Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Atom and the Soul of the Inanimate (continued)

In light of what we now know about the atomic structure of matter, an obvious question arises: Who or what determines the unique structure of each object in the universe? What causes the atoms to connect in a specific way in one object and in a completely different way in another? And even more - what determines the division of the cells to create the unique shape of our bodies?

Addressing these questions is a major step on the way towards a deeper understanding of the spiritual essence that exists within each part of the animal, mineral and vegetable kingdom. As previously explained, the animating soul connects the different parts of matter and grants each object its substantial form, whatever it might be. These spiritual essences are the foundation stones of the universe and cannot be destroyed.

This further explains how a single cell can divide into two identical cells, both containing the entire genetic information about the developing organism, and how these cells can continue to divide until they differentiate into different organs and tissues. This differentiation follows an underlying spiritual structure, which is the true nature of the thing, with the physicality serving merely as an outer covering. Early Kabbalistic works often used the terms "substance and form" when referring to the creation. "Substance" is the material substance of the world, while "form" is a spiritual entity that impresses itself upon it, giving it its unique properties.

This further explains why in Hebrew, the word davar means both "a thing" and "a word." As the Torah states that the physical universe was created by the spoken word of Hashem: "By the word of the L-rd the heavens were made; and all their host by the breath of His mouth" (Psalms 33:6). Hashem's speech is the true essence of everything that exists in creation, and gives all things their unique forms.

Recently, some scientists have also suggested that hidden, spiritual forces exist that shape and direct the formation of matter." However, their work is still in the most rudimentary stages and lacks the tools and technology necessary to validate these claims. The Sages of Torah, on the other hand, have been aware of these forces for millennia and have even developed methods for manipulating them (according to the rules
of Torah). This is part of the amazing wisdom that Hashem invested in the Torah.

The Torah is so much more than just scriptural text. It is so mystical that it truly is beyond our comprehension; but, with constant study and delving into the mysteries of the Torah, each of us comes closer to Hashem and His absolute truth about everything.


  1. You speak of explanations but we know practically - nothing; Not about the spiritual and nothing of the physical!

    Like you say, it's the word of Hashem that keeps it all alive. Does that mean we can "explain" it?

    1. We have extensive explanation. That is what scriptures is all about, especially getting into something like the Zohar -- the mystical explanation. The problem is we cannot, as human beings, comprehend what the explanations mean. After Moshiach is introduced and Hashem is no longer allusive to us, we will understand all.