Friday, March 30, 2012

Comparison Map

As a follow-up to yesterday, I thought I would show this map that depicts the Arab countries that surround Israel.  I apologize that you can barely see Israel; but, that’s my point.  As mentioned yesterday, the Arab land is 650 times the size of Israel.  Take note that this map does not include all the Islamic countries such as big Iran (Iran is not Arab).  

Are you aware that most Arabs that live in Israel have ancestry in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordon, Saudi Arabia, etc.  Most Arabs that live in Gaza are Egyptian born or Egyptian by ancestry.  In 1948 and 1967 all Arabs had left Israel at the request of the Arab nations since they had the mission to kill all the people that remained, Jew and gentile alike?  I don’t know why but the wonderful Israeli’s invited them to return after the wars.  Those Israeli’s are so nice.  They call Israel an apartheid state; yet, it is the only place in the Middle East that provides complete freedom for all people.  The Arabs have voting rights, can be and are in the government, on the Supreme Court and any other privilege that a citizen can have (except that Arabs don’t have to be in the military since they are the enemy).  In the Arab countries, anyone who isn’t a Muslim (Jew, Christian, Buddhist, etc) not only are they inferior citizens or not allowed to citizens and their lives are in danger.  Even in Israel, Arabs live in Jewish cities but Jews cannot live in Arab cities.  Even worse is a situation like Bethlehem and Nazareth.  These cities were about 80% Christian years ago.  But, the Arabs slowly eliminated them by killing or exiling them.  The only safe way for a Christian to remain in these cities is by conversion to Islam.  Both cities today have about a 10 to 20% Christian population.  I have had the privilege of meeting citizens of Bethlehem and they have told me of the horror they experience.  May Hashem help them.  Remember, first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.  All is going as planned.  The biggest advantage that the Islamists have is that their propaganda and the hatred of the Jews keep the world blaming the Jews for everything.  With all the human rights violations in Arab countries, take Syria and Egypt for instance (please, take them before they kill all their population), the UN human rights council only reprimands Israel.  Israel is the best place in the world for an Arab.  They have it better than the Jews (that’s another post that would be quite an eye opener).  

The absolute truth is hard to find these days but everyone in the world knows exactly what happens in Israel. Right?  Judgment day is coming this year (another post).  The people of the world better repent before it gets here or they blew it for all eternity.  Mark my words, it’s your eternity.


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