Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another Discussion with Moishe’la


Discussion with Moishe’la 

A handicapped child

Rosh Chodesh Elul 5773   (Aug 5’13)

We will be clean and we will be bright

We will be healed by Hashem’s light.

Mommy I want to write about the future. I want to write about the glorious future that awaits us. I want to tell you that not you, not I, not the greatest person living today could know or describe what absolute paradise is waiting for us in the world of Moshiach.

When Moshiach comes we will have our Bais HaMikdosh again. It will be the greatest Bais HaMikdosh ever. It will be eternal, and no one will be able to destroy it, and no one will be able to destroy us. There will be no hatred, no wars, no bloodshed. Hashem will be our Father forever. We’ll bask in the warmth and the pleasure of His light and we will learn. We’ll learn Torah night and day, in every way. And as the years go we’ll become more spiritual. Our bodies will become more spiritual. It will go on and on, the continuation of creation.

Mommy I can’t even describe it, but until we get to that point, it’s going to be so scary and so difficult. The way we see that in Syria now people are being blown up, we hear terrible atrocities that for years we did not hear. We hear heartless killings and blood flowing and bombs and fire and all kinds of terrible things. We hear that there is smoke and there is heat and people can’t breathe and they’re burned to death or they beheaded Shelo Naidah, Shelo Naidah. The cruelty and the degeneracy of this world is getting so terrible, that it seems like Hashem has lowered Gehenom straight into this world.In the end the true Yidden will be left. We will be weary, tired we’ll be black with soot, but Hashem will revive us, and He will cleanse us of all the ash that has gathered upon us and we will be clean and we will be bright and we will be healed by Hashem’s light.

I’m waiting so much for this moment. I’m so weighed down with the ugliness of this world, with the treachery of this world that has turned into a hell on earth and is only going to get worse. I’m waiting for that great light that will heal our bodies and our souls and bring us to the continual process of creation. Ain Od Milvado. 


  1. its taking way to long....

    1. At my age, tell me about it (including my previous gilgulim, I have been waiting for thousands of years). But, when you consider how deserving we are of Geula and Moshiach, I am inclined to be quiet and thank Hashem that He is sending such messages that it is all imminent. Hashem knows that individually we have much work to do (especially this month of Elul -- the month of repentance). If we speed up our efforts and help others do the same, the happy ending will come faster.