Sunday, May 5, 2013

Geula Messages

Please go to Geula Messages and read the vital message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi.  I need not duplicate the message here but would prefer that all my readers bookmark the Geula Messages blog and frequent it every week.  I thank Devash and her Tomar Devorah blog for bringing us these messages – especially her excellent English translation.  After you read this vital message I will make some comments on Rav Ben Artzi’s words:

Welcome back:
I have found Rav Ben Artzi to be a very credible source of information in this time when good information is so desired and necessary.  He shows great insight into the activities of many countries and world events in general.  This is the first message that I recall him being so specific with a date.  Why is that so important?  If everything that Rav Ben Artzi says comes to fruition including the timeframe, it gives us a strong message of what each of us must do this week.  I have mentioned many times that we have much work to do (as Hashem has directed us).  If the end of the week is truly the time when the final judgment will begin for each of us, we should take it so seriously that this week is our make or break time.  You may think that there is no assurance that Rav Ben Artzi’s prediction is a definite.  If you feel that way and it does happen exactly as he said, you have put yourself and your loved ones in a category of the gambler that I talked about and you could be a loser, big-time.  This is your entire eternity riding on this; and, gambling is not too prudent an approach.  But let me tell you how you can be a winner either way.  If all that Rav Ben Artzi said comes true, congratulations your extra Teshuvah, Tefilah, Tzedukah, study of Torah, acts of kindness towards others, etc, will all be like having the winning lottery ticket – Mazel Tov.  If everything Rav Ben Artzi said doesn’t start at the end of the week, congratulations you have grown and will be much more ready when the events do happen – Mazel Tov.  Growing in your effort to follow the ways of Hashem is always the winning lottery ticket.  If not this week, it will be soon.

Be aware that there are great changes occurring in the world.  Is Israel’s attack on Syria the forerunner of the final battle of Gog UMogog?  Is the US and Europe much closer to total collapse and chaos?  (Go to a very interesting find by Rav Glazerson about the Drop in the Dollar in 5773)?  Are Iran and North Korea on the verge of disastrous events in the world?  So many questions that could be answered: “It seems that Rav Ben Artzi is showing Ruach Hakodesh in his messages.”  Don’t be a gambler, be a winner.  I do believe very strongly that the messages are not from Rav Ben Artzi, but Hashem, and that is definitely worth listening to and reacting to in a very positive way.

One additional request is spread the word.  Treat this like it is top secret and tell everyone.  Rav Ben Artzi’s message should have the widest dissemination possible.  Help make it happen.

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