Thursday, September 3, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Ki Savo 5775, 16 Elul (31/8/15)

Every year before Yom Kippur, G-d gives forty days of mercy and every one of those days is like a mini Yom Kippur to redeem yourself before the big Yom Kippur. If a Jew repents, he will get assistance from the heavens and will be more ready for Yom Kippur, after Hatarat Nedarim, after the decision to stop sinning, after the decision to remain with G-d, with Torah, with prayer and Mitzvot, good deeds and the commandments.

You must not, I repeat - MUST NOT underestimate the IDF solders! Do not spread photos and mock them to make the enemies of Israel happy! If Jews knew that they are alive because of the IDF soldiers, that they can sleep in peace, work, learn Torah, have Shabbat in peace without trouble, they would protect the IDF soldiers with their bodies! G-d is looking from the heavens at the soldiers giving their bodies, spirits, and souls to the holy land of Israel. You must not discredit them or hurt them! The generation of the desert underestimated the holy land of Israel and the entire generation was buried in the desert for forty years. The IDF is the strongest army in the world; you must unbind their hands and support them from Eilat to Metulah. Arabs upload pictures of IDF soldiers to mock them. There are also photos that are fake.

The Jews are the smartest people in the world and must not protest. Protests are for primitive people, there are talks instead.

The economy in Israel is the best in the world. There is work for all Jews, even those who come from abroad who want to work. Israel is the most protected place in the world!

It is in the Jews' hands if luck and success is in their lives. Jews need to make an effort and G-d will help. G-d wants the Jewish people of Israel to repent from their own will, not because of threats. It is like a man working with desire and one working without desire - in the end there is a difference in the result. The choice is in man's hands, blessing or curse - "and you chose life." If a Jew chooses the negative, G-d will make things harder on him, like a father educating his son.

In Gaza they continue to dig tunnels at the speed of light, and G-d is toppling them down so that the IDF knows that they are digging. They must check the tunnels toward settlements and military bases, from Eilat to Metulah and around Jerusalem. They have renewed everything that was destroyed in Operation Protective Edge, because their goal is not peace; their goal is war, it is all a show.

Abu Mazen and his entourage are all liars; they want to buy time to dig the tunnels. They want to surprise us in Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkoth. They want to harm the state of Israel but they do not know that acting like this they are against G-d directly so He won't let them hurt the people of Israel during the holidays.

Abu Mazen, you should know, is a millionaire. He has a lot of money, he is all set up in Arab countries and he is laughing at everyone. Hamas continues to dig tunnels, their calm is the calm before the storm. "Still waters run deep" toward Israel. They have devices in the tunnels that confuse the tunnel detectors.

Every country that goes against Israel will have an economic downfall. Whoever harms the people of Israel will be harmed from the heavens. Even the forces of nature will strike at them.

Europe and the United States said that there is racism in Israel - G-d has sent them the people from Sudan and Eritrea, refugees from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey to destroy Europe - so it shall be!

Europe will be dust, Africa will take Europe apart. We wrote it in our message for Parashat Re'e (sent August 9, 2015). Hundreds of thousands of refugees will enter Europe, even millions, and Europe will take care of them. Europe is bombing some of the refugee ships in the Mediterranean. A large part of the refugees are very ill and have AIDS and terrible skin and liver diseases. Europe is racist; they are sinking refugee ships in the Mediterranean.

ISIS is doing their work wonderfully, continuing their operations to rule the world their way. A large part of ISIS is from Iran. In order to slaughter people you must be extremely evil, only the extremely evil can slaughter.

Egypt continues with its complications and will continue its problems with ISIS, Hamas, and extreme Islamists until it is like Syria. They don't publish everything to the media.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are being supported in Syria and Iran. Syria is dead and will continue to rot. All of the ammunition that Iran sends to Hezbollah gets bombed on the way.

Nasrallah has lost thousands of soldiers who ran away or got killed. In order to get more power, he decided to conquer Lebanon, and through Lebanon he gets ammunition. He is causing problems in Lebanon in order to rule it.

Iran continues to make fools of the world. They laugh at the United States, they conned them and took everything they wanted financially, and they get ammunition from Russia. In the end, the United States will completely regret it when they discover that the Iranians are cheats who left them and went to Russia.

Jordan is in conflict before everything blows up and falls apart. There are four million refugees, no food or water, and a lot of disease and AIDS. Israel is protecting Jordan for now, because there is an interest in doing so.

ISIS is controlling Turkey and laughing at everyone. Arduan wants a government a specific way. The Kurds and ISIS don't let him rest.

Iraq is torn, there is chaos.

Syria is being destroyed by G-d, piece by piece, in stages.

There will be great economic downfalls in the world, the harshest will be after Sukkoth, and all of the Jewish businessmen in China will come back to Israel with a little bag of money. After Sukkoth, China and many other places in the world will be stricken.

In the holy land of Israel they will build homes, real estate, stores, agriculture - everything will bloom. In Israel everything is good! A cloud of fire protects the borders of Israel! G-d will open the eyes of the Israeli government and the IDF.

Anyone who continues to do bad things, cheat, bribe, steal, commit adultery, will be revealed in the media. Bank officials, people in public institutions and schools, all will be revealed. G-d is pushing this world and the state of Israel towards honest, truth, and kindness - so shall it be.

Dear Jews, Hamas is in front of us threatening in order to wake the people of Israel up so that they repent, come back to Judaism and do the will of G-d.

Volcanoes, fire, floods, storms, and earthquakes will continue, along with accidents with planes, trains, and busses, rockets will explode on military bases - but not in Israel.

G-d wants the beaches to be separated - women alone and men alone. G-d hates lust and hates Jews assimilating with gentiles - hates it!

The government of Israel needs to take care of the drugs and alcohol. G-d is asking that conversion to Judaism be done properly and if not, they will be heavily punished.

Through Eliyahu the Prophet, G-d will put redemption and the coming of the Messiah in the minds of Israel, and only that! Whoever hasn't dreamt should not say that they have because it will harm him. Anyone who says they are the Messiah and did not get it from G-d will go to the heavens.

The Messiah knows for certain that he is the Messiah of    G-d! The Messiah works, protects, and prays for the state of Israel! G-d knows exactly when to crown him in public!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"


  1. That's why the Shmirah Project is important, because they give you a name of a soldier to pray for. It's like everyone is protecting each other, either physically or spiritually.

  2. Why will there be more danger and greater intensity regarding the economy after Sukkoth if Moshiach will be crowned beforehand?
    Where He only be revealed to a certain degree?

    1. A very good question. I have two possible answers for you. One is that the danger of the economy will be like anything else, measure for measure, according to what everyone needs. The wicked may be devastated by the economic disaster, while the righteous may thrive. I actually know some specifics that could cause such a phenomenon. I will disclose it after the fact.

      Secondly, let us compare our situation to the first Geula. We left Egypt very wealthy and left the Egyptians in ruins. This didn't happen until after Moshe Rabbeinu came on the scene. Since we are experiencing the consistency of Hashem in this Geula, maybe we need Moshiach to come on the scene before the wicked could be completely devastated. Hashem worked His miracles through Moshe and the world saw that there was nothing random happening -- everyone saw that it was all from Hashem. That is what is coming up with Moshiach -- nothing random, but the world seeing that everything is from Hashem.

  3. Thank you for your response.
    Indeed anyone with two eyes in their head and is blessed with the ability to see can see that it is only the Hand of Hashem orchestrating events.

  4. Yes, it is true. The world right now is literally unfolding at the seams it seems. ;) ok, I had to throw those words together, yet it is true.
    Many around are so apathetic and think you are crazy if you say otherwise. Only Hashem knows when Moshiach will arrive, yet one would have to be asleep not to see that we are getting closer by leaps and bounds every day.
    The spirituality of the US has slipped so low that I often say it is on the hospice bed with a death rattle and they are taking out the pick line for the iv because it's useless....

    1. You are correct, but I for one am not pulling the plug on life support. We have seen so many miracles throughout our history; and, even though we are not supposed to rely on miracles, they always happen. B"H.

      Even in sewing we have a "seam allowance" why not here do we not have a "seem allowance?" I suffer from the same affliction: I had to say it.

    2. True, yes, miracles can happen and they do. Now, the question is do we want a miracle to happen in terms of the US continuing along this same path (with the current usurper, oops I meant leader, taking advantage of the people and overriding with public announcement that he is doing so because "Yes, we can" is so important to him and his agenda....?
      Or, do we want a new era to come with truth?

    3. We want to watch Hashem's perfect plan unfold and continue to do our requirements of Teshuvah, Tefillah, Tzedukah, Limud HaTorah, Ahavas Yisroel, Mitzvot, etc. The plan is perfect.

  5. Scary, very scary :((

    1. It, unfortunately, is the way Hashem gets us to do Teshuvah. It is truly scary for those who don't.

  6. Thank you Rabbi for the message.

  7. Every Israeli stock I own was down 50% before the market started to fall, meaning down 50% during the biggest boom in history. How is that the best economy in the world?

    1. It has nothing to do with how good the economy is; it has everything to do with how Hashem is personally testing you. Everything that I have in Israel is booming. Everything that I have watched in the rest of the world, especially in the US is going down the drain.

      Everything in this world is measure for measure. When you turn to Hashem, your investments are successful. If you don't believe that, you get to complain about 50% down. I have been playing the stock market since 1968. It has been totally consistant. When Hashem is involved, it is great. When I rely on a company CEO, it doesn't work. I have many, many stories, but the best one is that I retired at age 58 due to Hashem helping me with stocks. Those stocks that I made good profit on, everyone around me lost it all. Why? Hashem is my stock broker.

      Another thing is that not everyone in Israel is deserving of Hashem's goodness. There has to be stocks that will take care of those individuals.

  8. Can you explain to us this refugee crisis in Europe please?

    1. There are two very difficult situations occurring in the world of great significance (I will try to give the abridged version). The Muslims read in their Quran that the entire world must accept Islam. In a effort to convert every country to Islam, there is a very big move for immigration of Muslims to every western country, North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, etc. By dominating the population of these countries, they would become Islamic. This is an obvious and it is working.

      But, the hidden agenda is the evil plans of the global elite to disrupt the entire world, institute World War 3 and the New World Order. Along with the immigration of Muslims to many nations, is the infiltration of terror organizations. ISIS along with many other vicious groups are using the immigration as a way of entering the countries and bringing their weaponry. The global elite are actually funding and arming many groups in their sinister way of carrying out of their agenda. I have mentioned that Obama is a member of the Gog Bush cabal who is heading up much of the effort. It becomes easy if the POTUS is a Muslim and a cabal puppet. Obama is doing a bang-up job in instituting this evil, but there are many leaders of nations, such as in Europe, who are also with the global elite agenda.

      It is so unbelievable that people are oblivious to what is happening and even asking: why is the world falling apart? Duh.

      There are many more details involved but that would be another book on my part.

      One additional note. Hashem is allowing all this, since it is causing people to lose confidence in their leaders and governments, and, best of all, more people turning to Hashem. When leadership of pure goodness is introduced to the world, namely Moshiach, the wicked will be gone and the righteous will bask in the goodness. B"H

  9. You say not to mock idf soldiers despite there are over 100 terror a week they don't protect us!

    1. As a retired soldier, I can tell you it is not an easy job, and my job was much easier in peace time in the US and my time in Europe. I am completely sympathetic to the plight of the IDF soldier.

      So far as protection, the only protection is from Hashem. There is nothing random in this world. Anyone caught in a terror incident should read the message from Hashem -- it is meant to be for the purpose of Tikun, including what happens to an IDF soldier.

      One further comparison. I feel much, much safer in Israel than I ever did elsewhere, especially the US of Magog. The crime rate in the US is so out of hand, with the military and police being a big part of the problem. The battle going on between the brutal police that are there supposed to be there to protect the public and the citizens, is very scary. Between the police brutality and the military exercises, like Jade Helm, I am very happy to be in Israel and far prefer the dedication and protection of the IDF soldier. The homicide rate in all 50 states far exceeds the terror activity in Israel which has a very low homicide rate (ironically most Israelis that are injured or killed a year are Arab citizens). Of course, all the scariness in the rest of the world is also a message from Hashem – Jews go home!!!

      The message from Hashem is clear, so let us thank what has been provided to us and the situation that we experience. Also, Hashem wants us to support the IDF soldier – they come from Him.