Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Answer to a Comment

I received a comment from “Anonymous” that I started to answer and found that I had too much to cover to make it only a reply to a comment.  It deserved its own separate blog post.

I apologize if I don’t fully understand your caveat, which was an answer to my caveat, but I thought I would take it line by line and reply.

The Anonymous comment:
Another caveat.

No one is righteous. Not even one. The laws of the land have become corrupt. They must be destroyed. Even the law of conversion to enter Eretz Yisrael.

Let not the foreigner say... Hashem will surely exclude me from his people.

Who will destroy it? Moshiach will.

How will he do it? With a foreign tongue. 

My reply:
This is obviously your personal opinion based on the people with whom you must hang out and not based on scholarship of Hashem’s Word.  One of the reasons that I wanted to live where I do, a city of 45,000 righteous Jews, who do the will of Hashem every day, is because they keep the mitzvot and teach it to their children.  What does being righteous mean?  It means that a person is doing the “right thing” according to the will and wishes of the Owner of the Universe.  When I was in the US of A, I lived in a city that had a population of 85,000, 65,000 of which were righteous, Hashem fearing Jews.  It was an absolutely lovely place but I still had many reminders that I was in exile (Galus), especially when I ventured outside to city, like to go to work 5 days a week.  I worked with some very righteous non-Jews who were as nice to me as possible; but, their biggest theme was I needed to accept Yushka in my life.  They were very good righteous people as many, many others that I have met throughout my life, but they were still a great danger to my obligations that I have from Hashem to be “a light unto the nations.”  In other words, the greatest enemy of the Jew for thousands of years has been assimilation.  Jews who think that Hashem doesn't know what He is talking about when He tells us “we must be separated from the gentile society or we will be influenced by them and not follow His ways.”  That is the history of the Jew in every country we have lived.  The worst being Germany, where the Jews were 90% assimilated by the 1930’s.  We all know the result of that assimilation.  But, we are told in scriptures that after we enlighten the world with the word of Hashem and His truth, we will all return to our land and live in peace completely separated from the influence of the non-Jewish nations.  Now you are telling me your opinion that Hashem is wrong in His thinking and that all people should be able to live in this little piece of land designated for the Jews.  The Jews are not allowed to have one little country by themselves protected from the influence of the idolaters of the world (which is what scriptures call the non-Jewish people who are out to destroy the Jewish way of life).  It could be as simple as living with holiday decorations for a holiday that is not mine.  The examples of influence could fill volumes (and already have).

So far as the laws of the land being corrupt, the righteous people that I am referring to are those who live by Hashem’s laws, not the nonsensical laws of people (even though they are supposed to be based on the laws of the Bible – or used to be).  Only in Israel can I truly live Hashem’s laws to the greatest extent possible even though there is still a reminder of our exile with the crazy civil law that is here.  One big difference is that civil law and Torah law work together here, even trying to show respect for each other, like nowhere else on Earth.

So far as the laws of conversion, they have been around for thousands of years and totally are still the same that Hashem gave us.  The biggest danger is, once again, the influence of newer versions of Judaism that don’t agree with Hashem’s requirements.  Conservative, Reform, Liberal, Reconstructionist, etc, etc, etc, believe that one is converted by some pretend Rabbi giving an individual a certificate stating “you are now Jewish.”  Ain’t so (pardon my language)!!!  Conversion comes from Hashem when one is immersed in the Mikvah (the ritual bath) and Hashem instills a Jewish soul in the individual.  This, of course, is only possible after the individual has learned the 613 Mitzvot that apply to that individual, and has taken them on as part of life.  Only Hashem knows what the individual’s future performance will be; and, only Hashem can give a certificate, so to speak, that makes the individual Jewish.  Why am I telling you this?  Because it is mostly in Israel that a person can safely do the conversion process.  Yes, one can be converted anywhere in the world; but, if it is not a kosher conversion or, the conversion is followed by the influence of the people of that country, it is difficult to maintain a completely observant Jewish life.  I know since I lived it for about 58 years and I was already a full-fledged Jew.

Your comment:
Let not the foreigner say... Hashem will surely exclude me from his people.

My reply:
Why not?  That is what Hashem says throughout scriptures (for the reasons already mentioned).

Who will destroy it? Moshiach will.

How will he do it? With a foreign tongue. 

My comment:
What are you talking about?  Destroy what and which Moshiach are you referring to?  What foreign tongue?  We have been under the influence of the foreign tongue for thousands of years.  Please give the Jew a chance to do what he or she was put on this earth to do: Serve Hashem, follow His ways and make for him or herself a happy life.  Non-Jews have the opportunity for such a happy life by following “only seven Mitzvot of Noach.”  Why would a non-Jew be so adamant that Jews have to do things their way and must be totally integrated into their society, no matter how dangerous it may be for the Jew?  Please read my post of 20 November 2012 entitled “Jew Hatred Revisited” and I believe you will see the answer.

I repeat, if you want to live in Israel, the home of the Jews as designated by Hashem, then convert to Judaism as thousands of non-Jews are doing every year.  Otherwise leave us alone to serve Hashem as He has instructed us to do.  It is just that simple.


  1. For the person who left the chutzpadik comment for Rav Menachem: "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"

  2. Beautiful answer. With political correctness throughout the world, every principle in life has been blurred. It's what makes one feel good that matters. That's why the world is slipping down fast and is in chaos. Thank you for your wonderful blog with true and sensible answer to the commenter. (Guess this is all part of chevlei Moshiach - may he immediately come b'rachamim)

  3. Isaiah 56:3 Do not let the son of the foreigner
    Who has joined himself to the Lord
    Speak, saying,
    “The Lord has utterly separated me from His people”;
    Nor let the eunuch say,
    “Here I am, a dry tree.”

    When will this be heard? I care not for the respect or acknowledgement of men in this age, where men are not men, and leaders do not lead. The whole land is corrupt, because it's leaders are corrupt. Violence in the name gentile wisdom! They divide the land in the manner of the gentiles, and govern it in such a way as well. They tear the flesh off the weak of the flock.

    I do not crave a mixing of gentile politics with true religion. I fear the abomination follows.

    When I come out of the nations, should I return to one of the same?

  4. To clarify, I speak principally of the political systems which binds us who wish to "come home" to freedom.

    Who will open the gate for those who have no recognition of inheritance? Who will recognize ben Lo-Ammi? The state of Israel lays claim to the name, Yisrael, and the full inheritance, but who has considered the minyan? The coming in of the minyan of Yisrael is obstructed by bureaucracy and law.

    Will he not make the gate wide, and then divide wisely, causing every man to pass under the rod?

    Will he not destroy these regulation and replace it with wisdom?

    Or you expect him to work within your legal framework?

    True, that the field must always belong to the inheritance of the tribes.

    But a house in a city is not redeemable to you from whomever it belongs to, after one year. Whether or not they are a Jew, I believe? The land does not belong to the goyish "state"!!

  5. Btw, thank you for the reply. I do enjoy the dialog. Is there any place you recommend for general discussion? I do not mean to be argumentative. Yes, this is my interpretation. And I do feel that it is consistent with the scriptures.

    The Babylonian system of government must be torn down. It is deeply rooted in the state of Israel. That's what I'm arguing for. Moshiach ben Yosef, I suppose is the answer you would expect concerning "which" Moshiach is to do this.

    And yes, I am anonymous, because I know I am a fool. In the air, I may speak my words, and if they are not worthy, they are not remembered. Here, they are "forever", or until the end of the server hosting them. I would rather my words be forgotten if unworthy. I am not a teacher, and make no assumptions, and I would rather my name not become synonymous with teacher. I am an ignorant man.

    And I have the tendency to carry on and ramble and say more than perhaps I should.

    No offenses intended.

    1. Be aware that because you are one of Hashem's creations and I know He loves you, the only way I could ever feel about you is also with great love. I feel your frustration in what you were trying to say "that I also should have the freedom to move to Israel." I make this place sound so great, which it is; yet when I say how Hashem has made this tremendous place such a restricted club as a reward for the Jews doing the mission of the chosen people (being a light unto the nations), I say that with my own frustration. Knowing for thousands of years the Jews have been exiled from their home and when the exile diminished and we returned home in great numbers, the world still denies us our home and make it as difficult as possible to live peacefully. I also know that it is all from Hashem as it says in Deuteronomy 32:21 "They (the Jews) have roused Me to jealousy with a non-god; they have provoked Me with their vanities; and I will rouse them to jealousy with a non-people; I will provoke them with a vile nation." Simply put: When the Jews are not doing the will of Hashem but instead turning to other beliefs (secular solutions), Hashem provides us with a non-people (the so-called Palestinians as an example), a vile nation for the purpose of changing our ways. It is amazing that when we have a common enemy we work together much more and stop fighting with each other. Hashem knows what He is doing -- we don't know what we are doing and how simple the solution is.

      Mr Anonymous, it is I who apologize to you if I seemed harsh in my posting. The biggest thing that is needed to bring Moshiach and the end of the world of fantasy and falsehood is achdus, unity. This is extremely important for the Jewish people to get together, love each other, respect each other and help each other. But, it also should be worldwide amongst all peoples. Confrontation amongst nations and even individual people has been so counter-productive to bringing us to Tikun HaOlam (the perfection and rectification of the world). If we would all realize the importance of working together, using Hashem's instructions on how to work together, we would all be living in paradise with no problems and extremely happy. My frustration is seeing what we could have and how much we fight the dream.

      I love all my readers and wish to help everyone, not put anyone down or even offend anyone. I, of course would hope for the same respect in return. It is so nice that Hashem gave us this opportunity to discuss any issue we care to; but, let it result in a very positive effort for all of us.

      I still encourage anyone who has a private matter to discuss, Email me rather than posting the concern as a comment.

    2. Thank you for your graciousness.

    3. Thank you for your interest and your comments.

  6. To finish addressing... sorry, just using NKJV... I don't mean this as authoritative. Sorry, I kind of bounce all over the place.

    No one righteousness...
    Isaiah 64
    6 But we are all like an unclean thing, And all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags;
    ... 7 ... For You have hidden Your face from us, And have consumed us because of our iniquities.
    8 But now, O Lord, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter; And all we are the work of Your hand.

    Righteousness is founded in justice. It's definition is not dependent on what we feel is right, a democratic way, but in His ways. The heart is corrupt above all things and desperately wicked. So who can know the way?

    Teach your children is certainly a component of that. But the world is far from dispensing honest justice, as is the state of Israel, I believe. Should I leave my home here, to face the potential horror of my house being ripped from my possession and, if I resist, my body may be broken so that Israel can please the gentiles?

    That sounds like Jezebel's way to me. Where are honest scales?

    If Israel really embraced Torah, I'd be all in. But I kind of don't feel like they're believing it, yet. So long as man's law holds a man's life in the balance, and not giving it up to Hashem, I don't believe I could support the state. I am ever striving to be state-less.

    When we've had our fill of the folly of the laws of men, perhaps we will finally see the return that we both hope and pray for, imho.

    But I'm in no hurry to trade one government brand boot for another.

    I think I covered my points now?


  7. What is this, 5 now? Forgive me. :)

    I neglected a couple of things. Stammering lips with the foreign tongue. I kind of figured that meant the raising of a prophet from among the gentile nations... perhaps Moshiach ben Yosef, who is not recognized until he has already won all the wars of Hashem and is appointed as a prince among the nations. That's the general gist of it, as I understand.

    And from one of the other comments I's justice AND mercy (don't neglect mercy). Of course. Duh.

    And the further thoughts on the wide gate...

    Make way in the desert! Literally?? It has no path wide enough for the coming in of Ephraim, the house of Yisrael, who is counted like the stars!!! But they will come to you as with wings!

    The house of Yehudah was reestablished "early", according to his plan, so that the coming in of the house of David and the VAST inhabitants of Yerushalayim who come in would not eclipse the establishment of the house of Yehudah. And all your brothers follow, the whole house of Yisrael, and Moshiach ben Yosef as their prince, and David as king with them. (Zechariah 12)

    Is not almost everything set up? What are we missing?

    What I'm saying is, I don't believe Israel can be Am Yisrael until you make the gate wide...

    What more can we do? It feels like we're almost there! The nations are crumbling! Wait a while, be patient, serve Hashem! He will soon make them a footstool for his esteem!

    But who rushes knowingly from evil that he understands to the arms of what evil he does not understand?

    A man who has no hope where he is? Yet, I have hope that Moshiach is near, and I am ready to come when I hear the call.

    Hmm... seems I talked a lot. Like I said, I'd just love to discuss these things if you can point me to a good forum. I have been following your blog actually for about a year (as well as many that were in your former blog network) and I have the greatest respect for what you're doing and the message you bring. I certainly have no intention of hijacking your message or using your blog space for my own words.

    I just kind of wanted to pick at that point about the redemption and gathering to Eretz Yisrael because I personally feel it is an obstruction to the end game, for me as well as millions. I look at that as an obstacle to overcome, and with the urgency of the time (it will be hastened) I kind of feel it's time to address that on a bigger scale.

    How many people do you want to certify to the name of Yisrael?? How about we sort it out later, if you really want to?

    I do abhor the "paper box" of this life, wherein we must all be personally justified by pen, and men can claim something is real just because they worked it out on paper, even if reality isn't reflected in their papers. I kind of get the feeling that all that paper is going to burn, anyways. Would it not be futile to demand such a burden in the time of the redemption?

    Of course, if I'm wrong, please enlighten me. I have no greater craving in life but to meet Moshiach at his coming, and no other hope of rescue from the clutches of this world, until I see Yisrael really embrace Torah. But that is the question of our merit, on which I so often hear it said, "Today!"

    Who's today? Yours, or His? HIS TOMORROW is waiting in the wings, which we have already been given. It's only a matter of learning how to fly, so to speak, as part and parcel of the word of Hashem.

    I ... think ... that addresses all the points in question.

    Call me scatterbrain.