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Discussion with Moishela (with his family)


A Handicapped child
Kislev 15 '5774   (Nov 17 '13)

 מי לד' אלי

In the next month we are going to realize how important that statement is for us.  מי לד' אלי We're missing only the one to say it. In years past when the Greeks tried to take away our religion, our Yiddishkeit, things got so bad that Mattisyahu could not take it anymore, and even though he  only had a few volunteers, he said .מי לד' אלי Whoever is for Hashem, come with me. Now we again are under the rule of the  Reshaim, of the Yivanim, of Edom.

All over the world they're ruling and here in Eretz Yisroel they're also ruling. But we don’t notice it so much, not the Frum and not the Chilonim. We let it go by us without even realizing in any way that we are in terrible, terrible danger. The first Zionists created the state of Israel, designed it, built it, put it into action with Hashem's permission, of course. The state of Israel was built as a direct war against Hakodosh Boruch Hu, not against the Arabs, against Hakodosh Boruch Hu. The founders of this so-called state of Israel were Erev Rav who wanted to prove that Chas Veshalom they were stronger than Hashem and that they could be Chas Veshalom instead of Hakodosh Boruch Hu. This is compared to the Dor Haflaga that built Migdal Bovel as a direct war against Hakodosh Boruch Hu. They had the wildest idea that they had the power to win against Hakodosh Boruch Hu, and what we see now is only a bizarre continuation of these maniacs' ideas.

The people that are behind this false concept are all over the world. After many hundreds of years of plotting they are now tightening the noose, so-to-speak, around all the peoples of the world and also around the Jewish nation. But these Reshaim want Davka to make a new religion, a new religion that will encompass the whole world. That religion will be a Mish-Mash of things, but in the end it will be like the Yivanim - Avodah Zara.

The Zionists who built this country, this State of Israel wanted to be like all the other countries of the world. They wanted to be part of the Roman Empire, and now after all these years they have achieved their greatest goal and are definitely part of the Roman Empire. The proof of the pudding is that without any problem, the State of Israel is turning over to the Catholic Church the grave of the forefather of Moshiach Tzidkainu, Dovid Hamelech and that is an unbelievable act of war against Hakodosh Boruch Hu. But it's not only this. It's also all the laws that have been passed lately in Eretz Yisroel, and they're all made to water down our Yiddishkeit, or to take it away from us, whether it’s the Bris Milah, or any other Frum Jewish tradition or law. They have the Chutzpah to go inside our practices and try to outlaw them. We know that they're behind the Women of the Wall. They're behind all of the activities to weaken Yiddishkeit.

The Israeli army is full of Goyim that could easily become a fifth column. Our everyday lives are full of a Goyisha way of doing things. Israelis consider Tzahal the savior of the Medinah. This attitude is a war against Hakodosh Boruch Hu. On one side, Tzahal is considered the savior of the Medinah. On the other side, if we look at all of the wars since the State came into existence, they were won only by miracles which Tzahal cannot perform.

Therefore I must tell you now that we are going into a new and much more frightening time. We Jews have let the Greeks and the Hellenists take away our Yiddishkeit from us, and we are left alone. Hashem has taken from us our greatest Rabbonim, our greatest Gedolai Hador, and we are left with only a few Tzaddikim. However that is not enough to help am Yisroel get out of this mess. We are orphans, but now we are even greater orphans because Hashem is taking away from us also our past Tzaddikim. If the plan to take away from Am Yisrael the Kever of Dovid Hamelech succeeds, (and it seems that other important holy places of the Jews are already being readied to be taken by the Goyim), then we will be totally in the dark, totally without guidance in this world.

I'm a bit young to remember, but when the Kosel was taken back into Jewish hands in 1967, the crying of every true Jew was heart rendering. The realization that now Am Yisroel had a place to come and cry and spill our hearts out to Hakodosh Boruch Hu and feel His presence, was a giant spiritual uplift for all Jews everywhere. But now everything has changed. The changes made at the Kosel and its surroundings sends chills up my back. It makes me cry out from sheer loneliness because it has the flavor, it has the smell, and it has the feeling of a church. It has a feeling of Atheists of non-believers altogether. And therefore a true Jew feeling such a thing has no choice but to sit down and to cry. Go to Kever Rochel or to the Rashbi. You have the feeling, the cold feeling of non-believers. You have hundreds, maybe thousands of non-Jews crowding these places. And where are we? We are not allowed to hand out any kind of Tefillos or Chizuk material or to ask for Tzeddakah. We are not allowed to feel the warmth of our Tzaddikim. 

Mamma Rochel where have you gone to? We can't feel you anymore. Where is the Shechina that we were told would always be at the Kosel? It's there, but it's so hard for us to concentrate when thousands and thousands of all kinds of people are crowding around there, with women who are not Tzniusdik, and people flashing their cameras in every direction, and of course the Women of the Wall who have come to challenge Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Will He let them desecrate His Makom Kodesh and do what they feel is correct in their own small minds?

Am Yisroel if you don’t feel this, then I question your roots. If you don’t feel this, go to the Kevarim. Go to Mama Rochel. Go to the Kosel. Go to the Kever of Dovid Hamelech, and all the other places that have been invaded by these Yivanim, and tell me what you feel. If you don’t feel anything, if you think that this new Seder in all of these places is just fine, then I can only bow my head and say that you've missed the boat. You can't be a Yid. You can't have a true Yiddisha Neshoma. If you go to these places and feel the loneliness, the cold atmosphere, the feeling of great loss, then I'm sure that your Neshoma was at Har Sinai.

This is a selection. This is a Birur. The Yivanim want to sit here in Eretz Yisroel. They want to rule over the world from Eretz Yisroel. They want to take Hashem's place Chas Veshalom. Of course they cannot do it, and they're so stupid in their belief that the Ribbono Shel Olam, the ruler of the world will let them, these pitiful people destroy the world themselves. No, it won't happen. Hashem will destroy much of the world and them with it, but Am Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel will remain, and they will disappear.

We're coming to a point now that every true Jew will have to hold on to his Yiddishkeit in order to survive. We're going to be attacked, not with bombs so much, but trying to make us leave our religion. They're going to disguise their efforts with very flowery descriptions of how our way of doing things is not the most humanistic way of living, but whoever falls for that WONT GET UP. Now we are in big danger. They're not going to let us easily do what we know is right, and therefore when Moshiach appears and says מי לד' אלי, we will know who to follow.

 Again, and again I say the same things. Please, please come back to the truth. Please, please come back to Hashem. Please, please don’t give up the only thing in the world that means anything, and that’s our Kesher with Hakodosh Boruch Hu. We are His bride. He is our Chassan. We are going to be one with Him, and now is our chance to show Him how much we care, how much we want, how much we need Him, how much we're willing to sacrifice only to do His will, and then Moshiach will be revealed and we will walk into the new world, not to the New World Order, to the new world, to the higher world that Hashem has created for us. מי לד' אלי, Mesirus Nefesh. We have to sacrifice ourselves in order to live.

My Alte Zaidy knew very well that the Yivanim were taking over. He knew very well that the Gashmius of Olam Hazeh should have nothing to do with Yidden, and that especially in America it was bringing Yidden down very much. He knew that it was part of a Divine plan to separate the true Jewish Neshomas from the ones that were not true Jewish Neshomas. He knew that this almost total destruction of the world and its peoples would bring forth the greatest flowering of Yiddishkeit. That’s what my Alte Zaidy knew very well, and throughout his life he tried to make Yidden understand that the Gashmius, which includes all the things that the Egel HaZahav stands for, is the total opposite of Hashem's will and that is what is destroying mankind and the Jews also.

So again from up in Shomayim he can see what is happening. He can see that that the Frum Kehillah has been fighting one with another. They have so many conflicts that it's almost impossible to continue being Jews anymore. The Yivanim and the Misyavnim (the Hellenists) are trying to water down Yiddishkeit, which means to destroy it. My Alte Zaidy knows that this means that we are very close to the Geula.

There are many opinions of how many people will be left. I go with the opinion that only the Neshamas that were at Har Sinai will be left, besides a few Goyim, and therefore I believe that very few will be left, but whoever will be left will be the base, the base for our new and complete world where there will be no Yetzer Horah, no Satan, No Malach Hamaves.

This is a message, for our family, and for every Jew. Our Alte Zaidy wants the whole family to look into our hearts and our souls, and take out all the Gashmius and remember what Hashem wants from us. He wants us to be close to Him. How to be close to Him? To make ourselves close to Him, we have to get rid of all the extra baggage, all the wrong feelings, all the wrong desires, all the Gashmius that is forbidden, and even the Gashmius that is not forbidden, but that gets in our way. We must become spiritual, and must come closer to Hashem. Whether we learn and Daven or do Chessed, we have to do something spiritual that will push out of our minds and our hearts the Egel HaZahav.

Much of what I have said here I have said before. However once you have read and pondered my words and taken them into your heart, and try to actually separate yourselves from the Egel HaZahav and from the world of lies, then the truth will change you and the world, and we, Am Yisroel, will be ready to greet Moshiach Tzidkainu.

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    Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
    A Handicapped child
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