Sunday, June 17, 2012

Are Alien Life-forms Mentioned in the Zohar?

The First step in weighing the large amount of evidence that suggests that we have been visited by alien life-forms is to sift out all the lies and fantasies, such as cases in which a supposed UFO was actually a secret American military plane.  Many past and future sightings may also be dismissed in similar ways.  Still, even after all the sifting, we are left with an impressive body of evidence.  Are there any sources in the Torah that can explain these manifestations, without resource to flying saucers?
In a number of places in the Zohar and Talmud, the Sages tell us about the existence of strange creaturesusually invisible, which are similar to human beings in several ways and similar to angels in other.  They are called shedim (often translated as "demons'), and are made from a turbid spirituality, somewhat insubstantial (Derech Hashem, part 1, chapter 5 – Luzzatto).  They can change their shape and appearance and can appear to human beings in a variety of forms.
Is it possible that these shedim are the "aliens" of modern times?  This is a particularly apt question since some people swear that they have seen aliens looking like those portrayed in science fiction films.  Could these films be a reflection of real life?  Or perhaps, real life reflects what is seen in the movies.  Perhaps those people saw shedim, who resembled, in their eyes, creatures from outer space.  Most people have not seen aliens and only have the imagination of books, TV and movies as their guide – that becomes our reality.
The Zohar provides us with other explanations of this subject; it speaks about alien life-forms that exist beneath our world.  While the Zohar may not intend its comments to be taken literally, at face value, they arc a clear statement of the existence of creatures beneath our world, of which we are unaware.
The Zohar (1:10a, 1:40a, 1:41a) explains that there are seven lands in the lower world: Eretz, Adama,  Arka, Gia, Neshia, Tzia and Tevel, which envelop each other like the skins of an onion.  The highest and largest of these, Tevel, is the land upon which we live.  The Zohar adds that there are very small creatures in all these places, humanoid in form; which also have an awareness of Hashem; though one far inferior to our own.  Some of these creatures wear clothing while others are covered by layers (or perhaps armor), that may be red, black, white or al mixture of colors.  Many live no longer than ten years.  The Zohar (1:157a) tells the story about Rabbi Chiva and Rabbi Yossi who were on a journey together and stopped to rest alongside a cracked rock.  Suddenly, one of the inhabitants of Arka appeared before them and told them that in his land, there are inhabitants who look different than him.  Commenting on Genesis 8:14, the Zohar (1:154b) explains that when Cain was banished "from the face of the earth," he was accepted by the inhabitants of Arka, a lower land.
This information, which is surely distant from the world of research, deals with alien creatures which may exist in the inner layers of our world, in places not yet investigated by modern science.  Are the' aliens from outer space in fact the creatures already known to Torah Sages 2,000 years ago?  The Sages knew of many mysterious things that exist on our tiny planet, which is still so unknown.
Important to remember: The Torah was written 2,000 years before the creation of the universe.  Nothing predates the Torah!!!!!!  Everything that exists is from the Torah – whether on Earth or in the universe.  Everything that exists is to satisfy and serve the will of Hashem.  Whatever we perceive as aliens or UFOs can only be for Hashem's purpose, all else is totally unimportant and does not exist.  Science can research all they want – if it has no spiritual purpose, it is nonsense and purely the imagination of the human beings who perceive them.  That is the Absolute Truth. 


  1. Fascinating! Are we given any hint as to Hashem's purpose for these shedim or the inhabitants of the lower worlds? What is our appropriate response concerning these creatures (study, fear, ignore, etc.)? Thanks.


  2. Please help me.
    Hashem made everything, so then, are we to surmise these 'creatures' are also Hashems creation? Hashem knows everything, so why did He make these, or allow them to exist. They could have been made to just disappear?

    Thanks in advance for explaining to me who is Noahide and trying to learn.

  3. In the light of what is written in the Zohar I find it interesting that in non Jewish folklore from around the world, there are many stories of elves, pixies, fairies, trolls, orcs, leprachauns etc...all small vaguely humanoid creatures who live in caves or under the ground.

  4. It is so refreshing to Hear the Truth of HaShem -------------to know and Understand that we exist --purely at the will our Creator--the God of Israel-----------for no other reason ! It never ceases to amaze me that secular scientists keep searching for the Truth --Outside of God !!!!!!!!!!

    1. But scientists are catching up. They don't know it but every discovery they make brings them closer to what it has said in scriptures for thousands of years.

  5. Scientist have come to two conclusions, 1. The universe had to have been created (nothingness before Universe=consciousness/Spirit or G-D). 2. After 50 yrs of research we now know DNA was also created and they both appear to have been created using the same model.