Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Scientists are Still Catching Up

I know I wrote just yesterday that I wouldn't be posting too often, but Hashem sent me a message yesterday that was so cute, I just had to tell someone; and, I see that you are available to tell.  You know how I laugh at modern scientific discoveries that we Jews have known about for thousands of years.  Well yesterday it was in the news that “The Universe may be a Computer Simulation.”  In other words, everything around us is only an allusion and so well organized (according to studies of radiation levels, gravitational calculations, etc) that it appears as though it was programmed by some Source – just like we might do today with a computer simulation.  The randomness and chaos of the universe, including this world, is starting to look like a well organized system that was created.  What a shock!  Let’s look at a short video (even though there are many other videos on YouTube available) explaining this phenomenon:

Impressive, huh?  Now let me refer you to my post of 15 May 2012 entitled: What is Real? (click the title to view).

If you read my post, you will know that we see from scriptures that this is not the real world but only an allusion that comes from an Infinite Source of Intelligence.  The fun part is that scientists only discovered this concept in the last century when they suspected that everything around us is a holographic image.  I included a write-up of this idea in “What is Real?” but, you also can Google that subject and see how confused the scientists were and still are.

The more comical aspect is some of their explanations for this allusion.  Things like “advanced aliens came from outer space and were able to create this programming” or “in the future we might be facing extinction so, with the help of time travel, we were able to go back in time and recreate the universe as a computer simulation.  I laugh at the fact that the simplest of explanations is the most rejected: There is a Deity of Infinite Intelligence and Infinite Power Who created the universe and continues to create and run everything.  Why can’t scientists just accept the Absolute Truth that has proof beyond any shadow of a doubt?  One reason is they may be out of work if they acknowledge that all of science with all its proofs is in scriptures.  Another reason is we live in a world of falsehood that separates “church from state,” or in our case “Shul from state” even to the point of providing an education in public schools that is total nonsense.  Teach lies, it is the best way to keep religion at bay and fight this concept of Hashem.  Then we scratch our heads asking “why is this world so messed up?”  Duh.

In all fairness, I should caveat this discussion by mentioning the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists.  Go to their website to see how truth and science really do go together:

We should never forget that the One Who created the laws of Physics, the laws Chemistry, the laws of Biology and every other scientific discipline, was also the One Who wrote the Torah.

Moshiach is here and will be introduced soon and the world of truth will begin.  Then scientists can become Rabbaim (or Orthodox Jewish Scientists) and start living reality instead of fantasy.


  1. Agree. I always try to explain to people that any scientific discovery or science itself is meaningless until it actually concurs with Torah. Science is an evolutionary process starting out with only theories and then when they find they can't prove anything, they make it as a fact. Humanity was only given so much that they are allowed to discover and understand. In other words, only what Hashem allows us to know. Only when Moshiach comes, will we be given many of the secrets - Torat Nistar.

    1. You are so correct. When theories prove wrong, the scientist who received grant money is often embarrassed and has to justify his mistake. His only recourse it to fake it and manipulate the data to come out positive. Take the whole fiasco with the Higgs Boson. There is no such thing, but the Hadron collider cost over 10 billion dollars, so they had to lie and make it sound like they found it. They didn't; but, who cares -- it made good press.

      I do believe that all scientific discoveries are according to Hashem's plan. You speak the truth about Hashem allowing us what to discover and when to discover it.

  2. The first redemption from Egypt sole purpose is to give humanity the Torah through the children of Jacob but NOT to be unplugged from the "Matrix" yet. The IMMINENT and final redemption is actually the unplugging of humanity from the Matrix. All the Torah tells us (for now) is "You are in the Matrix, here's my plan to pull you out" the rest (including the prophets) is details. The "Matrix" has interpreted and manipulated the Torah to keep humanity in the vice grip of the Matrix such that no one can escape without Hashem's help !!
    Awareness that you are the Matrix is not curative -such is the power of the Matrix.

    Hashem in His infinite wisdom has reserved an appointed time when He will send Moschiac who will interpret the Tanack with ABSOLUTE INFALLIBLY and redeem humanity i.e unplug those who are worthy from the Matrix. May that day come speedily.

    1. Good analogy, but the one question I have for you is did you choose the blue pill or the red pill? This is what my blog has been since March of last year is to get everyone to pick the blue pill.