Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Has Pharaoh Returned?

We have seen indications that leaders of today are reincarnates of past leaders.  Saddam Hussein claimed to be Nebuchadnezzar returning to finish the job. Ahmadinejad is suspected of being Haman returned to destroy the Jews (chas v’shalom).  Even Assad may be showing signs of being Sancherev and seems to be acting with a similar personality.  All is speculation, yet, since we know that history repeats itself and we are even told in scriptures how the description of past events are giving us prophecy of current events, there is definite validity to all this.  An example is the battle of Babylonia told in Isaiah 21 is giving us details that are very descriptive of the Gulf War of 1991.  Same place, Iraq, and possibly the same person, Nebuchadnezzar, and flavored with very specific wording that leaves very little doubt.  As an example: the chapter begins with the words “Like desert storms.”  Did Isaiah call the Pentagon about 2700 years ago and ask “what are you going to call this campaign?”  I know for a fact that the very secular Pentagon would have never named the campaign Desert Storms if they knew that was in the Bible.  There is so much text in Isaiah and Jeremiah describing the Gulf War with extreme accuracy, but that is not the topic of today.

In the same way, we are told that the story of the Exodus when we had the first Geula, will be repeated in the end of days when we experience the final Geula.  The plagues, as an example will be repeated; and, we have from the Targum Yonatan ben Uziel a very definite description of each plague, where it is in Tenach and how it will happen.  That is a fascinating topic; but, that also is not the topic of today.

The topic of this blog post (finally) is who is the Pharaoh returned today?  We are looking for a very powerful leader, perhaps the most powerful leader of the world, as the Pharaoh was. We are looking for a leader who is causing great hardship for the Jewish people, even believing that they may be a hindrance to this leader’s agenda.  We are looking for someone who can be compared to the Pharaoh Akhenaten who through many studies is determined to be the Pharaoh who was at the time of Moshe Rabbenu and the Exodus.

Akhenaten is believed to be the leader of Egypt around the year 1312 BCE when the Exodus occurred.  Very curiously, he started out as an idolater believing in many gods and was known to change to a monotheist believing in One G-d (the only Pharaoh with such a belief).  His first born son who happened to be the famous King Tut (Tutankhamen) only lived to age 17 when he was died and was buried in a very hasty fashion (not appearing to be planned due to a lingering sickness, but rather abruptly due to sudden death).  His mysterious death came around the time of the plague of the first born of Egypt.  The most exiting information comes from something that I have mentioned in previous posts that there seems to be a resemblance between the past leaders and leaders of latter times.  See my post of 8 June 2012 entitled “Similarities Across Lifetimes.”  The following short video may shed some light on question of “who today is the return of Pharaoh?”

There are statues in Egypt of the Pharaoh who in the video looks like Obama, the Pharaoh’s mother who looks like Obama’s wife and the two daughters of the Pharaoh who look like the two daughters of Obama.  WOW!!

I am not concluding with total confidence that Obama was the evil Pharaoh?  It sure seems like a very good possibility.  The much more important message is that since the final Geula will mirror the last Geula in Egypt.  Is this a very definite message from Hashem that we are in the end of days and about to receive our deliverer, Moshiach, and will all leave Egypt, and travel to Eretz Canaan, Israel?  The plagues that are happening in the world, the turmoil that is scaring the people of the world to turn to the only Source of Salvation, Hashem, and the messages that we are getting from many sources that this is the end and telling us to get ready to come home.  All this is only solidified by a short video speculating that Pharaoh has returned and is about to “let my people go.”

One might think that Obama has lots of time left as POTUS (a cute expression for the President of the US); but, let’s evaluate what happened to Pharaoh and what seems to be going on in the life of Mr POTUS these days.  Pharaoh totally failed and actually went into hiding.  The embarrassment of the plagues, the Exodus, the decimation of Egypt, the loss of his fighting force at Yam Suf, etc was enough to cause this Pharaoh to disappear and never be seen again.  Presently, there are so many efforts occurring to begin impeachment proceedings for Obama that it seems likely that he will not finish out his term of office.  The Benghazi debacle, the false birth certificate, the inevitable collapse of the economy, the gun control issue, Obamacare, etc, etc, etc are making the list of downfall possibilities as large as the Pharaoh’s list.  Also, as Moshe came and replaced Pharaoh as the leader of the Jews, Moshiach will come and replace all the leaders of the world -- it is part of Hashem's plan.

In conclusion: is the first family of Egypt at the time of Moshe the same first family in the US of A today?  I don’t really know and, surprisingly, I am not too sure if I really care.  What?  I went through all this trouble to show such evidence of history repeating itself and I am calling it trivia?  The answer is, more importantly, that this seems to be a very definite message from Hashem.  That is my biggest interest in watching the news and evaluating its meaning.  If the Pharaoh of the first Geula has returned with his family, then the indication is that Geula may be upon us.  All the messages of Rav Ben Artzi, Rav Fish, Rav Glazerson, the Facilitated Communications individuals, etc are all fascinating, but what does it mean to you and me?  It is all a gauge of possibly how much time we have to set up ourselves for the future, for all eternity.  The most important thing in our lives is getting ready, preparing ourselves for the happy ending.  We want do everything possible according to Hashem’s instructions to maximise for ourselves and our loved ones the best possible “forever and ever.”  The messages from Hashem are a gift to help us.  It is not trivia but the most important information to notice and act upon.  That is the topic of today.


  1. This is a great post. It was my suspicion that a Haman has returned. Perhaps, you would be interested to hear that when I was visiting in Sweden several years ago, I turned on the news to hear the new commentators laughing about how stupid Americans are that they can't see Obama is their last president. With Obama's recent powers of abuse, I can see that their comments of him being the last president are probably correct. It appears a man of lawlessness, which he nicknames himself as "renegade" with this SS is revealed himself,on Passover, in Israel, taking the same steps as Jesus/Yehushua when he visited Jerusalem to show defiance toward the One true God. Children greeted him with palm branches waving, and an ice sculpture of his image was there, etc. How can Americans not see the treacherous behaviors of a man who writes laws with the abuse of executive powers? He is not a "Christian" man, as he wears a ring that says something like allah is god. Rather, he takes down crosses where he speaks, he sticks his nose up in the air to meet the characteristic of the Mahdi (too many things to mention). His "wife" who is a tranny (to which he accidentally slips and calls real name of Michael), shows he has no natural affections as described in the bible. He is not stupid as so many Americans think-his agenda is clear. Many of us see it-Jonathan Klick, videomanddvd, codesearcherdotnet, Purvigiggle (clip Obama Mahdi), ppsimmons, and others ring the alarm). I think Americans, in general, are asleep or don't want to see nor hear to repent and turn back towards the One True God (they are in love with Babylon like Lot's wife). Will they repent? Will Americans choose to repent before God, and turn before it is too late? Judgment is at the door of America. Pray.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment -- very interesting. So far as Obumer being intelligent, when he finds out how much time he will spend in hell, he will wish he also had common sense.

      Yes, I do believe he will be the last president considering that the US may not even exist to the end of his term.

      So far as the intelligence of the American people, the entire agenda of the New World Order included decades of "dumbing down the population." It is much easier to deceive and fool all the people when they don't have the education or the common sense to oppose your evil plan or even know what you are doing. It has been working for years. But, it will cease when Hashem says "enough." Moshiach will take over the leadership position and all righteous people will thrive. Of course, all the wicked will be gone (most joining Obumer in his new abode).