is strong medicine and they shouldn’t overdo its application.  The pain greatly subsides by tricking the mind (the soul) of the individual and actually causing the mind to remove the pain signals from flowing.  By teaching this method of using words to control the soul’s ability to not administer pain, the Tikun is not achieved; and, Tikun is more important than having to put up with the pain (most people would disagree with that statement, but life is too short to miss out on ways to make us more perfect – such as trying to achieve temporary relief).

It is far more important and beneficial to remove the cause of the pain or sickness by doing everything to receive Tikun without the soul having to substitute for the lack of service to Hashem.  I have mentioned that prayer works.  That is a very good method of achieving Tikun and is, according to Torah, the way Hashem wants us to help ourselves and others.  To greatly enhance this concept, the study that was done in Russia that researched “why faith healing works” is to me a very important message from Hashem.  A group of scientists found that by simply saying very positive words (even positive sounds such as pleasant music), the DNA of a person can be changed.   Wow, Hashem has really given us all the tools needed for our own wellbeing; all we have to do is use them.  All the tools that I have mentioned so many times (Tefilah, Teshuvah, Tzedukah, mitzvot, Torah study, helping our fellow human being, etc) are more than just good ideas – they are life’s success factor (this life and all eternity).

I have used the techniques mentioned above and know beyond a shadow of a doubt of how tremendous they are.  If you don’t believe it, you are arguing with success.  I am not telling you to not go to doctors anymore.  I am suggesting that if you have a medical or even an emotional problem that doctors have not satisfied, try the more natural approach.  I have not mentioned holistic medicines or exercise programs that are also very enhancing to your medical wellbeing.  My message is simple.  Hashem gave us miraculous ways to solve life’s problems; all we need to do is listen to Him, follow His instructions and, above all, thank Him every day for His help.  The way to a happy, healthy life begins with Torah. 


  1. Lol! I was about to post that video by Dr Terry Wahls. I post it as many places as I can and have sent to to many people. It's an amazing diet.

    1. I'm impressed by the miraculous results that she achieved. It is an inspiration to all of us.

  2. I received a comment that had some very good information, but it was not completely appropriate for this blog. The following is the comment received less the inappropriate part.

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Here’s to Your Good Health":

    Very good article! HaShem created many herbs on earth to heal the sickness. I heard that one of the Kings for Yisrael in Tanakh had a healing book that can cure anything, but the healing book was lost.

    My comment:
    It is very true that Hashem has created natural herbs that can heal almost anything. I am presently on medication that I am trying to replace with natural herbs. By taking a blood test and comparing it to one about three months from now, I will be able to determine the effectiveness of the natural substances and, hopefully, will not need the synthetic drugs anymore.
    King David was the one who had a book of cures that was lost. There are many processes that we do today that were probably in the book. Hashem gives us information when He feels we are ready. Part of that decision has to do with what we need to complete Tikun Ha’olam. One of the changes that will come into our lives during the Messianic era will be “no more sickness and no more death.” The Tekun will negate any further need for sickness; and, death, which is atonement for us, also will no longer be needed. When will it come about? Nobody really knows, but I suspect it will be early in the process since the request for a sick person comes early in the prayer of the Shemona Esrei (see my post “Another Mystery Solved,” 12 Sep 2012).
    The inappropriate part of the comment from Anonymous deals with a natural substance that, although very effective in helping certain medical situations, is illegal in many countries. Since my blog is presently up to 127 countries from which I have had visitors, I felt it inappropriate to discuss such a substance even though I do believe it to be beneficial.

  3. You said "King David was the one who had a book of cures that was lost". If I'm not mistaken, the Mishna teaches King Chezekia

    1. I was partially correct King David had and used the book of cures; but, you are absolutely correct, is was King Chezekia that hid the book (he didn't actually lose it). I made the biggest mistake that I could have and answered that comment off the top of my head instead of verifying the answer. I have mentioned several times "don't do that," since trying to remember facts brings out the human side. I apologize for not taking my own advice and also thank you, Ben, for the correction. I definitely need my readers to keep me on my toes.

      I found a very good write-up about the book on Ohr Somayach's website: It is an interesting subject.

      In the discussion of the Book of remedies, it mentions the reason for the book being hidden. There was a fear that some people might put all of their faith in the remedy rather than in Hashem. That makes me want to reiterate that even this blog post telling you how to solve medical problems is all from Hashem -- the methods and the way Hashem created us to have such cure capability within us. Chas v'sholam should anybody ever think that going to a doctor, taking medicine or any type of self-initiated remedy would ever originate without Hashem. He created the doctors and all the medication that they prescribe. Thank you Hashem.