Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Ki Tissa 5773

I frequently receive inquiries about the status of Geula and Moshiach.  There is probably no better source available on the subject of "interpreting scriptures versus what is happening in the world" than Rabbi Artzi.  Go to this excellent website and read his comments made recently:

Rabbi Artzi is articulating events of today in such a concise and truthful way, I do believe him to have Ruach Hakodesh (Divine Inspiration) in his presentation.


  1. It sounds like Rabbi Artzi doesn't want righteous non-jews move to Yisrael. I pray that HaShem touch Rabbi Artzi's soul to say in any article that HaShem loves righteous non-jews.

    1. No, Hashem doesn't want non-Jews to move to Israel -- that is throughout scriptures starting with Hashem telling Avraham "I give this land to your descendants." It doesn't mean that Hashem doesn't love them -- it is the exact opposite. Hashem loves all righteous people.

      Consider this. There is 57.51 million square miles of land mass on this earth. The only place that is designated for the Jews (by Hashem) is the 152nd smallest country, Israel, at 8,522 square miles; and, according to just about everyone in the world, we are not allowed to have that much. The Muslims, you know the people who think this land is theirs, have 1000 times the land space of Israel. The Xtians have much, much more. Are you starting to get the picture? Jews are not permitted to live in many places in the world and the rest, they are hated and discriminated against. The right of return is for Jews and nobody else. Hashem designated this little nothing of a piece of land that doesn't have enough living space to house the Jews, for the Jews and nobody else. Yet, the world tells us we can't even build on our own land. Rabbi Artzi is well aware of Hashem's message in the Torah and is completely for Hashem's plan.

      One caveat. The return of the ten tribes of Israel will include most of the righteous non-Jews who, presently, don't even know who they are. If you have a desire to live in Israel, you have two ways to accomplish your dream -- convert to Torah Judaism or be one of the lost tribes. Your choice.

    2. Another caveat.

      No one is righteous. Not even one. The laws of the land have become corrupt. They must be destroyed. Even the law of conversion to enter Eretz Yisrael.

      Let not the foreigner say... Hashem will surely exclude me from his people.

      Who will destroy it? Moshiach will.

      How will he do it? With a foreign tongue.

    3. See my post of today, 14 March 2013, for my reply.