Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Women of the Wall (part 2)

It is obvious that these Women of the Wall lack any Torah training, any understanding of what Judaism is and what Hashem’s instructions are for all of us – both men and women.

The more serious aspect of all this is that these women are not familiar with Hashem’s system of reward and punishment.  They, using the flawed human logic that I have talked about, have decided what is right and what is wrong.  Several things that they need to acquire is a total understanding that Hashem dictated the 304,805 letters of the Torah to Moshe Rabbenu on Mount Sinai 3325 years ago and that everything that I covered yesterday is Hashem’s opinion.  If you don't believe that, go read numerous posts that I have made proving that it is totally impossible for people to have written the Torah.  Why?  The Torah has everything and everybody in the text, including every detail that has ever happened in the world as well as the total design of the universe.  The number of facts that is encoded in the Torah, that no human being could have known, is infinite (I am not wishing to repeat many, many pages of this blog here; so, go read and learn if you are not convinced).

Wanting to make it a chauvinist issue by believing that men wrote all the rules and that Judaism is a man’s worship system with women being second class citizens, is an extremely dangerous approach since, measure for measure, each woman will be rewarded or punished for how she personally follows the ways of Hashem or sins if she acts to the contrary.  Hashem knows every detail and responds accordingly to every good or bad deed performed (both words and actions).

So what is the true unholy agenda of these women?  A very prominent woman, learned in Torah, named Rochel Ginsberg, wrote an excellent article in this past week’s Mishpacha Magazine (it is an eye opener and I highly recommend reading it).  The bottom line is that this entire show is being staged by The New Israel Fund (NIF).  They are a wealthy organization stealing from the public to fund this entire program and other programs to hurt Israel and the Jewish people.  Anyone who contributes to this organization will have to answer on Judgment Day as they receive harsh punishment (guaranteed).  I have no way of telling whether the women are getting paid to perform but I do know there is no love for Judaism -- it is all a political effort.

Hashem tells us many times in scriptures that one of the most important efforts that must be accomplished to bring about the redemption of the world is the unity of the Jews.  When the observant and the secular work together as one nation, Hashem is happy and ready to reward everyone.  The best way to destroy Israel is to cause friction amongst the Jews and to divide the camps.  The NIF knows that an issue like women at the wall has a very dangerous effect on Israel and will cause total havoc.  What they are not aware of is that the destruction of Israel will cause the destruction of the world (another deep subject beyond the scope of this post).  NIF is as ignorant of reality as the women they hired.  To make this even more disastrous, not all the women are believed to be Jewish.  Since the Reform condone Jewish heritage even if it is only the father that is Jewish; intermarriage; very unkosher conversion, etc, there is no guarantee that any woman is truly Jewish.  After all, if the agenda has little or nothing to do with Jewish values, all you need is a bunch of actresses to play the part, non-Jewish women can certainly contribute.

A hidden problem not being considered is that many people around the world are sympathetic to this pathetic sham that the women are perpetuating.  The NIF employed the media to spread their message to the world.  The women don’t have a clue as to what it means to them as individuals since, measure for measure, they will be judged by Hashem, along with everyone else in the world, for opposing or condoning such a horrid, sinful action.  These women at the wall are desecrating the Torah and the will of Hashem.  This will result in tremendous punishment for their sins.  But, causing possibly thousands of people around the world to sin is totally unforgivable.

Anat Hoffman is the leader of this farce. I found out from a very reliable source that Anat doesn't believe in Hashem and is doing all this for political reasons.  She and her group will find out very soon that their efforts in this tragedy will result in harsh punishment.  There is such a place as Hell (that is very easily proven and I have already shown the evidence on this blog).  I have mentioned that Hell has either for a cleansing purpose to complete an individual’s Tikun (rectification) that was not accomplished while on Earth, or it is a place of punishment.  The severity and length of time of punishment is dependent upon the severity of sinning.  I can say without any reservation that these women (all of them) and the members of NIF are in for a very harsh and painful eternity.  If they are being compensated, a little money now will never compensate for the eternal horror that they can be facing.  One other fact that should be made known, is that the women, the people of NIF and the people of the world that are led astray by this horrible action will bring their loved ones into the punishment.

I find it hard to believe the fact that I am so much more concerned about the welfare of these women and their loved ones than they are.  They say that “Ignorance is bliss” – I say “Ignorance is dangerous.”  Unless they start living the truth and not making up their own rules about this world, they are in for a very sad future.  I am totally sympathetic to their situation and I am hoping to get this information to them and the evil organization that is perpetuating this horror.  It is a lose-lose situation for these women, but it can be turned around with a little bit of education.  As fortune has it, Rochel Ginsberg, the one who thoroughly researched the situation and wrote the details in the Mishpacha article, gives a shiur (lecture) to about 20 women every Monday morning on Torah subjects.  It just so happens, that shiur occurs in my living room.  I had the opportunity to talk to her yesterday morning asking very definite questions about her article and the group of women.  I hope to get in touch with Anat Hoffman in hopes that she will read this post and take seriously what I fear will happen to her, her family, the women of the group, the NIF members and all those swayed by their actions.  The group is planning their next show on Rosh Chodesh Tammuz which will occur on June 8th and 9th.  With Hashem’s help, they will realize how dangerous an event this will be to their future and will reconsider.  Their families’ welfare and possibly the welfare of the entire world population could be affected by it.  If that sounds like an exaggeration, I really don't want to experiment and find out.  What do you think causes the tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, sinkholes, tsunamis, etc, etc, etc (another very deep subject that is not the topic of this discussion).

I am saddened by the so-called Charaidi men and women who have not acted according to Hashem’s will.  Instead of throwing items at the women, they should be showing them the love that the Torah teaches and help them.  We are all connected in this world through Hashem.  If we help these misguided women to find the truth, we help ourselves and everyone on this planet.  Please, if you know anyone who is involved or being negatively affected by this, reach out and help that person.  It is a mitzvah to help every fellow human being find the correct way in life as Hashem designed life.  Confrontation is disastrous, education and helping is the way to bring the Geula.  Hashem is watching each one of us to see how we will react.  Please, do the right thing, Hashem’s way.  Help yourself and all misguided people of this planet to a bright and happy future.  And whatever you do, don't hurt your loved ones who may look to you for guidance in life.  It is completely cruel to hurt anyone for personal gain since, in the end, nobody wins.  I have called people who don’t believe the messages from Hashem "gamblers."  Since they are gambling on the hope that scriptures contain only the words of people, they are placing their entire eternal future on a hunch.  Would these women go to Las Vegas and put their children on the table and hope the dice would let them keep the kids?  Well, they are putting their children on the table in Jerusalem instead where the stakes are much higher.

Unfortunately, whether you believe Hashem’s instructions or not, the truth doesn't go away.  I have witnessed for over a half century people who have destroyed themselves and their loved ones by believing that they are smarter than the Creator of everything and that living by their own devices rather than the Word of the Owner of the universe will get them by.  The gambler who doesn't even investigate is a loser and a total fool.  What they are bringing upon themselves, their loved ones and, believe it or not, the entire world is foolish and unnecessary.  A little common sense should tell you that this incredible world is not by accident.  Those who believe it is by accident without investigating will suffer the consequences.  It’s your life , it’s your happiness, it’s your eternity – why not check it out rather than gamble and lose everything.  Hashem is totally merciful and has given us complete capability to succeed and find happiness.  His instructions are clear – it’s our choice.  The Torah says:

“...I have placed in front of you life and death,
blessing and affliction. You must choose life, so you,
and your descendants, shall live!”
(Deuteronomy 30, 19)

Why would anyone carry such a Torah, go through so much fuss to claim it as theirs, want so much to read it in public and not believe a word that is in it?  Is it just for show, an evil agenda or possibly for compensation?   The truth does not go away – find out what the truth is, live it and completely thrive by it.  You have found the source of happiness.  Why would any rational person throw it away?  Because “they have not studied the truth or believe it comes from sources they don't recognize” is not a good answer (and is extremely dangerous – guaranteed in writing).

These women have a complete opportunity to learn the truth.  They owe it to themselves and their loved ones.  If they don’t know where to start, let me help.  Go to the first page of my blog and start reading.

I have tried to lay it out with totally believable text and it is all free.  If I were offering you a course that you know would save your life and the lives of your loved ones, you would at least investigate.  Since, I am offering a course to save your life, your eternity and the lives of everyone around you, why not just look.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that time is running out and that a few valuable moments now could save you an eternity of suffering.  Isn't that worth at least a glance?

Any questions that you would like to ask privately and not have posted as a blog comment, please Email me directly.  I sincerely want to help:


I wish to thank Ronit Peskin who is a leader in the excellent Women FOR the Wall group that opposes the Women of the Wall group. 

Moriah sent me a comment introducing me to the group Women For the Wall.  Her comment was: 

There is a group of Jewish women called Women 'for' the Wall. They are righteous sisters who love Torah and Hashem. They have a website:


Please go to their website and give them your support.  They are the antithesis of the Women of the Wall and working very hard to correct the nonsense of those misguided souls.  I daven that Hashem bless the Women For the Wall for their wonderful effort.


  1. This brings to mind when Solomon judged between the two women who shared a house. Both women had given birth but during the night one rolled over on her baby killing it. Rather than repeat the story I'll just say this: As far as the women of the wall are concerned, they are carrying a dead baby. The real mother did not want the baby cut in half because she loved her baby and wanted it to live. The imposter doesn't care about the baby(Torah)because she doesn't believe in it and couldn't care less if it's destroyed.

    1. Interesting analogy. I would be curious if these women would act as the real mother or agree to have the baby cut in half. Where is King Shlomo when you need him.

      Interesting article on the Women For the Wall (the good group that Moriah introduced). One of the women is admitting to their political agenda. I think more will come out and we will know if they would agree to the baby being cut in half.

  2. Not sure if anyone else asked themself the question: ''Are those women realy Jewish?''
    By the Halakha you are by birth or by Halakhicaly recognized Giur.
    Before any discussion, is this already clear?
    Thank you.

    1. It is believed that there are some in the group, or possibly many, that are not Jewish; but, that is what adds to the absurdity of it all. Their agenda is political and not spiritual, so in their eyes, who cares whether they are Jewish or not? I've stated in my blog on Jew-hatred, when the people of the world don't like Hashem's word, His instructions on how to survive in this world, you can't kill the message, so kill the messenger. Everything that these women are doing is Jew-hatred. Their agenda is: we don't like the way Judaism is run (Hashem's instructions -- they don't know that), so fight the righteous people who do know what Hashem wants from us. Guess who is going to win? I am only trying to help them avoid being total losers -- it will be devastating and painful.

  3. As i suspected. By the way they behave. How could so many Jewish women be against our tradition. So, if they are not Jewish by the Halakha, is there any law in Israel to stop them and deport them out of our country? All the attention they are getting is more much needed to target on Geula, and the ingatering. Perhaps the State of Israel have a legal solution for this?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Here, in the end of days we are being tested. One thing that Hashem is doing is causing the secular governments of the world and all the leaders to be as ineffective as possible and, in fact, fighting the Observant Jew any way they can. This will cause people to do teshuvah when their leaders come across as evil, self-serving and totally against the population. All will turn to Hashem for help and the true leader, Moshiach, will be introduced. Why am I telling you this? The WoW went to the Israeli supreme court and received a ruling in their favor. The Israeli authority is turning against the Jews and definitely fighting Hashem. More Israelis are turning to Hashem. Hashem's plan is flawless and will bring about the Geula without people noticing what happened. The scariness of the world is accomplishing the same thing. Everyone in the world will turn to Hashem or be eliminated through war or natural disaster. It is happening and will reach a climax soon, bringing the Geula. Pay attention and continue to turn to Hashem for everything. No person on Earth will help, they will only make things worse. Until Moshiach is introduced, there is no leadership, no goodness and no help from the world leaders.

  4. Clear as can be...so our main focus is on comming to Israel, read Tehilim, and help others to come. Is there any way that the Rabbi's of Israel can unite to send this message to the Diaspora and the Diaspora Rabbi's? From my phone calls with them, they have no clue...
    And i assume the ''Captains''-Rabbi's will not leave until any of us is behind.
    I actualy want to say thank you to the w o w as they let us see the urgency to unite against such evil groups as a nation. We are one with Hashem in the leading role, and so long we cling to Him, no one, not any infiltrators can harm us in Israel.
    Let's all pray for safe way home in unity.