Sunday, March 25, 2012

Introduction to the Absolute Truth

The world of today is a world of lies and fantasy.  Very little that you see in the news is true – after all, the media is for making money and not to inform you.  Sensationalism sells, not the absolute truth.  The world is so upside-down that most people of the earth are on a path to disaster.  We are not only in the end of days (I will explain what that entails) but we are in the end of the end of days.  It is vital to each individual on earth to know what the truth is -- what the system is on this earth to survive and thrive.  We must become proactive to save ourselves as individuals and our loved ones.  Relying on the inept leaders of today is foolhardy and dangerous. 

We live under a system of measure-for-measure meaning that you can’t blend into the crowd but are treated as an individual.  For every act that you do that is positive and good you receive reward and for every wrong act or even evil act, you receive correction.  By learning the truth we will see how accurate these statements are and how each of us is affected.  The most important thing to know is we are just about out of time and what you do immediately will determine the quality of the rest of your life and your eternity, forever and ever and ever, etc, etc, etc.

The purpose of this blog is to convince you of the above with unshakable truth.  The sources of
information that I will be using are absolute and so accurate that it will not take long for me to convince you.  The more important thing is for you to catch on quickly to the obligations that you owe yourself and your loved ones and to react.  Once again, there is not much time.

The symbol that I use for this blog showing the two fingers together has the following meaning:
            The space between my fingers is how long life is on earth.
            The space outside of my fingers is eternity and the length of our eternal life.
We work so hard to make life on earth as pleasurable and successful as can be and we ignore the real life which goes on after we change addresses.  We do live forever and I will present evidence to that statement that would stand up in court.  Be as skeptical as you want about the truth that I will be covering but be aware that a day is coming later this year that you will know without a doubt what the truth is.  The problem is that day will be called “too late.”  Your opportunity to survive and thrive is now and will be finished in the not too distant future.  I am no relation to Elvis Presley but what he said is the absolute truth – “it’s now or never.”

Before I get into the meat of the subject, you should know that I have worked diligently for a long time to find the truth and eliminate my personal opinion.  All that I will cover is well documented and not my gut feeling about things.

Tomorrow I hope to begin with telling you my sources of information and convince you that these sources are the only way to know the truth.  I have included a comment section but am not interested in your rebuttal unless you have very unshakable evidence.  Even though I like to consider myself as an extremely open minded person, with approximate 64 years of studying scriptures, 16 years of college and about 55 years of studying science, psychology, sociology, etc, etc. I probably have seen your sources and have validated or refuted them.  However, I am human so I can make mistakes so I am open to hear anything that you wish to throw at me.  Mostly, I will use the comment section for questions that will prompt further blog postings.  This blog is to help you!!!!!  I will disclose timeframes that we have to accomplish our mission but will not give the exact dates that I believe.  For one thing, it would be my opinion which I am not interested in discussing, even though the opinion is based on scholarship and not gut feeling.  The other problem is if I give one bit of information that turns out to be wrong, there goes my credibility.  

See you tomorrow.


  1. Good to meet you. You were a US Army officer? When I attended Ohr Samayach back in the mid 1980s, I had a friend who had served in the Army occupying Germany. I also had a friend in Tzfat who had served in the Air Force on Ramstein base in Germany.

    Here is my litmus test: are you aware of the evidence that 9-11 was fomented by Zionist agents in Israel and the US to catalyze American wars against Israel's enemies? I await your response to this concept as reflected in the following links:

    1. Yes I am a retired US Army officer. I worked as an Engineer in central New Jersey for years and happened to be able to look out my window and see the smoke pouring into the sky from the World Trade Center on 911. When the three building collapsed, I knew immediately that this did not come from Arabs with box cutter. The government explanation defies the laws of Physics on this, the most sophisticated controlled demolition in the history of the world (including building 7 which was not hit by a plane nor had any severe fire). I have spent much time investigating 911 and know for sure (including inside information from military intelligence sources) that 911 was planned and carried out by the Gog Bush administration as part of the evil New World Order debacle. The Israelis are falsely accused of everything, Let's face it, Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy were the Jew's fault. We blame everything on the Jews. Get with the truth. There were too many Israelis killed in 911 to point the finger. I could write a book about what really happened on 911; but, it so happens there are already about a dozen books written that beat me to the punch. It would take me hours to cover all that I know about 911 including what is in scriptures.

  2. Shalom Rav, I am an avid reader of your blog, but have never read from the start. Today i have, for good reasons.
    Thanks so much for all you do.
    A follower.