Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Message of Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat Miketz Tsha "d


The Creator shakes the world, bringing serious diseases and epidemics in many parts of the world and complicating the states between themselves. We have already said the Creator will increase flooding, fire and brimstone, earthquakes, winds and all kinds of storms. The Creator reveals His Omnipotence and His bravery to the people of Israel and the world!

Planes will crash and have navigation problems for the goyim, trains will fly off the rails. There will be thunder and lightning strange and difficult around the world, a taste of what the flood but not in the whole world at the same time place after place.

The Creator is irritated and angry for all the wrong decisions in the world! The Creator is angry against those who want to destroy his house - the State of Israel! The Creator will not let them rest 24 hours a day, the world will be shocked, scared and frightened; they will take care of themselves and leave the holy land of Israel in peace!

The agreement with Iran, the contract is as if written on ice. Iran will not listen; it will do what it wants. Iran has hidden places, with a very large quantity of ammunition. They will continue to produce the atom with a smile. In silence, they want to surprise the world and produce ten atomic furtively, not five bombs.

Syria continues as if no power could control it and put order. They let them eat each other for the powers have no interest in Syria, it does not bother if it is erased from the planet.

Egyptians are killing each other. Hamas will not give up; it is in the Gaza Strip, Sinai and Egypt. Hamas will destroy Egypt, with the exception of hunger that will destroy Egypt. Hamas wants to control Egypt so that there is no European education.

Jordan the United - States, tranquilize it and its king. Refugees continue to flock from Syria to Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon - they eat them.

Government of Israel, do not make the mistake made ​​in the Gush Katif! Abbu Mazan mocks everyone, he makes the face of the poor "Have mercy on us," they have evil plans to destroy Israel!

Members of the Israeli delegation open your eyes on the Palestinians, do not believe them! The Israeli government must not be silent, nor forsake His people and His land!

Dear Jews you should have a revolution in Israel like in Arab countries, we must be united together for generations forever!

Israeli government must urgently take care of young boys and girls, to show them the best way to avoid contempt for the girls of Israel and avoid alcohol and drugs - this is the priority of the Israeli government! Alcohol and drugs are coming from the Arabs; they have this command, defile the women of Israel and make them fall. There must be a strict law and not give up to anybody!

The Defense Army of Israel must be vigilant! From Gaza to Eilat they burrow like moles and want to fire rockets at Israel from close range. Those whose job is to find where the tunnels cross, they must work with energy, so there will be no “surprises" on the border.

All Jews, religious or non-religious, left or right, must cry and pray to the Creator so that the Israeli government will not fall into the trap!

All Jews who lived in Israel and left – will return en masse!

Listen carefully Jews throughout Europe, they will agree to expel the Jews, remember well! So, you should go to Israel urgently because Israel is the center and navel of the world!

A large amount of ejected refugees from Syria are in Jordan and Turkey, they eat alive the Turks and the Jordanians. Anyone who wants to gnaw into the Holy Land, Israel – the Holy - Blessed - will make them disappear and bite them!

The Saint - blessed took all wars in the world in his hands!

The Saint - Blessed said: "No immunity for anyone, all will be revealed bare, repent really - you will be protected!

You think, the proclaim of King Messiah coronation is easier, it is very difficult! For the Creator wants important prayers and Israel requests. When most people in Israel with one voice ask for  the coronation of King Messiah - The Creator will crown, there will be peace and tranquility in the land of Israel, the Creator will take care of the world and be seen live anywhere in the world! Jews will have a robust health and eternal life!

Happy Hanukkah, pure and holy, with miracles like every year!



    One of the Names of our Awesome Creator is "Teva" but don't think that is related to anything going on in the world right now (eyes roll heavenward) Just because more big weather events are called 'historic' and "unprecedented" It's all a bunch of unsettling randomness. Don't get excited.

    1. There is no such thing as randomness. Everything that happens on a national level or an individual level is, measure for measure, beshert (inevitable or preordained). Hashem's plan is exact since He continually creates every event (every gust of wind, every drop of rain, every ash plume and flow of lava, every fault movement, every position of every insect, every position of every electron in every atom, everything). Ein od milvado.

  2. How are we going to get every Jew to request Melech Moshiach when most of them are fast asleep and scoff at the mere talk of Moshiach?? It feels overwhelming.
    What do u think of what the Rav said about revolution?

    1. When the world gets so scary that all the Jews finally look up and say "Help," that will be all the Teshuvah that is needed and the Geula will be instant. The threat of war, the violence all around, the money being worthless, the weather being as frightening as can be, people revolting government policies etc, etc, etc will do the trick. It is Hashem's plan and it is already working. There are no atheists in foxholes, so everyone will ban together and turn to Hashem. Since the safest place for a Jew is Israel (no war, minimal violence, money situation is good, weather is beautiful, government will be gone -- Moshiach will be in, etc), the plan will be complete. Believe Rav Ben Artzi -- we are getting close.

  3. Yes, maybe so. But how can us humans be expected to understand all that mystical stuff, and what it signifies, if our brains ie minds are limited? And if it is true, then we are all automatons.

    1. We have thousands of years of prophecy coming true miraculously. When we see new miracles in the near future that are beyond belief, we will all understand and have no trouble, with our limited human minds to finally see the truth. It will be easy and very pleasurable. Read my post of 2 May 2012, entitled "He is Hiding Behind Nature," and you will see how it will happen and why we will understand everything. Note that the answer is coming up in the Torah next week.

  4. But you didnt answer my question - what do you think about the Revolution that the Rav called for. Is it spiritual, or are we supposed to physically overthrow this Erev Rav Govt.?

    1. Everything that we need to do is spiritual since Hashem is our only source of salvation. Hashem wants achdus, unity from us. Jews fighting Jews only delays the Geula. A revolution of all Israelis not following the nonsense of the government but uniting with the ways of Hashem is the only answer. As stated above in a previous comment, Hashem is making things so scary around the world that we are and will continue to huddle together and realize that only by turning to Hashem will our problems be solved. The revolution is on-going and Hashem is leading us.