Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Scientists are Still Catching Up – An Additional Observation

In looking at articles in the news and on the web about this discovery of the allusion of the universe, there are some very interesting statements coming out of the scientific community.  With such a proof of order, of design, not chaos, not randomness, scientists are rethinking the idea of a Designer.  There is so much talk about the question “Is this proof of G-d and His creation?” that I am really having a good time – enjoying every article I read.  Hashem works in mysterious ways and these messages being given to the world at this time are so encouraging.  Why?  I have been saying that there are many indications that we are getting close to great changes in the world.  One of the most exciting changes is we are going into “The time of truth.”  What a delightful way for Hashem to put doubt in the minds of the people of this world than to shake up the scientific world with proof of Hashem’s existence.

I would give you some classic quotes that I have seen, but they come from sources that I wish you to avoid, including news sources that are reporting such rhetoric.  Also, watching certain individuals squirm about how this is messing up their minds (although a very enjoyable experience), it could border on Loshan Harah if I gave names (and we don’t want that).  I prefer to keep it general and not embarrass anyone.  

One other area of enjoyment is how atheists have gotten into the debate and how they are being made into mince meat.  There are even discussions by former atheists who are seeing the light and questioning their misguided past.

The more important concept is how Hashem works and sends us profound messages.  The changes to this upside-down world are becoming more obvious every day; this is just one more example.

I talked much about how everything in the universe including every one of us is encoded in the Torah.  The 304,805 letters of the Torah is the genetic code for everything.  Now we can modernize our terminology and add that the Torah is the computerized programming for everything.  We already knew who the Geneticist is, now we know He is also a Programmer Who wrote all the computerized code for the universe and our world.  I love it.  Thank you Hashem.


  1. All that you post is very interesting. And we see the world inching to geulah. However like i said...its inching and I am getting very impatient. I try to be hopeful and motivated to keep doing the right things. However the more the world turns the more we see evil wins and the good is shoved under a rug. Money is glorified and poor is not acknowledged. The world is so upside and it is exhausting to not see faster movements to geulah.
    I know you see things speeding up as you state in other post but maybe its because you shelter yourself in such a way that you do not get effected by all the evil brewing in the world. Yes evil is pushing everyone down. Killing the few good left. I see it and cry wondering will we make till the end.
    I search and search for hope and few give me that. Your attitude towards mashiach and geulah gives me a bit of relief knowing that someone besides myself waits and waits and feels the time is near. I wish there was ways for me to feel as excited as you. My eyes are still clouded.

    1. I could write a book about everything you said because you are far from alone in your feelings. There are several posts that I have made that would shed light on what you said, give reasons for your feelings and even give a different perspective about the subject of waiting. Unfortunately, I am about to start davening followed by a trip to Jerusalem to visit someone in the hospital. I hope to get back to you, B"N, and point out the posts that I believe cover your concerns, but it won't be until much later today. Sorry, but ironically, you will have to wait for my response.

    2. Part of the answer to your concern is found in my blog post of 20 April 2012, Entitled "Prophecy Being Fulfilled." If you read that post, you will see a very good explanation from Tenach as to why we are experiencing this upside-down world. Since this world is for testing, I believe that there are still many who have tests to accomplish before the Geula. When all is done (as much as Hashem knows can be done), the Geula will be announced. We are getting all the signs that it is close; but, there are still events that need to occur. As an example: we talked about the Midrash that tells of Moshiach being introduced after the fall of the king of Damascus. There is so much in the news about how Assad's days are numbered and that his fall is imminent. You may remember that the "King of Damascus" and "Bashar Assad" have the same gematria. There is much more to tell but, unfortunately, I am in a hurry again. If you Email me, we can continue correspondence and question answering.
      There are other posts that I made that cover some of your concerns, I just don't have the time now to point them out.