Sunday, September 6, 2015

Be Consoled, the Happy Ending is Near (continued)

Continuing the seven weeks from Tishe B’Av to Rosh Hashanah that are called the time of consolation, a time when Hashem tells us that even though events in the world may be looking scary with great uncertainty for the future, be consoled that the time of exile is coming to an end and the redemption is imminent. The consolation comes with the Haftarah for each of these seven weeks.

The Haftarah read yesterday was Haftaras Ki Savo. Once again, the message is so profound and timely that we truly can feel good about what is coming up in the very near future. Here is the summary from the Artscroll Chumash:

Haftaras Ki Savo, Isaiah 60:1-22
As the last of the seven Haftaros of comfort nears (next week is the last), the prophecies of the future grow more grandiose and ecstatic. Again, Isaiah announces to Jerusalem that the glory of G-d is imminent, and calls upon her to lift her eyes, as it were, and gaze at her children returning to her, and in their wake, nations of the world, streaming to pay homage to her. Little by little, the nations of the world come to know that in Zion there is G-d, and in G-d there is truth and fulfillment, and that Israel is His messenger to the world. The discomforts of the past will be transformed to the realized hopes of the future, like copper turning to gold and iron to silver. The climax of the prophecy is that this will be the final redemption: "Never again shall your sun set, nor shall your moon be withdrawn; for HASHEM shall be unto you an eternal light, and ended shall be your days of mourning." May this promise come true soon, for Jerusalem and its children.

It is so obvious with all the commotion around the world. The biggest mystery is how many people, both observant and non-observant, both Jews and non-Jews are paying so much attention to the end of the Shemitah cycle and other signs from Hashem like the last of the four blood moons (there is no coincidence that the recent statements about Moshiach coming from Gedolim are at the time in conjunction with the blood moon). The most encouraging idea is the myriad of prophecies that are supposed to be fulfilled right before Moshiach, that are all happening true.

The statement about the sun and the moon in the Haftarah can also be seen in prophecies that are supposed to happen in the end of days, but I will reserve any discussion for the future, especially since these prophecies are totally in concert with what scientists are predicting. After is happens, I will get technical.

It is all good news. Jerusalem is ready for the exciting ending. The prophecy is fulfilled and we are greatly and happily consoled.

Note: This week’s Parashah has great significance to the world situation; and, the Haftarah is amazing. I did take a sneak preview, but will wait to discuss the prophesies, since I believe we may be seeing very big events happening soon – this is the last week of the Shemitah cycle.


  1. "Before the world of truth can come, the world of lies must disappear" - Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook

  2. Just got back from Slichos here in the States.
    How much more meaningful and for real are the Slichos as we beg Hashem to save us, protect us and return us to His land with tremendous rachamim.
    We cannot wait any longer.
    Only yearning for the real life.
    Life as we now know it - illusions, fantasy, confusion and the like.
    We are fed up.

    1. Please continue with that attitude, and try to pass it on to the other 7.3 billion people on planet Earth.

      When I was reading Selichos this morning I was getting the same chills that I have been getting with the weekly Haftarah. It is so pertinent to our lives today, that we should not do it by rote, but by as meaningful an attitude as you state.

      I am planning to get to Selichos about a half hour early every day this week, and not read the Selichos, but study them. There are definitely more messages from Hashem for now, that need our attention.

  3. There are unprecedented sightings of blood moons in recent days: forewarned a bit xtian vibe

    1. This is fascinating that there are unscheduled blood moons in many places. The video mentions a few places that have seen this including some pictures that were taken, but the comments below, which were 354 as I type, are telling of sightings of blood moons in many, many places. Of course, they are all predicting that this is coming of the Messiah, which is true -- it is just the real Messiah, not the one for whom they are waiting.

      The commentator is quoting the prophet Joel chapter 3 (he mistakenly called it chapter 2) which talks about: "blood and fires and pillar of smoke; the sun will turn to darkness and the moon to blood [red] before the coming of the great and awesome Day of Hashem." This sounds very much like the prophecy of Joel, except for one little twist. The word used in Hebrew for “pillar of smoke” alludes to a column that is shaped like a date palm tree, or as we might refer to it as a "mushroom cloud." Yes, it is alluding to the prophecy of a nuclear column of smoke, but can only be seen in the Hebrew, not the English. What does this mean? Stay tuned for further developments.

      But thank you for this Youtube reference, it is fascinating.

    2. Shalom,
      I live in Belle Harbor, New York....and I also saw a very ominous looking red moon, a few nights ago! I could not believe my eyes! It was about 9:45PM and the moon was full and hanging extremely low in the sky.
      I have never seen anything like this before...the moon is usually much higher up, at this time of night. I felt a chill of impending doom overcome my emotions.. I knew that Hashem was warning everyone in America---or New York, to do Teshuva.