Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parachat Noa'h - 25 Tishrei תשעה


Our Heavenly Father - Father of mercy! The people of Israel have made efforts during the prayers of forgiveness of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret. Heavenly Father helped during the prayers and helped so the prayers, the Torah study, the acts of kindness and joy of all the Jews in Israel will be accepted!

All Jews in Israel have felt something special in the past festivals, as endless Klipot have left them. All Jews were renewed, they prayed, studied Torah and they have done acts of kindness. Every Jew has something good in him and the Almighty looks at his best part.  No there is not a Jew in which there is not a positive thing and that does not do acts of kindness, even those who do not follow the Torah and the commandments.

We say and repeat: the blessed rain will be on Israel in due course bringing blessing  from Matola  to ISlat and from Jerusalem to the center of Israel, good rains and healthy at the right time.

The Land of Israel is pure and sacred, its soil is sacred and its air fresh and pure.  There is nothing in the world like the land of Israel.  There are plenty of places to wander in Israel, there is therapeutic care, health and prosperity in abundance - all the good that the world has is in Israel. The Jewish state of Israel supports all countries!  Israel must be careful, in Israel, many of the goyim joined IS.  There is a conspiracy, especially in the north.  Shabak and Mossad have to deal with it before they grow up and we have trouble with them.  IS should be monitored, they want to settle in Jordan, and from there enter Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. We must be very careful and not act as "beautiful soul."

Abbas hates the Jews; he has evil in him with an innocent look which is false.  His face is unreal, he is not telling the truth and does not care about the people of Israel.  He seeks only to destroy the State of Israel.  Abbas wants to show Hamas and everyone that he is a great hero and takes no account of the state of Israel.  He plays a game against Israel so that Hamas will give him the government in Gaza and of the Palestinians, which is why he shows his malice against the State of Israel.

Government of Israel, there is no time for games.  Quit blaming each other, you need to be united and understand each other.  The "beautiful souls" do not belong in the Israeli government, it is better that they stay at home.  Everything Israel does, even the best thing - it will always be accused.  The State of Israel seeks peace, has love of peace and wants peace, Israel is not against any nation in the world - the nations are against her.

No state or country in the world can harm the State of Israel in the Holy Land.  Repair and pain of the people of Israel is finished!  The Land of Israel is sacred, every country trying to harm the State of Israel – G-d will give that country a blow from which it will never recover, the Almighty gives them blows, divisions between countries, natural disasters, hard rains over the world, earthquakes, floods and disasters in planes, trains and cars.

IS will soon be in Egypt, and will fight against democracy the war will be in Egypt.
Meanwhile, Hamas is waiting for negotiations, let Hamas continue to wait.
Syria chaos fire and brimstone.
Iraq, chaos, fire and sulfur.
Turkey, evil and hatred coming out.  Erdogan has no more control, they want to kill him.  Turkey has a large base of IS.
Jordan is in fear, not knowing what to do, trust only the government of Israel
Lebanon does not have power, do not want to intervene.

Nasrallah does not trust anyone; he is afraid that Hezbollah will turn into IS and his bodyguards will kill him.  He is scared, confused and does not know where to turn. He has neither day nor night.
Iran fears Israel greatly.  It knows that the IDF can reach anywhere in the world, and can surprise it in a way it could never "dreamed of."  Also, the Almighty will give it blows if it tries to think or plan anything bad for the people of Israel.

Gaza recovers its tunnels slowly. There are several tunnels that the IDF does not know.

The United States does not harm and will not affect Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait, because of business, and because they fear that these countries will make alliance with the Russians.  Some Knesset members who spoke about the United States, were right.  Why blame Israel?  Stop blaming Israel that does not interfere with any country, and just wants to protect its citizens.  There is no link – the organization IE does not exist because of Israel.

The Israeli government must take care of the youth of Israel, so they will not turn to drugs, alcohol and negative behavior - we must find solutions.  The Israeli government must also find a legal solution for Sudanese, so that the Jews can live with honor and abundance.

All white and non-white collar in the year 5775, the Creator will reveal all members of corruption, theft, fraud, lust and betrayal.  The Creator will take care that the photographs are taken everywhere and be published.

Jews, preferred and cherished children of the Creator. Anti-Semitism is very hard in all the countries and nations of the world.  They are willing to get hurt with their main cause being to harm Jews.  Around the world, there is anti-Semitism - in all countries and states.  Dear Jews immigrate to Israel, it is an EMERGENCY!  The Creator warns: go to Israel, it's urgent, do not say that the Creator did not warn you.

Israeli Jews who leave Israel, do not go for nothing, just for the sake of business or on a mission to save the Jews and bring them to Israel - Jews abroad are not protected.  Hashem blesses every day all the Jews so they are protected, but the choice is  in their own hands - "You will protect yourself!"  Divine justice is on the whole world and is very hard, except in the State of Israel, so there is no protection for any Jew outside Israel, Do not take risks dear Jews -  it is a pity!

Dear Jews, there is no time; the Holy One, blessed be He wants to awaken all Jews!  The Creator promises: the State of Israel will have a good economy, real estate is expanding, a happy life in the Land of Israel - the land of the deer, which grows and spreads like the skin of a deer, also economy, in the acts of kindness, real estate - everything grows and spreads!

A lot of Jews in the Land of Israel will arise when the Creator of the world will give them, through dreams, a realization that the redemption is there.  The redemption began in 1948; they will understand and know that the Messiah is in the Holy Land of Israel in the flesh with a angel inside!  Everything will be revealed by the Jews themselves, who will speak and ask the Creator for the coronation of King Messiah in this generation, it will be soon!  There are no date calculations; this is in the hands of the Creator himself!  Suddenly the day will come and He will crown the King Messiah then, as it is written, there will be only joy, peace, free love and the Third Temple will be built in the holy land of Israel with eternal lives for all Jews!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"


  1. Amen v' Amen.

    Shavua tov Menachem and all good!!! :)

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

  2. Wasn't the world supposed to be completely different after Shimini Atzeres? What happened with that?

    1. It is after Shemini Atzeres now -- start watching. He never said how far after and what it would be so it is possible something is happening and it just is not so obvious, yet.

      The other thought I had was that the Georgia Guidestones post that talked about the possibility of the 22nd and/or the 24th of Oct being something. That is today and Friday -- stay tuned for further developments. Only Hashem knows, but hopefully we will understand and be happy about it soon.

  3. There is no way to express my gratefulness thank you so much. You should receive all the blessings for this great mitswa.

    1. There is one way to show gratitude -- thank Hashem, the One Who is giving us all the guidance. Let gratitude be your attitude (I love that expression).