Sunday, September 27, 2015

Why Are We So Surprised at the Nonsense Happening in the World?

I received two comments bringing up all the craziness happening in the world that we see in the news every day. First the comments:

H08701 September 27, 2015 at 3:58 AM
Shavuah Tov R' Menachem and all the wonderful bloggers. So much has happened and is happening... It's just dizzying keeping up with it all.... With the Pope's visit, the stampede in Mecca, China's battle warfare arriving in Syria, not sure what else - but there's got to be more - would be such a treat to have a post.
It's Erev Yom Tov and it's just a wishful dream. Although sincerely hoping that the only post that will go up will be the announcement of Melech Hamashiach!! :) Shavuah Tov! Chag Sameach!
Hal September 26, 2015 at 10:31 PM
It was extremely foolish of Breitbart to pre-announce something that might end Obama's career. If anyone has information like that, they should make it public as soon as possible with NO WARNING. We should remember the story about three Gay men in Obama's church dying within 40 days of each other -- two of them by gun shots to the head, just as Obama was emerging as a serious presidential candidate.

We should also remember the highly convenient death of Obama's White grandma just days before the election. She could have been subpoenaed to testify on where Obama was born if she lived. She was the only living person in the US, who knew for certain where Obama was born.
If those Gay men were murdered to cover up bisexual activities by Obama and if his grandmother had been given a lethal injection to cover up his citizenship problems, then we can logically expect anyone else who uncovers extremely damaging information about Obama to be in equally serious peril. Not too surprisingly, Andrew Breitbart wound up conveniently dead just hours before he was going to release extremely damaging videos about Obama, which Breitbart boasted would cost Obama the election. Now we learn that one of the medical examiners, who may have worked on Breitbart's case has wound up dead from cyanide poisoning on the very day that the announcement of Breitbart's cause of death was made.
My response:
I have talked about the subject on numerous occasions that everything in the news these days is for sensationalism, TO MAKE MONEY and to further the evil agenda of the global elite (who basically controls the media). There is very little truth in the news. As an example: the proof of Obama not being an American is overwhelming and definite, but did not help the New World Order campaign, since Obama is a puppet of the Gog Bush cabal. He had to become president to bring this upside-down world to its chaotic state (even the elections are fixed; just ask Al Gore). They want World War 3; Obama is doing every task he has been given to get it started. He is a very effective cabal puppet. All the events with the Pope's visit, the stampede in Mecca, China's battle warfare arriving in Syria, etc, etc, are all serving the NWO agenda.

Everybody in the world is completely in the dark about what is happening. I find very few people who are living the Absolute Truth. As an example: the video that was shown on another blog recently that mysteriously showed signs of 911 in the “Back to the Future” movie and other movies. Nobody commented that the vice president of the time was Gog Bush who was planning to run for president three years later and announce the NWO, which he did. Between the Gulf War, the Oslo Accord and the first attack on the WTC in 1993, Gog's instituting Al Qaeda, it was obvious that Gog was implementing his extremely evil agenda. But nobody to this day has a clue, except for the cabal who are in on the plan. Everything that is happening is so obvious that nobody sees it. Why did 911 wait until 2001? Because Gog Bush lost the election for a second term in 1992 (it was before computerized elections made it so easy to cheat). They had to wait until Gog Junior was in place to continue the NWO fiasco, even though the Clintons came around to Gog’s agenda and are also puppets of his cabal (money is the great persuader).

There are many, many more details, but it is not necessary since we are on the verge of the complete change of the world. The good news is that Hashem is letting everything happen in this evil fantasy world so that the world of truth, the world redeemed, the world with Moshiach will be the only obvious solution, and will be so welcome by the righteous of the Earth. The upside-down fantasy world is about to be rectified, turned right-side up, and those who are with Hashem will completely take advantage of the beauty about to happen. There is nothing new or even mysterious in the news; it is all in scriptures and completely happening as told to us thousands of years ago.

We are about to begin the most fascinating Succos celebration in the history of the world. I have said numerous times that I am not a prophet, but a dot-connector. Succos has a very prevalent theme of Gog U Magog in what is read and even the construction of the Succah. The news gives the impression that the final battle of Gog U Magog may occur this week. There are predictions from very prominent sources that Moshiach will be introduced this week. There are definite places in scriptures that support such an announcement, as well as the codes that were found in the Torah by Rav Glazerson, shlita. Rav Berland’s statement about the announcement tomorrow night has a very curious implication to it. He and other Gedolim have been telling the Jews of the world to make Aliyah in time to greet Moshiach. Is it strange that the time difference and the second day of Yom Tov will allow all Jews in Israel to meet the Moshiach, but the Jews outside will have to wait until the end of the second day and will miss the most important event that we have been craving for thousands of years? I have been reminded that Moshiach will be announced by Eliyahu Hanavi, Elijah the Prophet.  I believe that Rav Berland stated that the information came for Eliyahu (or that Rav Berland is Eliyahu -- more dots that I haven't received yet).  Whatever happens, it will be in total agreement with what has been brought down in scriptures.

Is it interesting that the super blood moon will occur at a convenient time for everyone outside of Israel to see, but the moon will actually be below the horizon in Israel during this event? Since an eclipse is considered a negative warning, did Hashem make sure it would only be for people in harm’s way?

Yes, I am doing a lot of speculating and even dot-connecting, but since there is nothing random in this world, nothing by coincidence, it will be interesting to see the completed picture once all the dots are available.  I even have other very suspicious events occurring, but they would be too extensive for this post.

I sincerely wish everyone a very happy and exciting Succos, and ask that you think about all that is happening and finally come to the obvious conclusion that “turning to Hashem is the only way to salvation, to happiness and to a tremendous future. If you are still a skeptic, consider yourself a fool. There will be no words that you will be able to say to your loved ones as to why you totally let them down when you had the key to success and foolishly didn’t believe it. We were given ten days to sort it all out and try to grasp the Absolute Truth.  But, I see from some of comments that I have been getting (I don’t post negativity, so you are not aware of these comments) and the skepticism that we seeing on other blogs, that opportunity is knocking and many are not answering the door.

May Hashem bless us all with the goodness that will be in abundance soon. May He help us avoid that flawed human logic with which we dangerously guide ourselves, and finally accept the Obvious Absolute Truth that He gave us – the true key to happiness and success.


  1. Rav,
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    No words!
    Just smiles!
    Ani Ma'amin Be'emunah Shelaima B'vias Hamashiach V'af al pi she'yisma'meah, IM KOL ZEH ACHAKA LO B'CHOL YOM SHEYAVO!!!
    Chag S'ameach & Besuros Tovos!

  2. The eclipse will be visible here:

    The news is certainly fascinating. I remember in 1990 how the US amassed a force of over 400k men in Saudia Arabia in Desert Shield, in a mere four months. Russia is not the US, but it doesn't have to be to put together not only a large force, but a large multinational force (certainly far more multinational than Gulf War I and II and the Afghan war). According to Debka, even China is involved! Lots of anti-aircraft hardware, against an enemy that has no air force. They're handing over tanks to Hezbollah, along with training by them and the Iranians, including urban warfare. All happening right on our doorstep. What does this look like? They're even inviting the US to join the fun instead of maintaining the pretense of destroying Daesh while the Assad regime has always been the real priority (definite NWO material!). The US has been checkmated. It's not hard to see Obama joining the alliance rather than just walk away as would be prudent (he has proven to be just about the most unprudent president in history). Honestly, I have a hard time seeing a military buildup of this nature taking seven more years to conclude with the grand finale. Months, really. A year tops.

    What announcement are you talking about? Is there an English source?

    1. Since I daven Hanetz, I have noticed that by 5 AM, the time that the full eclipse will occur, the moon is already below the horizon. Look at this website:
      it gives a graph of the visibility throughout the world. We will see a partial here in Israel.

      Everything that is about to happen militarily is already in place. The US of Magog has armed forces in 84 countries in the world with 35 bases surrounding Iran -- the possible fulfillment of Yoma 10. Russia, China and even Iran already have their forces positioned. Iran even has its nuclear submarines in place, probably of the coasts of the US and Europe. A nuclear EMP is the most likely tactic to be employed.

      No matter what happens, Hashem will control everything. Any war will, more than likely, be interrupted by natural disasters. Hashem will take care of the evil of the world.

      There are other signs that I am noticing that I will disclose after the fact -- it is strictly my speculation. Of course, they may be so obvious, that the world won't need me to tell them.

  3. The Shabbos Project is also coming up which is a big zchus, B"H

  4. "I don’t post negativity, so you are not aware of these comments"

    Defined as what, anything that disagrees with you?

    1. My answer is very long (but then most of my answers are very long). Start by reading my post of 23 July 2015 entitled Optimism is the Answer!

      Negativity helps nobody. It depresses people who, in these difficult times, are trying to build emunah. It is one of the biggest reasons that the Moshiach and the Geula have been delayed for so long. Since Hashem reads every comment that I get, a negative comment can be punishable to the one who comments, especially if it includes Lashon Harah.

      I have tried not to have an opinion on anything -- after all I am not a prophet, but a dot-connector. So 99% of the comments that I receive that are negative is someone disagreeing with a Gadol, a Mekubal or, in many cases Hashem (they disagree with scriptures that Hashem wrote). They are not disagreeing with me, but if I am the messenger who forwarded information, I get blamed.

      I encourage all my readers to be more mindful of what they are saying. They should ask the question: Since I know Hashem is going to read this, is it in accordance with Torah -- with Hashem's opinion? If you want to question something that sounds negative, my Email is the way to go. I am happy to help you if you don't understand a post or misinterpreted a post. Of course, outright nastiness gets deleted immediately (yes, I have had some very horrible comments thrown at me that I would not post and, of course, cannot answer. The web is a coward's way of commenting. Would they say such a statement to my face?

      The other thing is complete misunderstandings. If it is something that should be clarified, I post an answer. If it is an Email with very incorrect information that would harm my readers, since people tend to believe misinformation, I explain the correction to the individual.

      We all need to work together to learn Hashem's ways and to live them. That is the purpose of this blog. Negativity does not accomplish that purpose.

  5. its chol hamoed already,wheres the action??