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Who and Where is Amalek Today?

March 8th, 2011, In Articles, Festivals, by Yossi Katz

The Midrash relates: Cursed are the wicked. They occupy their time with ideas about how to destroy the Jews, with each one vying for the honor of having the best idea. Esav ridiculed Cain for killing Abel during Adam’s lifetime.. If Cain wanted the whole world for himself, he should have realized that Adam was still alive and could have more children. Esav was not going to make that mistake. He would wait until Yitzchok’s death and then kill Yaakov. Later, it was Pharaoh’s turn to laugh at Esav. Didn’t Esav know that Yaakov could have children before Yitzchok died? Nothing would be gained by killing Yaakov if he had offspring that would survive him. Pharaoh thought himself smarter than Esav. He would kill every Jewish male at birth. Centuries later it was Pharaoh’s turn to be thought a fool, by Haman. Didn't Pharaoh understand that even if one Jewish male remained he could father the nation anew? Haman’s plan was to kill them all!

The Midrash concludes by teaching that in the future, Gog and Magog will deride Haman. Didn’t Haman know that the Jews have a Father in Heaven Who will never let them be destroyed as long as they do His bidding? So they will first do battle with G-d by keeping the Jews from observing the Torah and mitzvot. This will enable them to destroy the Jews. But G-d’s response to this is clear: “I have many messengers whom I can send into battle. But the war against Gog and Magog I shall wage Myself. Their destruction shall be complete” (Esther Rabbah 7:23.)

Today, though Amalek definitely and unfortunately exists, we cannot say with certainty who, or where, all of them are. However, there is a noteworthy exception. When Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany visited Jerusalem during his journey to the Holy Land almost all the religious leaders of Jerusalem came to the city gates to greet him. Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld (d.1932), the spiritual leader of Ashkenazic Jewry in Israel at that time, did not go. When asked about his refusal he answered that although the Kaiser himself was deserving of the honor bestowed upon him, “I have a tradition that Germany is Amalek.”

The Amalek Within

Our Sages teach that G-d says to the Jews, “If you do not remember Amalek, you will be sent back to the bondage of Egypt”  (Pesikta Rabati 12). This is exhibited frequently on a personal level. The modus operandi that Amalek has always used in attacking the Jews can be described in a word: Devious. He gets the international community embroiled in some sort of political or military conflict for example, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait or he gets Jews to engage in some worthy cause “civil rights” all with one goal in mind: The annihilation of the Jews. Amalek has the same numerical value (240) as “safek”, doubt (B’nei Yissaschar, Purim). The Amalek that is omnipresent today are the questions and doubts that we have regarding our faith. This includes the uncertainties, confusion and troubles we face when we lack proper direction and advice. When we strengthen ourselves in true faith in G-d, we overpower the Amalek within.

Reb Noson writes that Amalek corresponds to burning lust, the strife between husband and wife, between a person and his community and the hatred directed against the true tzaddikim (Likutey Halakhot, Minchah 7:20).

An additional aspect of Amalek that is prevalent today: False leaders.
“The Torah writes [Amalek] smote the hindmost among you” (Deuteronomy 25:18). Our Sages teach: “[Amalek] separates the tails and throws them high (Tanchuma, Ki Taytze 10). Reb Noson writes: “Amalek found a clever way to destroy the Jewish nation. ‘He takes the tails,’ people of little or no stature and ‘throws them high’ makes them into Jewish leaders (Likutey Halakhot, Shabbat, 5:9). Thus, the Jewish people have been fooled into thinking that their leaders are men of stature when in reality many of them are ordinary people who lack the ability to guide. A nation without proper leaders is easily misled, and so many unsuspecting and misguided Jews end up living a life devoid of real Jewish meaning.

Yet another face of Amalek that plagues us today is forgetfulness (ibid., Aveidah u’Metzia 1:3). We forget G-d’s goodness, the countless times He’s helped us in many ways, large and small (ibid., Nachlot 4:12). This leads to our forgetting about G-d, the Torah and mitzvot, and even the Moshiach, who will bring the Ultimate Redemption. Perhaps, since Amalek represents forgetfulness, we’re instructed to remember what he did. Even though we don’t know which individuals today are Amalekites, the mitzvah to remember the evil, ruthless and cruel behavior they personify, remains. This mitzvah is fulfilled when we recite the passage in Deuteronomy 25, verses 17-19. This is done communally on the Sabbath preceding Purim. Some have a custom of saying these verses daily (see Sha’ar HaKavannot, Inyan Yotzer Or, p.119)

Ultimately, Amalek will be destroyed. He will be set upon by thieves who will leave him penniless (Tana d’Bei Eliyahu Raba 24) Then G-d Himself will battle Amalek, exposing him for the sinner that he is before removing him from the face of the earth (Tana d’Bei Eliyahu Zuta 19). May this take place quickly, in our lifetime, Amen.

About The Author - Yossi Katz
Yossi Katz currently lives in Lakewood, NJ where he runs the BRI American Office. He studied in Beth Medrash Gevoha, as well as the former Breslov Kollel of Lakewood headed by Rabbi Shlomo Goldman.

Amalek is as much a concept as it is people.  The concept of evil that has been our nemesis throughout history stems from the initial prophecy in the Torah that Amalek came from a distance away (we did not bother him nor encroach upon his domain) simply to kill us.  This became the general concept that any enemy throughout history that wanted to destroy us was called Amalek.  Take note that the above mentions several times that we are not talking a single individual but any leader, military figure, politician, etc who is destructive and dangerous to the Jewish nation are designated as Amalekites.  Even the concept of each one of us who is not doing everything according to the ways of Hashem needs to eradicate the Amalek within us.  This idea is prevalent in the commentary of Parshas Zachor that we recite on Shabbat before Purim (the story of the Amalekite Haman who was a descendant of Amalek).

Now read an article posted on October 21, 2012
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Obama and Romney: War No Matter Who Wins Election
Kurt Nimmo
Prison October 21, 2012

Once again emphasizing there is no fundamental difference between Obama and Romney when it comes to attacking Iran, the American Jewish Committee has published the answers to a questionnaire sent to the candidates.

From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency [1] website:
“I am prepared to use all elements of American power” to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, Obama said in the questionnaires released Oct. 18 by the AJC, “including a political effort to further isolate Iran, a diplomatic effort to sustain our coalition, an economic effort that has imposed crippling sanctions, and a military effort to be prepared for any contingency.

Romney’s response was nearly identical:
“I will press for ever tightening sanctions on the regime, acting multilaterally where we can and unilaterally where we must, and leave no doubt in the mind of the regime’s leaders that the military option remains on the table.”

Romney tried to make political points by sucking up to Israel and the Israeli lobby in the United States: “Unlike President Obama, I understand that distancing the U.S. from Israel does not earn us credibility in the Arab world or bring peace closer,” he said. “Instead, it encourages Palestinians to hold out and wait for Washington to deliver more Israeli concessions.

Romney said he plans to create “regional directors” who “will possess unified budgetary and policy authority.”

The JTA’s response to this development: “With such powers concentrated in an individual, pro-Israel group would likely closely watch and want to influence whomever a Romney administration would name to the Middle East post.”

In fact, pro-Israel neocons already dictate Romney’s Middle East foreign policy. Fifteen of the 22 members of Romney’s foreign policy team were policy advisers under Bush, and six of them are former members of PNAC, Joseph Sarkisian [2] points out.

Neocons from the American Enterprise Institute, the Brookings Institute, and the Hudson Institute dominate Romney’s advisors. “The American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) thinks highly of these policy advisers, who are all ardent supporters of the Israeli desire to end Iran’s nuclear program with force if necessary,” writes Sarkisian.

“Just like in Iraq, there is no verifiable proof of WMD in Iran, yet once again the same group of people wants to use the same methods to start a similar war for the interests of the few, with no regard for the consequences,” he concludes.

Poll results are, of course, highly misleading, but if we are to believe the latest results Romney and Obama are locked in a dead heat [3] sixteen days out from the election.

Establishment fount Forbes [4] predicts that if Obama gets re-elected, Israel will attack Iran in January, a move that will undoubtedly be supported by the United States.

Despite Romney’s coterie of neocons, Democrat Chuck Schumer [5] believes Obama is more likely to attack Iran than his opponent. “I’ll tell you this on Iran, and I've said this to a couple of Romney supporters who agree, that if the sanctions fail, and military action is warranted, a re-elected President Obama is far more likely to launch that kind of military action, probably in concert with Israel, than would Mitt Romney,” Schumer told CNN in September.

Following Obama’s lackadaisical performance during the first debate, his administration “leaked” a plan for striking Iran’s nuclear facilities. CFR member and visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, David Rothkopf [6], wrote in Foreign Policy earlier this month that the White House and Israeli officials “assert that the two sides behind the scenes have come closer together in their views [regarding Iran] in recent days.”

Rothkopf quoted a “source close to the discussions” as saying that a surgical strike aimed at Iran’s enrichment facilities “might take only ‘a couple of hours’” at best and would be conducted by air using bombers and drones.

Despite the outcome of the election, a strike on Iran – limited, surgical or otherwise – will occur within the next few months, if not weeks.

URLs in this post:
[1] Jewish Telegraphic Agency:
[2] Joseph Sarkisian:
[3] locked in a dead heat:
[4] Forbes:
[5] Chuck Schumer:
[6] David Rothkopf: .

I have stated that both Obama and Romney are in cahoots with the Bush Cabal that is bent upon the evil concept of the New World Order.  Unfortunately, I cannot disclose my sources for this information since they are Washington insiders who would cut me off from information if disclosed.  Suffice it to say that these sources have provided me with extremely accurate information for many years and I trust their present take on the situation.  There are other reasons (that I expect to disclose, B”N, in the near future about other devious activities from both Obama and Romney) that also prove their evil, self-serving ways.  The most important thing to take from this is that the concept of Amalek fits these two individuals perfectly.  If you don't believe that they are dangerous individuals involved in the same diabolical plot, then you may find yourself a victim of their madness.  I know that voting for either one of them is a vote against Hashem and the goodness of this world – as Amalek represents.

Additional notes:

I was asked if I am permitted to suggest an act that seems to go against Halachah.  The example here is my telling you not to vote for these individuals.  Hashem has never given us a Halachah that can put us in danger.  A common sense evaluation would tell you that voting for an evil individual that is working to destroy 90% of the world population goes against Hashem’s instructions to work with the civilian government.  Yes, we are instructed to cooperate with the government of the country that we live in, but never, I repeat, never if they advocate anything that is completely contrary to Hashem’s ways.  If a government told us to stop Bris Millah, or Ritual slaughter of Kosher animals (both of which have occurred recently in various evil countries), it is obvious that we are involved in a Chillu Hashem that we are not allowed to honor.  Very specifically, there is no Halachah to vote especially for a tyrant who is interested in the demise of Hashem’s nation (I take that as a very personal danger to me and my family).

The Torah is our guide through life and would never include misguided information to lead us to destruction.

One additional question that I was asked.
If I am not interested in people posting as Anonymous, why do I have it as a possibility on my blog?  I am not the web designer.  Blogspot, which provides bloggers a template for posting blogs, is the designer.  I attempted to remove the Anonymous from the comment posting, but to no avail since it is part of the programming from Blogspot.  I complain only because “Anonymous” has been used almost completely by the negative, most uninformed individuals (who are obviously ashamed of their shortcomings).  Since I am interested in the welfare of my readers, and I know how much damage an individual can be doing to him or herself by such negativity, it pains me to see such posting.  I have provided an Email address for anyone who wishes to question anything that I write.  That has been very successful and has been used by many.  To arrogantly state without proof that I am wrong about something serves no benefit to the poster, me or any reader who wants to learn.  Please, please, please ask questions; don't make derogatory statements. Never feel embarrassed by a question or even if you learned something that is contrary to what I have posted.  You have two choices:  send a private Email to question the difference in information or state your belief but with scriptural proof.  I am human.  I make mistakes and will be the first to research any disagreements presented.  But since March, when I started this blog, I have had one legitimate mistake pointed out to me that I immediately corrected.  The rest of the negative comments were either subjects, that I was able scripturally support my presented information or the comment was totally useless, such as “that is not the truth.”

One interesting thing that each one of you can learn from the way you feel about anything that I post “is that my true feeling about the subject or is it the Amalek in me leading me astray?”  Yes, we all have some Amalek to eliminate.  The most important thing in studying Torah and Hashem’s ways is recognizing the Amalek side of us and knowing how to get rid of it.  That is the most beneficial part of the Halachah to “eliminate Amalek.”


  1. Oh I post anonymously because someone else in my house is generally logged into google. So I'll continue to use annonymous and just write my name, which is Israel.

    This talk of Amalek is scary because last time Amalek got his hands on his, the results were of the worst kind. I know you are saying that this time Hashem will handle it personally. Still, the whole topic is pretty unnerving. I am not like my grandparents. I am frail. I am not the most stable personality in the world. My faith is tissue paper no matter how hard I try. All this suspense is too much for me.


    1. Israel,
      I am sincerely happy to meet you. Let us resolve some issues. First of all I have the same situation of having two Gmail accounts (my wife also has a blog using the same computer). I log in using Google Chrome and my wife uses Firefox. The accounts never get mixed up and life is grand (no Anonymous from my household).
      Second the many Amaleks that have existed come with the message from the Torah. When the Israelites complained and showed a lack of faith in Hashem, Amalek appeared. When Yaakov is studying Torah, Esav (or any of his Amalekite descendents) can't hurt him; when Yaakov (us) isn't studying Torah, Esav has his way. The Jews of Germany in the 1930's were over 90% assimilated. Two thirds of the Jewish children in Poland attended public school. I could write a book about what happened in Europe since I lived in Germany for six years and studied the situation of WW2 extensively. They were very good people. I grew up in a neighborhood in Philadelphia that most of my neighbors were Holocaust survivors. I started asking questions at a very young age. After living in Germany, I was still able to talk to many of my former neighbors and learn from them. I know that Yiddishkeit for the most part left Europe through Ellis Island decades before the Holocaust. I lived in what was a very Jewish area in Germany and saw that the Yeshivahs had closed long before the war, the mikvot were in disrepair and not used for many years, the Shuls that were destroyed on kristallnacht were almost exclusively Reform Temples. The story is long; but the proof is extensive. Those who follow Hashem are protected by Hashem. Then and definitely now we only have Him as our way of surviving. I could write a book but one fact is that my life changed completely after my experience in Germany (even visiting death camps). That was a very big wakeup call that made my family the observant family we are today. My message that I have been pounding into text for the past seven months comes with a guarantee. After observing tens of thousands of people for more than sixty years, I know that Hashem loves us and protects us. Following His instructions in the Torah absolutely works. Have strong faith that you have available to yourself and family the key to success -- just use it.
      I have witnessed so many miracles in my life, I have no doubt whatsoever of what I am saying. Hashem sends me messages all the time that are so profound it has become extremely easy to live the truth and have complete peace of mind even in these uncertain troubled times. By the way, there really is not suspense. After thousands of years of prophecy coming true, what is coming up is no mystery and I know exactly what I have to do to get through it, survive it and even thrive as a result of it. All is for the good when you know the plan for this life.
      I would like to get to know you better. Please Email me and we can talk on a more personal basis since I have further suggestions to strengthen your faith.
      Your friend,

  2. Thanks for the Chizuk. I need it. And that's sort of embarrassing but I'll bet lots of others do too, so I'll post here so you can give chizuk here and others can benefit.

    The Pograms, Holocaust, and other upheavals of the birthpangs of moshiach played a big role in my family history. My grandparents came over each with a sibling and lost everybody else. Many were killed before the War.. Then came the Great Depression where they were wiped out financially. Then came WWII where the rest were killed. The lunacy of the social disarray of the mid-century banged us up pretty badly too. Being a BT hasn't been easy either.

    So I have a basic faith. I believe in God and Torah and I keep it. But I don't live my days with bitachon, with faith that all will be well. The world makes me very nervous.

    Even though the Holocaust may have come about because of abandonment of Torah, - I fully accept Rabbi Miller's view on that - Tzadickim got punished along with everyone else.

    So with the coming trouble, and it looks like it could be an upheaval bigger than WWII, what's to say that Observant Jews will be safe?

    I know some feel that they are all ready in geula. But klal yisrael sure isn't. Even the people of eretz yisrael sure aren't. They have lost 10s of thousands to war and terrorism and the kids all grow up with a kind of PTSD.

    I have come to accept that Rav Kaduri's statement about Moshiach coming in 5772 doesn't mean redemption in that year. However, I'd like to know what it means. Will he live to 500 and announce himself in the year 2525?

    October 22, 2012 7:12 PM

    1. Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, I cannot answer most of your statements with one liners since you bring up very deep concepts about this world. One thing to mention is that many tzadikim who remained in Europe during the war did so intentionally and voluntarily. They were so devoted to their fellow Jews, they had to remain to help even though they could have left earlier. I have known some great individuals who fit the category and survived even though they suffered. This is a level of chesed that most of us will never reach; but, I know that the level of Tikun that they received was measure-for-measure for their sacrifice. Why did Avraham Avinu have to endure 10 tests? Hashem knew that he was a devoted servant. Hashem gives us the opportunity to reach higher levels and the greater the tzadik, very often the greater and tougher the tests. Since life is short and eternity is long, it is all a merciful opportunity from Hashem.
      "What's to say that Observant Jews will be safe?" The Torah. There is nothing random in this world; all is by design. But, the infinite intelligence of Hashem can make it look as random as can be. Believe Hashem when He tells us that measure-for-measure we receive according to what we give. Service to Hashem is rewarded with perfect protection, but it is not meant to be seen or we lose our free will. We are convinced because of the random appearance of the world that things can happen by chance, by accident, by coincidence, by luck, etc. It just isn't so; but, the infinite intelligence that governs our existence sure makes it look convincing. The more faith and trust one has in Hashem, the more randomness disappears. I have hours of stories to bear this out and enough years on this Earth to have observed what reality is and what it isn't. I am planning a blog post for later this week B"N that will help you understand what is happening around you and where you stand in the scheme of things.
      One last comment. I live in a city about 15 minutes outside of Jerusalem that is about 45,000 observant Jews. I do not see too many signs of Galut here. These people don't have TVs (reception is almost non-existent because of the mountains in the area and there is no cable provider for this city). Very few listen to radio which also has almost no reception in the area and very few have computers, unless they need it for work. There are Kosher web providers that are mostly used by whatever people have computers. These people are oblivious to the nonsense happening in the world since the biggest industry in this city is Torah study (we get paid for our Torah study here). This, to me is Geula since I don't expect any changes once Geula is worldwide. Since we know that Moshiach is here and lives in Jerusalem, we are really living in the times of Moshiach already. I don't really expect too many changes in this city once Moshiach is introduced to the world (Rambam even stated that when Moshiach is introduced things will continue with "business as usual" in the beginning, with the most notable change being that evil will be gone -- no wars, no terrorists and no politicians (that's the best of all). Everyone will live by Hashem's Torah in total happiness. But wait, I already have that now. Yes, I am bothered by what I see in the world but the complete faith and trust in Hashem gives me the chizuk that it will be resolved soon and all Jews and righteous non-Jews will live my present happy life. B"H (This was the short answer). If you Email me, we can continue privately and cover more subjects.

  3. You are one of the very few to make openly the correlation between what happened in the Holocaust and Jewish assimilation and I want to thank you for telling the Truth. In our M.O. community no-one can figure it out. Even though they read the Torah they can't seem to put the assimilation of the majority of Jews in Nazi Germany and the Tochachah together. G-d tells us "We have a covenant." "I will keep My part, you keep your part or this and this will happen to you." Does anyone doubt G-d keeps His word?

    1. In trying to understand the Holocaust, I even went to the extent of listening to the speeches of hitler, yemach shemo (my German was good enough in the 1980's to understand much). One of the most telling statements I heard him make was "I don't want you assimilating into the German society."
      The Tochachah of Parshas Ki Savo are the 98 different punishments that happened during the presen exile with many occurring during the Holocaust. It says in the Parsha that these things happened because of us straying from Hashem's ways. I have mentioned in the past how the verses in the Torah allude to the year that the events happened. The Tochachah just happen to be commensurate with the yeare of the Holocaust.
      We tend to ignore what our enemies say as we continue in this world of fantasy. When the Arab terrorists living in Israel make the speeches in Arabic, they come right out and say "we don't want the land, we already have 650 times the amount of land that you have; we just want all non-Muslims dead. First the Saturday people; then the Sunday people." Why don't we listen and believe what they are saying? Those who follow the ways of Hashem know what they are saying. Those who go the secular route are doomed to what is coming up. History repeats itself and so do our mistakes -- we just don't learn.

  4. In this post it seems to say that Obama is likely to attack Iran soon with Israeli support, then you go on to say that one should not vote for Obama nor Romney. If Obama or Romney are likely to attack Iran soon, then what would be wrong with supporting one of them in that?

    1. I believe the US and its coalition are almost prepared for war. The third fleet member, the USS Stennis, is due to arrive this week and that should complete the war machine. There are also provocative exercises about to commence that could lead to the False Flag operation the US so desperately wants. Since this will probably occur before the election, it has nothing to do with supporting either candidate, especially since Obama is probably using this popular idea of attacking Iran to get votes. Let's analyze what I just said. Obama is anxious to get a devastating war going that could result in many, many casualties just to get votes? What an evil man we have here. Also, both Obama and Romney are interested in war to wipe out 90% of the world population to institute the Communist New World Order. None of this is to help Israel who will be protected completely by Hashem when he devastates all our enemies with natural disasters. The plans of evil men will be thwarted by the true Leader of the universe -- the King of Kings. He still gets my vote with His helper, Moshiach.

    2. I don't know too much about the possible hidden agendas but in the Torah there are some sources that suggest that the war between Persia (Iran) and Rome (the West) will be the final event preceding the redemption. In that case this war would seemingly be predestined and will play a positive role in its connection with the final redemption G*d willing.

    3. You are correct. The war is prophesied in the Talmud (Yoma 10) with Edom (the US and its coalition being the victor). The most exciting commentary is the Yalkut Shimoni who tells us details about Persia and Edom that are happening today; and, as the Targum says, "it will happen in the year that the Moshiach will be introduced." We are there.

  5. So as scary as war may be, the idea that Mashiach will be revealed soon with the final redemption is encouraging. Does the Talmud there conclude that Rome will win the war? I thought that there were two different opinions in the Talmud Rebbe saying that Persia will win the war G*d forbid and Rav saying that Rome will win. How is one to know which one will be correct? I did see that Rabbi Yonasan Eibshitz commented about how Rome will win as well, but I am not sure how he came to that conclusion. What do you think?

    1. When you have a back and forth argument in the Talmud or even several positions being presented, the Talmud almost always puts the final answer as the last argument presented. The way the topic ends is the way the argument concludes; therefore, Edom is said to defeat Paras (Persia). There is, however, much in Tenach about Rome being destroyed in the end. There is much speculation whether it is Rome, Italy; some say the new Rome is the US, perhaps New York. I believe that since Washington DC before it was established was actually the city of Rome, Maryland, that Washington is a good possibility. Another wait and see.

    2. So in that case much of Rome would be destroyed although they would win the war? Is that the way to reconcile the Talmud and the Tanach in your view? Also, where in the Tanach does it say that Rome will be destroyed?

  6. It is a big statement to say that Obama wants to kill 90% of the human race. I can see that he is not adverse to killing innocent people as we see in the drone strikes on thousands of women and children in Pakistan. But not even your typical rasha necessarily is willing to exterminate 90% of the human race. What is your basis for saying this?


    1. It is not his idea; he is a puppet to the Bush Cabal who are trying to carry out the New World Order agenda. This concept is very old. Watch this short video:
      Obama just happens to be in such a position of power that the evil world elite who are affecting this evil plot have recruited Obama and have probably threatened him if he doesn't cooperate. Obama also stands to make a tremendous fortune if he cooperates. I don't think they had to do much arm twisting.

  7. How does that video establish any connection to Obama or even the Bush's? Because somewhere in Georgia there's a slab with engravings about keeping world population at 500 million? Who's slab is it? And there were nice sentiments on the slab too, like environmentalism and justice.

    1. There is so much on the web and other sources telling the details of the New World Order and who is involved. If you do a Youtube search for "new world order plans kill 90 world population," you will see a long list of videos (some good, some not so good). How reliable is this information? I have inside sources in Washington that has confirmed much of what is on the web about this subject. It is a lot more complicated and detailed than what I could cover here.

  8. I have watched lots of those videos. They all seem speculative. You talk like you know for sure. Maybe your sources in DC have watched the same videos. I admit that the purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of hallow point bullets is really strange and the public should demand investigation into this. Same with FEMA camps.

    1. I was aware of the information long before these videos were made. I would have to review each one to analyse the accuracy of all the details covered. The more important thing is that it is real, it is dangerous and turning to Hashem for help is the only remedy.

  9. Im not sure this hollow point bullet theory has any truth to it:

    1. Check out: which has been funded.

  10. FEMA Concentration Camps dont seem to be tru either:

    1. Watch the many videos taken of the camps and the tremendous amount of plastic coffins that exist (100's of thousands if not millions collectively). Google American Concentration camps. Here, I'll start you off:

      Since there are about 600 nationwide, they are difficult to hide. By the way, they have been funded and staffed and are in use. The funding was hidden within the military appropriations funding since they are using active duty Army brigades to enforce the martial law that has been imposed. Watch out for Glenn Beck, he has his own agenda and coverup.

  11. I couldn't reply to your reply of my comment(!) so instead, I'm just posting a new comment!

    In any event, I don't think the FEMA concentration camp thing is true:

    There is no way that such a thing could be kept quiet in today's day and age of social media. The fact is that truly corrupt and tyrannical governments like those in Iran and Syria cannot keep their tyranny under wraps. A country like America which is much free"er" than either of those countries would certainly not be able to keep "concentration camps" quiet.

    Glenn Beck may have his own agenda, but the people posting these conspiracy stories have agendas as well!

    Perhaps you can answer this question: If there is in fact some secret organization that has the desire AND THE ABILITY to reduce the global population by 90%, why did they let the global population increase this much to begin with? If they have the power to reduce the population and take over the world, why did they allow the population to grow this large in the first place?

    1. You are oblivious to the truth. The camps have been in the news and it was not hidden that they were funded and staffed. The funding is in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. Do a Wikipedia on this act and go down to the section that talks about using this for indefinite detention. There was so much on the news about the controversy of signing this bill that it was an obvious that the FEMA camps are not being used to serve the American public but creating a Fascist state in the US.
      Popular Mechanics and Glenn Beck were also the very few sources to deny the truth about 911 -- believing the government story. It was an inside job perpetrated by the Bush Cabal. If you don't believe that you really are misguided on the truth. That was the False Flag operation to go into Iraq and Afghanistan and was a very definite attempt to reduce the global population. They have been trying since the 1990's to reduce the world population but Hashem has curtailed many of their efforts (do you think that doing such a thing is easy?).
      Watch this short video since you seem to not be thorough in researching the truth.
      Many books have been written proving the nonsense of Popular Mechanics and Glenn Beck's denial of the truth. You picked up proof from liars now look for the truth. Do you believe the Holocaust deniers also since there have been Holocaust survivors who have commented on the FEMA Camps and how the US is looking so much like Germany in the 1930's.
      Longevity in the US has been decreasing for years -- it has been as a result of the Cabal's efforts to reduce the population. That has been a very slow process which is why they have been trying to start WW3 for years. The proof is overwhelming but not something you will ever see in the media which is controlled by the Cabal. As it says in the Talmud "the truth is hard to find" and I guarantee it is not going to be outright in the media which is controlled by the evil enemy trying to kill us.

  12. Remember that there's ego gratification in being the one to show something to be a myth. Oh look at those fools, they are not rational. So you'll always have people arguing every side just to show how smart they are.

  13. I was thinking, maybe it makes sense for Moshiach to reveal himself only to a few for a while. Gives the tzadickim time to vet him out and get used to his leadership. If he just showed up ones day during a crisis, he might not be able to prove his identity to take charge. So if he really appeared in Av of 5772 to some, he might be letting that sink in for a few months.