Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Message to the people of Israel from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Tet Zayin Adar Tsha"d (03/18/14)


G-d does not relent; He will not let others mock the government of Israel and the state of Israel.  G-d will strike a blow to every country that bothers Israel and wants to take pieces away from it.  They should keep to their own business and leave Israel alone.

The entire world is not calm, everything is in chaos and there will be more devastating earth quakes like the Tower of Babel, because they are disrespecting G-d and hurting His holy land.

Even though there are gentiles living in the holy land of Israel, it remains holy and pure.  The impurities only go into the gentiles and foreign workers in Israel.  A Jew living in Israel is pure and holy and no unholy power affects him - only the gentiles.

Every Jew should go to the Mikveh or bathe in the ocean once a week.

All the peace talks with the Palestinians are one great illusion, a bottomless pit.  There needs to be mass prayer in Israel to cancel the decree that is hovering over the people of Israel.

They sent rockets from the Gaza Strip to Israel and G-d is showing the people of Israel that He is protecting them.  The Hamas and the Palestinians want to show Israel and the world: 'Even though you caught the ship and ammunition, we have additional rockets and we will fire them whenever we please'.

The government in Israel has not responded severely to the shooting from the Gaza Strip because they respect the United States government - This is instead of faith in the

In Egypt, people are screaming and crying out for bread; the hunger is taking over them and bothering them more than the Hamas - there is no solution to the hunger, the war among them will get worse.

There will not be quiet anywhere in the world until they relent and stop mocking Israel.  They want to erase Israel, and the government of Israel needs to wake up.

Israel will have calm, quiet and peace.

All of the terrorists that Israel is releasing are huge time bombs.  Each one of them will start a large, cruel gang that will operate against Israel.  Don't be deluded, no one will make amends.

G-d wants to crown the Messiah on earth.  In the heavens, he has already been crowned.  Because of boldness, audacity and lack of faith in G-d, the crowing is delayed!


  1. Does the rav mean both men and women should go once a week or only men?

    1. Women are on a schedule already, according to the laws of purity. Additional visits can't hurt but should be reserved for times of need such as situations of other types of impurity -- as an example, coming in contact with death (person or animal) or before holidays, which many have as a custom to go to the mikvah prior to. If a mikvah is available for a weekly visit by a woman, there is nothing wrong with the idea.

      Study the laws of purity and the requirements to use a mikvah -- that is Hashem's opinion and you can't go wrong with that.