Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Message for the Week of Parshat Ki Tavo 5773

I urge you, please go to Geula Messages and read the latest vital message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi for this week of Parshat Ki Tavo:


  1. Every week is the same thing. I don't see the big deal

    1. Read much deeper -- every week is not the same. The only similarity is that world events are very repetitious and he is expounding on what he had previously covered. When Rav Ben Artzi predicted the fall of Morsi, two weeks before it happened, even the Arab press in Egypt noticed and started reading his weekly sermons. When he predicted that the Egyptians would be against each other and it happened in a very big way (religious against the secular) everyone took notice. Now he is predicting a very major earthquake in Iran and that the new president there will be coming up against great protest and opposition. I am not going into any more details, but Rav Ben Artzi has been extremely accurate, in advance of the events, and is definitely worth reading.

      Extra caveat to think about: he is telling us about the extensive efforts of Moshiach, who has already been anointed in Heaven and will soon be on Earth. Rav Ben Artzi, I believe, is a descendant of King David. Is he more to us than meets the eye? Continue to read him and be amazed, but read a little deeper and be more amazed -- he is better than Wikileaks. (One extra note: Rav Ben Artzi has been completely in concert with the predictions of the Bible -- he is not just telling us "what" but telling us "when." That to me is very exciting.)