Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita PARASHAT Vayeshev Tsha "d

Our Father in heaven, the Father of Mercy, speaks to the Jews in Israel and the real Jews living outside of Israel

Did I not do enough, to get you to come to Israel?

Did I do not enough, for you to believe the Creator of the universe?

Did I do not enough, for you to believe that I am the leader of the world and I'm everywhere?

Did I do not enough, for you to understand the deliverance exists and that the Messiah acts and works?

Did I do not enough; I destroy all the Arab countries around Israel?

Did I not do enough, all the elements of nature act and work for the benefit of the Jews and anti-Semitism operate so to expel the Jews and eradicate material lust, and so they will come to Israel - the land of the Jews?

Did I do not enough, for you to ask strongly and with all your heart, the Coronation of King Messiah?

All countries and states in the Middle East that are making problems for Israel, from today, Sunday the 14th of Kislev tsha d", the Holy - blessed starts shooting fire and brimstone. This process is divine! Any state or country, harassing the State of Israel, the Holy - blessed will take care of it personally and directly - it is signed and finalized!

Hanukkah will be a beautiful holiday, clean and pure.

Israel must avoid assimilation, lust and prostitution. The Saint - blessed is very angry, he does not want his chosen people, the Jewish people to leave the right path as it happened in the desert at the time of the golden calf.

Nasrallah, Hezbollah and Lebanon have no one to lean on, they are confined to themselves and do not know what the future holds, everything is disorder and chaos. Tens of thousands of refugees from Syria and are settling in Lebanon, it will continue to increase.

In Egypt there is a terrible famine, they are not interested in who to support, and they want food. There is an explosion there, there will be seven bad years of tough famine and there will be a revolution like in Syria, whether you like it or not, it will be a revolution like Syria.

Jordan is on hold, including the King hiding and on the defensive every day, while waiting for anyone to take Hamas - it disturbs him.

The United States gently secretly holds talks with Jordan's King and tell him: "Do not worry, we will make peace with the Palestinians and Hamas."

Similarly, in Turkey the situation is complicated with Syrian refugees. Their leader is smiling on the outside, but inside he explodes. Refugees from Syria will never return to Syria - they eat devastate Turkey.

Iran has hidden reserves in the soil, atomic components and ammunition. The United States does not know, Russia does not know, they make fun of everyone and continue to produce atomic materiel. The Iranians want peace to trade with the world. Their economy collapses and they are afraid that there will be chaos; and then, they behave very well, cute and sweet so that the world may believe them and in the meantime, they continue with the program. They have a huge amount of hidden ammunition, they have all the components of the atomic bomb, all is in the greatest secrecy, the Americans and the Russians do not know.
Syria burns, either openly or in secret; nothing is stopped. In Syria it will never work out.

Hamas and the Palestinians work together, even the people who run the peace talks work together - one covers the other.

Remember very well Government of Israel, State of Israel: If God forbid, they get what they want, they attack Israel 24 hours without stopping. We must thoroughly check this peace, they are not truthful they have evil plans.

Anyone who has done something wrong and repented completely - no harm will come to him and he will not be revealed. Whoever does not repent, and continues his misdeeds, rich or poor, religious or not religious, of any rank or grade, for the Creator there is no difference, the Creator will not omit any person, especially people with functions, dignitaries and celebrities. All will be revealed one after another, within one month, so that there is no panic in the country. Repent - you will not be revealed!

Each soldier male and female must be vigilant and not turn their backs on goyims in Israel. Always be alert and always face to see who is in front of you. Do not hesitate and do not be afraid of them. The goyim do not care about peace now or later, what interests them is to wipe Israel off.

Hatred grows stronger and stronger up to infinity, because they want to eliminate Jews from the face of the earth and have a mortal fear that the King Messiah will be crowned and will erase them off the map.

Government of Israel, do not believe the United States and Russia which are fighting for control of the Middle East. Stop being naive!

All the people of Israel must have full confidence in the Creator of the Universe! Only the Holy - Blessed can give wisdom, knowledge and understanding to the Jews, manage the economy, speak using the throat of all Jews and lead the Defense Army of Israel!

The Creator warns not to give goyim any piece of land, even a millimeter should not go to the goyim! The goyim show their hatred against Israel and the Jewish envoys of this peace, they act as if they were asleep and did not care, as if they did not see the hatred of the goyim who are not interested in peace only the destruction of the Land of Israel. The Almighty says: "No, none of you will be part of history - on the contrary!

We repeat once again: the Holy One Blessed begins from this sacred day, the fire and brimstone all over states and countries that are against Jews and Israel! The Messiah acts and works with all his strength!

When the people of Israel and the Jews will require the coronation of the Messiah - they get it! Then the world will calm down, there will be peace and serenity forever! Jews will be given eternal life and the Third Temple will be built! This generation won and was chosen to request the coronation of King Messiah! Dear Jews this is true and absolutely true!


  1. "from today, Sunday the 12th of Kislev" - kindly check the translation and correct. This Kislev Sundays are 7, 14, 21 & 28, and the 12th was last Erev Shabbat. I'm looking at my Chaba"d calendar...somebody's wrong here. If this is what Nir ben Artzi actually said, there's more trouble than just a typographical error...

    Many thanks.
    CDG, Yerushalayim

    1. You are correct. It was my mistake and has been corrected. Thank you.

  2. Thank you. Please keep on posting every message. We all are looking forward.

    1. There is no one more anxious to hear the messages of the Rav than I. I was so pleased when I contacted Rav Ben Artzi's organization, that they offered to send me his weekly message.

      I truly believe we have very exciting and dangerous times ahead (as stated in scriptures) -- getting Rav Ben Artiz's take on the world situation puts things in better perspective. After all, this information is not just interesting, it is vital in helping us towards success and salvation. If one does not believe that, he or she is losing an opportunity that will haunt the person for eternity. Rav Ben Artzi, as myself, only wants everyone to come closer to Hashem and follow his ways. It is the only way to survive and thrive in the coming time.

    2. I have missed these beautiful messages. I believe R Nir Ben Artzi is special and his messages are divine. Many of the other prophets were scorned and rejected by the scoffers. But if a person looks with his divine soul at the rav u feel something unearthly emanating from him. I have even heard one person disrespectfully call him the tractor driver. But was rabbi Akiva not just a simple man and a lowly shepherd bf becoming one of the greatest sages to have ever lived?

    3. I have two reassuring comments to make enforcing your excellent statement. One is that predictions that the Rav has made have been published in both Israeli and Arab publications. There are governments that are paying attention to his words. One glaring example was when he predicted the fall of Morsi in Egypt two weeks before it happened. The Rav then went further to predict how Egyptians will be against Egyptians which came to fruition with the seculars fighting the religious. (There are many more examples).

      The second concept to comment that needs mentioning is the fact that the Rav has passed the test of prophecy as Hashem has stated in Parshas Shoftim (Devarim 18:15-22). Read what the Torah tells us and know that Rav Ben Artzi has definitely stated messages that only could be of a Divine source.

      I recently received a comment that the Rav made a prediction that was untrue. I did not publish that comment, but instead checked the Rav's statement and found it to be totally true. Not all statements from the Rav make top news.

  3. Is there anyway you can go back to September during the High Holidays and find out what he said. Alot has happened and there was no one to translate. We missed alot. Thank you for your efforts.

    1. Now that I have direct contact with sources working with Rav Ben Artzi, I will check to see if some of the back messages can be obtained. I too am very curious about the messages we missed. I hope to check today, B"N.

  4. If a not good prophecy. Does not come true - all that means is it was averted through prayer and repentance. Also some of the biblical prophets began spreading their messages long before it came to fruition. So those doubters who claim the Rav' s message has not come to pass- are foolish in not realizing it could happen at any moment, and that messages are given in advance precisely so people have time to make plans.
    The rabbis in this generation for the most part - leave me cold and disenchanted. Most seem selfish self absorbed and materialistic to a fault. I feel completely disconnected to them. When I hear the Rav's messages I feel Hashem

    1. You are pointing out an important aspect of prophecy -- it is not just for human interest, but to help us plan for the future and even avoid the pitfalls that could result. Whether the Rav is saying something very positive of something dangerous that is about to occur, we must turn to Hashem and react according to His guidance.

      So far as our Rabbis of this generation, unfortunately, their best and most helpful messages are not getting to the public. They are much more attuned to what is going on than we give them credit for; but, their words of chizuk do not sell media time. One of the problems with the web is people are more interested in negative sensationalism than heavenly advice. In other words, a war in Syria is more exciting than Hashem telling us through the Rabbis how to thrive and survive -- basic instructions from the Torah. It is not that the Rabbis are complacent about what is happening today, it is that we don't necessarily listen to their excellent words. That, of course, will all change when Moshiach is introduced and the world of fantasy and falsehood will become a world of truth. Then the Rabbis will be at the forefront of conversation, B"H.

    2. Are these sort of moshiach predictions going to go on for another twenty years, or do you think the believers might just be a tad more sceptical by then?

    3. The evidence that we are in the time of the end (not the end of days, but the end of the end of days) is overwhelming. First of all Hashem would not be sending us such messages if we weren't close. Second, all the events that will happen just before the Geula and the announcement of Moshiach, as told in scriptures, have already happened or are happening now. The events of the world are a definite sign that the end is here. We have heard from many Rabbonim including some of the 35 Tzadikim Nistarim (the 36th of this generation is Moshiach) who know who the Moshiach is and when he will be introduced to the world (the date is top secret, so don't ask). There are many other proofs that I don't have the time to get into (even though many of the topics I have already presented over the past 20 months on this blog). Those with trust and faith in Hashem could never be skeptics since they recognize the messages from Hashem and rejoice in it.

  5. Excuse me, Anonymous (November 25) The Lubavitcher Rebbe was saying it was the time for moshiach, oh, about 20 years ago....and it could have been. The Rebbe said "I have done everything I can - the matter now rests in your hands" and we failed him miserably. It wasn't that the Rebbe chas v sholom made a mistake, it was that the time was ripe for an early and easy coming of Moshiach and we failed to do what was necessary on our part to bring him. B/c we could not take our collective heads out of our nether regions.
    The Rambam says we need to believe and wait every day- precisely b/c Moshiach could arrive at any moment, even more especially so when a righteous Tzaddik gives the go signal. But we had to have deserved it!
    However, there is a final exp date of sorts on this world and we are according to all accounts fast approaching it. Which means if we pass all the other due dates without deserving Moshiach - there is the final calculation by Hashem for when Moshiach has to come. It means, we have no choice in the matter. It means whether we deserve him or not. It means it will come hard and fast and in this predetermined time that G-d has set (may Hashem have mercy on all of us). The signs and the prophecies herald the coming of Moshiach - you would have to be blind or simple not to see this. It is astonishing the way some people refuse to see and choose to be so willfully blind.
    Oh and P.S. 20 years give or take is not a lot of time when you take into consideration we have been waiting 5774 years for our righteous redeemer. Also, you might consider that it apparently takes a very long time to get most Jews to wake up and quit being so stubborn and stiff-necked, like say about 20 years or so.......
    Oh and P.P.S when Hashem said he was going to return us to the promised Land he was NOT talking about Manhattan or Miami...

    1. You said it all and well put. Thank you. Hopefully in your merit we will greet the Moshiach today.

  6. Also when will we be receiving the latest R Ben Artzi message - I am very excited to hear what the Rav has to say. I feel like the Iran Fiasco has accelerated the whole Moshiach process. I believe this is the beginning of some very open miracles. I pray that I am right!

    1. About two hours ago. Parshas Miketz was posted earlier today. Enjoy.