Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat Tazria Tsha"d


G-d does not relent and will not allow others to mock the government of Israel and the state of Israel. Every country that laughs, mocks or wishes to destroy the state of Israel, G-d will complicate things among them.  He will give them very difficult blows so that they mind their own business, causing them to take care of themselves and leave Israel alone.

Everything that is happening in the world, G-d is the One deceiving everyone, complicating and causing trouble between them and making them worry about their own business.  The Russians are in trouble with the Americans; they are doing whatever they want and will continue to do so.  Russians will continue to bother many more countries in Europe and Turkey as well.

Suddenly a plane has disappeared and everyone is looking for it.  Even the elements of nature are not in full strength, they are troubling the entire world.  All of this is at the hands of G-d, so that they stop bothering the state of Israel, the people of Israel, Jews living in Israel.  This will make them stop believing in Iran and in the fake peace with the Palestinians who want to take pieces of Israel.

We spoke a long time ago about tunnels and now they discovered one!  There are more tunnels, not one or two, but dozens leading into Israel.  There are more tunnels towards the large base in front of Gaza and more places.   G-d is showing the Jews great miracles and is lighting a red light that peace is one big lie - a fantasy.  People who want peace do not dig tunnels, do not protest at the Temple Mount, do not cut gas pipes, do not shoot missiles at Israel and do not send ships with rockets to Gaza Strip.  A large part of the gentiles living in Israel cannot be trusted!  They live in Israel and you need to be wary of them because they are cooperating with gentiles outside of Israel.  From the beginning of the world until now, the Arabs do not like the Jews.

Syria is continuing to get erased and will continue to get erased.  No one can help them; it is from G-d.  All of the trouble being caused on the Syrian-Israeli border is being done by people on behalf of the Palestinians and Hamas who want to drag Israel into a war with Syria so that Israel will be busy with Syria and Lebanon and they will be able to hit from the south.

The IDF needs to be vigilant from Eilat to Metula, the Golan Heights, and Jordan - be very suspicious.

Egypt is, as usual, fighting within itself like a burning bubble.  There is no food in Egypt and Hamas is making trouble.  Egypt is complicated within itself and it will blow up in their faces one day, because of the hunger among themselves, and because of the Hamas.

In Turkey, the president is in the most difficult mental state in the world. They discovered the truth about him and how he is searching for all kinds of ways to hide it and the problems that plague him and his family.  The number of people who hate him in Turkey are twice the number of his followers. He is in a trap and he doesn't know how to escape it.

Jordan is like a baby being fed.  The king is quietly waiting for the Americans to give him a piece, heaven forbid, of the holy land.  May they fall upon their swords, may their bows break, and may they kill each other.

The Hezbollah is ruined and finished, falling apart more every day.

Abu Mazen is an actor and he is acting naive, as a victim, innocent, acting as if he doesn't understand anything and wants peace.  Everything is fake and one big lie.  He is secretly giving orders to harm Israel.  The Hamas, Abu Mazen, and all of the terrorists being released have gangs and they are united and waiting together for a peace treaty to be signed.  After that, G-d forbid, they will send rockets to Israel in no less than 12 months!  No one cares about Israel.

The government of Israel - open your eyes!  Wake up from your coma!  Every terrorist being released has a gang of 1,000 suicide bombers who want to hurt Israel.  They bring them from Iraq, Hezbollah and Iran, just like mercenaries, they will not repent.

In Iran, G-d is causing confusion in all of their nuclear factories, they are making mistakes in their solutions, erring in the continued production and getting confused among themselves - all of this so that they don't dare aim anything towards Israel.

Dear Jews, if they even think of sending rockets to Israel - everything will fall apart on them, G-d will destroy them, with floods or earth quakes!  If they repent, love Israel and be in peace with Israel - only good will fall upon them.

The United States does not want their army to interfere in Europe with the Russians; they are not ready to have their army fight for another country.  Russia is not paying any mind to the United States.  Russia is doing whatever it wants and is laughing in everyone's faces!  They lack for nothing, they have a strong connection with all of the Arab countries, and this is America's fear - that they are connected with them.  The Russians are very smart; they know who the Palestinians are and they have great respect for the state of Israel and the Jews in Israel.  The Russians are not interfering with the peace with the Palestinians.  The United States is doing everything with its own interest in mind.

Rains are falling in their own time. The prayers of the people of Israel have done a lot!  Keep praying in large groups in Israel; continue to pray and not to protest!

All of those who bribe, cheat, con, lust, white collar, black collar, all will be revealed by G-d.  G-d is pedantic with every Jew and has given time to repent - He will not wait much longer!

To the Jews living outside of Israel - move to Israel immediately!  Anti-Semitism is only getting worse and is growing to epic proportions!  There is nothing to be ashamed of in moving to the holy land, there is no shame in returning to G-d in heaven and the land of Israel - it is heroic!

If the Americans and Europeans understood that all of their problems are being caused because they are interfering with the peace with Iran and the Palestinians - they would have stopped interfering immediately and would have only supported the holy state of Israel!  Only then will they have quiet with the Russians.

There will not be quiet in the world until the last Jew comes to Israel!  Until they relent and stop bothering the State of Israel and the Jews living in Israel - all of Israel is the life source of the entire world!

G-d wants to crown the Messiah.  In heaven he has already been crowned!  Some of the Jews are not connected.  The material and money is catching them and they are forgetting G-d.  Because of the daring in Israel, the rudeness and lack of faith in G-d and the Messiah, the crowning of the Messiah is being delayed - this too has an end.

Dear Jews, whoever wants to believe in the coming of the Messiah, in the crowning of the Messiah in this generation, will be blessed, will be able to see the crowning in this generation and will live forever!  Whoever does not want to believe - don't believe.  The Messiah is in Israel, alive, and doing his work loyally for G-d!

באדיבות: אתר "תאיר נרי"


  1. I wonder who the Rabbi is reffering to when he states that the Mashiach is in Israel I'm more than curious he repeats this statement often any ideas anyone ?

    1. I have two thoughts on the subject. One is that when Rav Yitzchak Kaduri zt"l met with the Moshiach on 9 Marcheshvan 5764, and left an encoded note telling who the Moshiach is, I believe he was writing the note to the other 34 Tzadikim Nistarim (Rav Kaduri was one and the Moshiach is also one, leaving 34 to inform). A good possibility is that Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita is one of the 36 of our time and that he learned who the Moshiach is from that source. He probably knows him and may even be in frequent contact with him. This is all speculation on my part, but interesting to think about.

      One other possibility is that I have heard from a reliable source that Rav Nir Ben Artzi is a descendant of Dovid HaMelech. You can finish that thought yourself.

    2. Thank you so much,Absolute Truth, for continuing to provide us all with translations of Rav Nir Ben Artzi's messages!
      I also strongly believe ,based on a careful perusal of his(rav ben Artzi's) messages, that it is becoming abundantly clear who he REALLY is! Baruch HaShem!
      May his blessings and inspiration continue to protect and guide ALL of Eretz Ysrael....

  2. Do believe that they mean Moshiach ben Yosef and not Moshiach Ben David. No one really knows who; the main thing is that the Geulah comes b'rachamim very soon.

    1. I believe that I and many others have speculation about things, but are not sure. I was told recently by a very good source that we are in for many surprises and that the Geula, even though it is appearing to be imminent, will not happen as we think. It is probably best to just concern ourselves with our personal betterment and making sure we as individuals are doing what we can to bring the Geula. Hashem will take very good care of us -- all we need to do is follow His instructions.

    2. correct Reb Yid. Moshiach Ben Dovid is always alive, when one person dies, a new one is selected. He suffers non-stop, all for klal Yisroel. He may or may not even know he is Moshiach Ben Dovid of his generation. If you met him, you would think "this guy is [enter negative trait here]" all part of his job. You will never guess who he is. He can be sitting next to you in shul, you would not know. Why? Hashem wants it like that, so no intellectual pursuit can defeat Ratzon Hashem.

    3. I believe you are correct except the part about negative traits (if he qualifies to be Moshiach, he should be a G-d fearing individual with the best of traits).

      Why do you think there would be such an individual in every generation? Throughout history Hashem wanted us to know that at any time that we were deserving of Moshiach, he would be there ready for us. Unfortunately, we didn't qualify; so, the Neshamah of Moshiach was passed on to the best candidate of the next generation. Since it is brought down if we are not deserving, Moshiach we come in His time (the time of the end that Hashem has designated). We are there now (the proof is overwhelming) and this is the generation that will greet the Moshiach, B"H.

  3. Hello!!!

    "The Hezbollah is ruined and finished, falling apart more every day."

    " In Iran, G-d is causing confusion in all of their nuclear factories, they are making mistakes in their solutions, erring in the continued production and getting confused among themselves - all of this so that they don't dare aim anything towards Israel."

    Luiz Felipe: B'H!!! :)

    On the other words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi: thank you for sharing them.

    All the best!

    Luiz Felipe - SP - Brasil