Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat Behaalotcha – Shavuot תשעד


The Creator states that seven billion people on the planet believe that the earth has gone mad and the Almighty explains:  the Earth is not mad "Almighty asserts: "I purify the world and the earth will be as it was before Adam's sin, pure and limpid, a world of free love, without wars, without tanks, no planes, no knives and swords, a world of love and peace forever.  The Jews will govern the world and the world will be subject to Israel, the holy - submitted with love.

The Creator raises the level of the ocean to clean the impurity and lust of the earth, as it was in Noah's time.  Countries where obscenity and impurity prevail, so hard and terrible, as in Noah's time, will have floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, heat and fire, winds and earthquakes, to cleanse the land.  In Brazil there will be harsh blows.

Animals and birds on land and sea will continue to go crazy and attack humans.  When people behave like animals - animals hurt them.

There will be epidemics and diseases extremely hard because of lust and impurity.  The Creator shakes the world to purify it and to cease the harassment and disturbance of the Jewish state.

All men, boys and girls, with a white collar and a black collar that make criminal acts, obscene, corruption, impurity, dirty, fraud, nepotism, theft and betrayal - all will  be revealed one after another.  It will become known and all will be discovered with publicity; others will be discovered without advertising.  True repentance - everything will be deleted!  Nobody wants to repent, those who think "it will not happen to me - especially for them it will!

All seven billion people in the world should know that without the State of Israel, the Jewish state - there is no existence in the world!  The world lives because of the State of Israel and the Jews who live there!

To the Israeli government, Mossad, Israeli Security Agency and the Army – the Israeli Defense Force: beware of Abbas’s plan with the Hamas, Fatah and other groups.  They organized a strong team, a military force of Palestinians against Israel.  It threatens the people of Israel, declares war, because he has a great team united.

Do not trust them! The Israeli Defense Force should be alert on all borders, even in East Jerusalem and the West Bank; they want to send terrorists of all kinds in the State of Israel and convince the Israeli government to submit to their will.  Do not listen to the stupidity of all the enemies of Israel!  You have to be very careful of Arabs in the West Bank, they are not honest.  They work together with Hamas and inform them how to attack the people of Israel.

The government of Israel must not under any circumstances give up a piece of land!  If, G-d forbid, they give a small piece of land, they will want more.  They will not stop their harassment until all of Israel belongs to them.  So we do not play with them; they will not stop until their swords pierce their hearts that their bows shall be broken and they kill each other.

Turkey began to "wake up."  Although Erdogan threatens, nobody can stop them.  They start out on the streets and will continue to go out and make trouble.

In Egypt they observe the new president, nothing will help; there will be a complete mess.  There will be no peace in Egypt; there are two countries: Egypt A and Egypt B.  A difficult economic situation, no food and no bread, there will always be complications, crime and terrorism. Islam and Hamas will not give up; they are cruel.

Syria, the Holy One, blessed is He, deletes it.  Until now the blood of Israeli soldiers howls to the Creator.  The souls of the soldiers of the Israel Defense Force are saints in heaven, screaming and crying to the Creator about the cruelty of Syrians.  All around the world all those who participated to kill and injure soldiers of the army of Israel Defense, the Creator will remove them from the surface of the earth.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are fading and finishing each day a little more.  Syria and Hezbollah are fighting among themselves and the rebels are the viewers.

The King of Jordan thinks the Pope will do a great miracle and take care of him and of all refugees and Hamas.  He does not know that the Pope is a very intelligent man knows  how to  juggle and goes home with a smile and happy heart.

Iran cannot do anything against Israel.  She knows that the Creator of the world protects and preserves the state of Israel.  The IDF is the most powerful army in the world and can destroy Iran in ten minutes.  All their threats are psychological work, however, the government and the army should be prepared, vigilant and alert, and should also have confidence only in the Holy One, blessed is He, and not men!

Egyptians are fighting with Hamas in the Sinai, not because they do not like them, but to get money from the United States – they are following orders.

Anti-Semitism is growing and growing, only five percent of cases are published.

The global economy is being destroyed every day.  Economists have found a solution.  They publish that everything is good in order to continue to survive and not fall.

The Creator will not rest and will continue to torment the Jews in exile, because they are attached to materialism and money, not to the Holy Land nor to Holy One, blessed is He.  Those who love the Creator will immigrate to  Israel the holy!

Jews living outside Israel: One day the Creator of the world will not call you anymore!  One day, the Creator of the world will not help you anymore to come to Israel!  Be warned, make Aliyah to Israel in emergency and do not play with the Creator!

Israeli Government: we must prepare for the one million Jews in the western Galilee, the Negev.  A million Jews of Samaria and Benjamin, and develop the Western Galilee for a million Jews.  Dear Jews stop you snuggling in the center of the country - this is not good!

Sudanese and Eritreans should be removed from the country legally.

Shavuot will be a wonderful holiday!  The day of the giving of the Torah is the most beautiful for the Creator of the world who is waiting for his sons to receive the Torah!  Rejoice a lot for the Torah on Shavuot.  The Torah scrolls are eager and happy to be out of the temple!  Look at the books of the Torah at night, studying the Torah, and every Jew will say: "How great are the things you have done Lord!  Thank you for everything you have given us and continues to give us!

The Creator wants His children to glorify Him orally, giving the time to the students of Torah, to those in need, to the synagogues, ritual baths and doing good deeds.

The Messiah acts and works, he is the messenger of G-d in this world, and he works with the Creator to cleanse the Holy Land of Israel and the world!  The Messiah War is against the other side, the impurity of the world and the evil inclination.  This is why any act lewd and lascivious, corruption and deceit, treachery and fraud, all is revealed, it starts from the Jewish state in Israel and then clean the world - those who remain.

The Messiah is working hard in secret until his coronation by the Creator!

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  1. Hello Mr. Menachem !

    I sense that the land is no good men in positions of leadership and not only the one, even other Gentile people who are not Bnei Noach but are smart to somehow has realized that the world is in chaos , what I mean is that need Moshiach .

    Brazil will host the World Cup soccer , is a tense moment as two large groups of criminals ( drug dealers ) named ' first command of capital ( the city of São Paulo ) and the Comando Vermelho ( the Rio de Janeiro ) poerão cometar major criminal acts , beyond the black blocs that are funded by the globalists . Brazil's economy is falling now , many unemployed young Etam historically young people live without opportunity , now increasingly , the education level is Marxist , covertly of course the way the Communist Gramsci , a quiet revolution . Many protests are expected in Brazil , because we are a people who are " pinched " by the oligarchs of industry and mostly field , corruption is endemic here , as well as idolatry lasciviousness is huge . I memos have participated in protests against the World Cup , oficialmetne were spending more than 30 billion dollars ( which is a lie because it was much more ) , the equivlente to a little over 15 billion dollars while many die every day in hospitals, health and emergency .

    Education here is garbage , do not have access to good education , it helps the country to be more ignorant and manipulated . To believe and destabilization of Brazil , something like civil war, as the country is full of everything, even still with the alienated population , unfortunately the men of the new world order want Brazil to break their petty interests .

    I am a Brazilian young ( 25 years) suffering from unemployment and lack of opportunity , although I have to academic study and graduate ( sensu lato ) .

    An educator wins here quivalente 600 dollars a month , military police receives on average $ 1,000 a month , nearly triple the medical officer , all very bad.

    Many have been afraid of ne current president win the elections that will occur after the next Rosh Shana , as she can with this mandate to establish communism as latno American in Venezuela so because she herself was a communist guerilheira combteu that the Brazilian military during the 1960s and 1970s .

    Homosexuality here as idolatry sex and propagated increasingly difficult impurity and filth here .

    I felt a lot of fear when reading palavraas Rav Nir Artzi Well when he says that Brazil will have hard knocks, not to mention that the Brazilian population surrendered their weapons to the government that made the disarmament campaign , many uninformed handed in believing it to be mandatory ( the it was not) to the federal government , in fact many only had to legalize them .

    But I know that Hashem is cleaning the world of dirt, because Moshiach will soon be here , I felt happy when you told me also that Moshiach will be here soon .

    The world can not live without Israel , Israel ( land ) jointly Am Israel represents the light of the world .

    Brazil is Portuguese raízesjudaicas but do not know how it would be anti-Semitism here or if it will not grow as it is in Europe , as the leftists grups dominate the Brazilian mentality and propaganda, they are against Israel are anti -Zionist .

    Perhaps you can tell me poses : because the Syrians are seen as a cruel people? I would know , please? If not , please tell me why I can not know . Well because Rav Nir Artzi says on top of your messages that many Syrians are bad . Brazil has received Syrian immigrants Civil War .

    I have also noticed that economists have spoken in the Brazilian press that all is well , which is a big lie because the world ETA going to a major crisis ( much higher than the 1929 to 1929 will seem a joke ) to we can tell .

    Sadly, much of Brazilian Jews are assimilated , making it difficult to exit them from Brazil to make aliyah .

    Mr Menachem Shavua tov and all the best !

    Luiz Felipe - SP - Brasil

  2. I was wondering why cant those rabbis who are always saying what its going to happen should say what they know about the three boys kidnapped before its too late

    1. Rabbis, such as Mekubalim, and the Facilitated Communications individuals only are relaying messages from Hashem. Does Hashem want anything said about the three boys? We will only know when and if it happens. I am anxious to see the weekly Rav Ben Artzi message to see if something will be mentioned. Meanwhile, the overall effect of the kidnapping has been one of Achdus, which Hashem wants, and embarrassment by our enemies (including the US), which is also Hashem's desire. I feel good about a positive resolution, but as with any situation, we are being judged to see how we as individuals are reacting. Hopefully, with compassion and prayer. This is the world of testing and this situation is no different.

    2. Shalom,
      Can you please do an update on Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi. It has been two weeks now.
      Thank You.

    3. Rav Ben Artzi's office never sent me the message from last week, Parshas Shelach. I went on the Rav's website and saw his message in Hebrew. I did not do a translation to post on my blog since I didn't read it until this week. Since I expect his weekly message in a day or two, I thought I would just wait. Also, I have been very busy and have had little time to do anything (except for my daily Kollel -- Torah study). Hopefully, I will post something within a day or two.