Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We are Partners in Creation

As every week, the Parashah of the week and the Haftarah have a very profound message, especially for our time. This past Shabbos we say the creation of everything as we began the Torah again. The Haftarah has a similar message about creation that needs to be mentioned. First, let us look at the Artscoll commentary on the Hatarah:
Haftaras Bereishis - Isaiah 42:5 to 43:10 
The Parashah began with the story of Creation and the august role of man in bringing G-d's goal to fruition; of his downfall and G-d's mercy in allowing him a new life in which he could redeem himself. The Haftarah's theme is similar. Creation is not a phenomenon that took place in primeval times and then was left to proceed of its own inertia. The first verse of the Haftarah speaks of Creation in the present tense, because G-d must renew it constantly; otherwise the universe would cease to exist. So He does. His purpose is for Israel to guide mankind to His service: to bring the people to the covenant, to be a light to the nations; to help them remove the impediments that prevent their eyes and ears from seeing and hearing the truth.
But Israel falters. It sins, and G-d allows it to be plundered as a result of its failure. The downfall is not permanent; although G-d may look from afar; but He remains vigilant and seeks the opportunity to restore Israel to its eminence. No one seems to care, to see, but G-d always keeps His original purpose in mind, and only Israel is equal to it. Can the nations or their deities match Israel's loyalty, despite its frequent lapses? Is there any other nation that can bear witness to G-d's greatness, His mercy, and the fulfillment of His prophecies?
Ultimately, Israel can, and because it does it will be redeemed and be the instrument for the triumph of the spirit.
We know that we are all one with Hashem. We also know that we are partners with Hashem in the continual creation. Our prayers and our study of Torah cause energies to flow and positive creation to occur in the world. If we are with Hashem, work together and live His Torah, the absolute truth, then the world is a positive place of goodness. If we live by our own devices and think we know better, the world is full of chaos and mayhem. Are we starting to catch on that we have faltered in our mission of being a light unto the nations? Do we just say: it’s not my fault that the world is so horrible, I am basically a good person who doesn’t get into trouble? It is amazing that we think that all I have to do is not believe the truth, and it will go away.

I recently have been called a person who threatens. I was painted as a mean person who dictates what we should be doing, and cutting no slack in my effort. The fact is: the most difficult job in the world is trying to save people’s lives when they completely close their eyes to reality. By thinking that we have no stake in creation, that it goes by itself without us, we are killing ourselves and our loved ones. Why am I more concerned with your welfare than you are? Because, we are all in this together. Everything that I do, affects you; and, everything you do, affects me. I have stated that “ignorance is not bliss, it is extremely dangerous.” Just look at the world situation and see. The majority of Jews are not living Torah and those who do, don’t think they could improve.

We just came out of a period of asking for forgiveness (Selichos) and a period of repentance (Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur). Then we asked why did the Moshiach not show up as had been speculated?

Can you as an individual Jew say beyond a shadow of a doubt that you did your absolute best during the time of reflection and that you really deserve to be redeemed? Or, if you look in the mirror, point the finger, would you say: there is the reason Moshiach was not announced? I know that I did not do enough. Yes, I am part of the problem, but the first step to correcting the world is to realize your personal shortcomings. That is called doing Teshuvah. When I take full responsibility for my mission as a partner in creation, and do what is necessary to maximize my effort, that is when I can look in the mirror and feel comfortable with my performance. We are not there yet. We have work to do. I know that Rav Ben Artzi, shlita stated that Hashem is pleased with our effort during the days of reflection, but I still wonder how much more we could have done since Moshiach did not get introduced. More importantly is for each one of us to evaluate our performance and continue to do improvement.

I have stated that Judaism is not a spectator sport; we are the team on the field. Being “partners in creation” means that if we work together as a team, we can win. What do we win? Geula, Moshiach, the world of truth, the world without evil. Our game is in overtime. Each one of us needs to be more of a team player than ever before. Our head Coach, Hashem wants Achdus, unity, not machlokes, conflict.

As I said, it is very difficult trying to save the world when there are so many who only want to argue with you over trivia. Who is Gog, where is Magog, who has the best blog, which Rabbi should we believe, etc, etc, etc? That is what is keeping the Moshiach from being introduced. That is what saddens Hashem when He sees such arguing as if that were helping us. I am amazed at how many people I have asked to join me in helping to save the world, and the response of “you are wrong, you don’t know what you are talking about.” Funny thing is: that is not the Torah response. If someone disagrees with another person, they are supposed to discuss the subject, ask questions, learn from each other. That is the Torah way. That is what Hashem wants from us.

Calling the person who is trying to save your life and guarantee you a tremendous future one who threatens, is not the Torah answer. I know that I am dealing with people who have very secular ways, who do not live Hashem’s absolute truth, but I also can’t stand by the “blood of my brother” and do nothing. If I say: I have it great, and I am not worried about anyone else, Hashem would make sure that I would not continue to have everything great. It is opposite to the Torah message.

There are things that I have posted that have caused conflict with other bloggers who don't agree. It is not that they have proof otherwise, it is more of a case of flawed human logic and messages that they have received from sources that have no scholarship on the subject. Example is who is Gog? There are very few people who know any truth about the reality of this world, so other blogs are presenting very distorted information. You would think that this would want to make me even more determined to get the truth out, after all my presentation is based on thousands of hours of research. The only thing that I am concerned with is what is good for the people reading the information. If they lose confidence in what I say because they also have no scholarship on a subject, it is not serving Hashem nor my mission to bring people closer to Hashem which should never create controversy. My goal is to save lives not to clarify sensationalism and definitely not to make myself more popular. I only want Hashem to be popular, that is the ticket to help others, not me flaunting my scholarship on subjects to show up others, chas v’shalom. People seeing controversy between blogs causes a loss of confidence in all parties concerned and that is very counter-productive to our missions of bringing everyone closer to Hashem.

For the benefit of my readers, I do not plan to continue this nonsensical arguing about some of the posts that I have made, even though I have had readers provide me with an abundance of evidence to support my findings. Saving the world is my mission, not losing credibility to people who lack scholarship – that serves no one.

We are partners in creation with Hashem, but also with each other. You can’t build a house with two different sets of blueprints and expect it to stand. Unity, working together with the blueprint that Hashem gave us, the Torah, the Absolute Truth (yes, that is what the Absolute Truth is – the word of Hashem), is the only way that we will see the happy ending and the world that we crave for ourselves and our loved ones. Guaranteed in writing!!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Bereishis, Tishrei 5776 (7/10/15)

Father in Heaven, Leader of the World, Creator of the World guides the world in the new year, the year 5776, giving every country and place in the world what it deserves. Life and death is in G-d's hands, only in G-d's hands and not in any man or fortune teller's hands, they imagine things. The rain is in G-d's hands, birth is in G-d's hands, match-making is in G-d's hands, prosperity is in      G-d's hands. These are things G-d controls directly, not angels, not men, not anyone. Man has free choice and the entire world is built upon an eye for an eye. If people do not understand that, they will suffer needlessly. Everything that is done in this world, by man or country, is given back. You do good, you get good; you do bad, you get bad; you steal, you will be stolen from; you give to the poor, you will be rich; you give Tzedukah, you will be saved from death. That is why people must not complain to the heavens.

Rosh Hashanah was a wonderful holiday for the Jews; their prayers were accepted by G-d. During the Ten Days of Repentance, tens of thousands of Jews repented. Yom Kippur was a special holiday. Most of the Jews fasted and prayed. When Yom Kippur was over, there was joy in the heavens and on earth. When Sukkot was over, there was joy in the heavens and on earth, as with Hoshanah Rabah, Simhat Torah and the rounds with the Torah - joy in the heavens and on earth. All of the prayers of the people of Israel were received in the heavens with great love from    G-d.

People of Israel, do not worry. G-d is blessing all of Israel with good and is opening the gates for them. There is a cloud of fire protecting the borders of Israel. We went through Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret, we removed the fabrics from the Succah and said "Mashiv Haruach U’Morid Hageshem - make the wind blow and the rain fall" and winter came just on time! The rain coming on time shows G-d's love for His children, the people of Israel. He speaks to us from the rain, speaks through miracles that He does for the people of Israel and what He does in the world for the benefit of the people of Israel. He gives Israel everything in its own time. He does not leave the state of Israel wanting anything. The economy is a blessing, the holy land is blessed, the Jews are blessed, everything is good in Israel. In Israel there is everything: view, good land, pure and good sea, everything is good in Israel, everything in its own time. There is everything in Israel, you don't need to search for anything outside of Israel, don't waste your money. Going abroad is wasting your money; there is no blessing in that.

Whoever invests money abroad is not blessed. The blessing is in Israel, in real estate, agriculture, and anything else. The Jews in Europe and the United States: Now do you understand that you must run away from there? Run, please, come to the holy land! Don't wait to see if G-d is right or wrong, no one has ever beaten G-d.

The Jews that were murdered were pure, holy, and righteous; and, they protect and atone for the generation. The people of Israel must protect themselves. They must understand that we cannot trust in the gentiles! Around Jerusalem and other places there are many terrorist gentiles who want to harm Israel; their plans will not go through. Jews must be vigilant, always ready; do not believe the gentiles. Dear Jews, do not tempt fate and do not go to dangerous places with dangerous gentiles, they are cruel and do not differentiate between Jews, watch over yourselves.

The forces of nature will continue around the world. Winds, storms, rain, ice, heat, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, it will all continue to strike the world along with conflict between and within countries. In the pure holy land of Israel, everything is good and will continue to be good. G-d promises that in Israel there will be only good, Jews living in Israel have nothing to worry about. The Israeli government must not be complacent and must not wait for what the world will say.

The IDF in the northern border must be ready with plans; do not, under any circumstances, send soldiers to the north. Be ready, and G-d will help.

Russia wants to control the Middle East, and tells the US that they failed and not to interfere. Russia told them not to interfere, and if they do, it will cost them dearly.

The United States has cold feet with Russia, it is a dead end. All of this is happening because they wanted peace with Iran, that is where their complications are.

Iran continues with the Russians, getting ammunition and weapons from them. The United States fills them with money, afraid that they will go with Russia in the end.

Dear Jews, Armageddon is abroad, not in Israel! Don't let them confuse you. Whoever tells you anything else is guessing and lying.

ISIS wants to control the world; they are also Armageddon, going among the Arabs and driving the world crazy.

Hamas, the Palestinians, Jihad, and Abu Mazen don't want peace. They want to destroy the state of Israel with weapons.

G-d will not let them destroy His country and the Jewish people, thanks to whom the entire world is alive.

In Syria the citizens continue to run, and it will continue to be destroyed.

Europe will continue to be filled with refugees and Muslims. The Muslims will control Europe in the end. Armageddon is going to Europe and other places in the world.

Jordan is still waiting, in conflict with itself and waiting for word from the United States.

In Egypt there is a big mess, nothing has changed.

Turkey is very busy, everything is a mix of ISIS and Turks there; it is complicated.

The Middle East, Europe, everywhere, they don't know what the day will bring, not even the United States. Everyone is confused because Russia is bombing Syria. The world is waiting to see what the day will bring. Everything stopped and is frozen; everyone is afraid of a third world war with nuclear weapons - there will not be such a war!

The state of Israel has nothing to fear from Russia or any other country in the world. There is great respect with Russia and G-d is with the state of Israel. Every Jew must obey the commandments and believe in the divine process.

This year, 5776, anyone who tries to fight with the state of Israel is fighting G-d directly, and no one can defeat G-d.    G-d can, in a millisecond, erase an entire country from the face of the earth, with a billion people.

Dear Jews, watch over your kids and keep them from assimilation, alcohol abuse, and gambling.

Jews in Israel, we are in a good and blessed year, we are on a good path. Everything is going forward in the state of Israel and in a good way! It will continue to be a good and blessed year. G-d is giving us faith to believe in Him.

This new year, 5776, will be a year that Jews in and out of Israel will feel, understand, know, see, and hear that there is salvation for the Jews in Israel and the world and that there is a Messiah who is King, that he is human and is guided by G-d in secret and very soon will be in public in front of the eyes of Israel and the world!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Month of Cheshvan

One of my dear readers sent me this post that I thought was very interesting and stimulating:

I am not looking to comment on its content until after the fact, but it is a fascinating analysis of what is brought down about the month of Mar-Cheshvan which starts this Tuesday night.  May it all come true.

Thank you dear reader (I usually don't use names).

Thursday, October 8, 2015

So, What Is Going On, and Why Are There Conflicts of Information?

I was not going to write about the recent posts on other blogs and the great inaccuracies that are being presented, but I am getting comments from my readers who are obviously very disappointed and confused. I have received enough comments and Emails (most of which I will not post) that I feel obligated to share my thoughts.

The most disturbing post was about a boy who had a near death experience and came back with many details to share. The problem is we already know that some of the details are totally bogus and therefore the credibility has been greatly lessened. I will not review all the points made, but will review enough to make the entire presentation suspicious.

The two statements that bother me the most are:

The war of Gog and Magog started on the 27th of Elul, the 11th of September 2015.
The leader of the free world is known up above as Gog. Gog is none other than... Barack Hussein Obama.
According to Ezekiel 38 and 39 and Zachariah 14, there will be three battles of Gog and Magog. The Chofetz Chaim explained it very miraculously by stating after World War 1, that a second and third world war will occur and they are the three battles described in Gog and Magog. Since WW1 was called the Great War and not WW1, the Chofetz Chaim had no way of telling that there would be a WW2 and WW3 except through Ruach Hakodesh from Tenach interpretation. He also explained that WW3 would be a spiritual war, which is exactly what has been going on for years. Yaakov has been attacked spiritually by both Edom and Yishmiel (there are many prophecies that have been fulfilled with this spiritual battle). He was correct leaving any talk of Gog and Magog as starting last month inaccurate. There are other Rabbis that believe that the 1948, 1967 and 1973 wars in Israel satisfied the three battles. No matter who you believe, there is no way that it started last month.

That brings me to the other problem. If we believe that Gog and Magog are the three world wars, who was Gog and even who was Magog? Since Obama was born in 1961, that leaves him out of the picture. The statement that Gog is the leader of the free world is true, but placing Obama as Gog has no basis except for the present spiritual war (which started long before the Obama presidency).

Another problem: what do the words Gog and Magog mean? Are they code names of leaders and a country that we haven’t figured out?

My research has proven that Gog means George. Believe it or not in Hebrew and English the name Gog appears -- GeOrGe in English and ג'ורג in Hebrew which contains גוג. There is no J sound in Hebrew unless you hear the Sephardi or even the Tameni pronunciation which is closer. No matter what the pronunciation, the letter gimel in Hebrew is equivalent to the G in English.  In other languages, George has the soft G sound, not a J sound.

If I am looking for a George in the three world wars, who are they? WW1 was King George the 5th. WW2 was King George the 6th. WW3 is King George the Bush. The entire effort by the New World Order cabal to institute WW3, eliminate 93% of the world population and put in a Communist one world government is being honchoed by the world leader, former CIA, former Vice-President and former President, George H W Bush. He is the chief of the evil cabal and Obama is one of his puppets. Obama is not Gog, but works for Gog to try to destroy the world and, even Israel. Remember that Gog Bush, Sr. created Al Qaeda, the Oslo Accord (which definitely was for the purpose of destroying Israel) and is even involved in supporting ISIS. Gog is running the show, not Obama. Why would Obama do such a thing? As of a few years ago I have verified that Obama has over 3 billion dollars in illegal off-shore accounts (I believe in the Cayman Islands, even though that I have not been able to verify). So Obama and the Clintons and Kerry and etc, etc etc, are in this for the money and power – what a surprise. By the way, the word in Hebrew for shame or embarrassment is Busha. What a coincidence?

But how about the name Obama appearing in Ezekiel 38 with only a 7 letter separation? Well, as I said, Obama is very involved since he is in the White House now instituting the Gog Bush agenda. He is an important Cog in the cabal, but not a Gog. Yes, we find Obama in Ezekiel with a skip rate of 7. But, let us look at a more pertinent verse, 38:3, which reads:

Thus said Hashem: Behold, I am against you, Gog, the prince, leader of Meshech and Tuval. Verse 4 I will lead you astray…

In Hebrew: 

...הנני אליר גוג נשיא משך ותבל: ושובבתיך

The Hebrew word for prince is Nausi which happens to be the word used in modern Hebrew for President. But the best part is in the name of the place Meshech and Tuval in Hebrew we find with skip rate of two (every other letter) BUSH. It even goes from left to right just like English.

משך ותבל

In the next word, we just happen to find BUSH again, this time no letter skip and also left to right.


What a coincidence and far more impressive than the Obama code.

But, what does the name Magog mean and how do we know it is the United States? In Hebrew the letter Mem before a word means “from.” So Magog means “from George.” What is the significance? The US is identified by the father of the nation, George Washington. To say that the US is described in the Bible as a country from the father of the nation, or “from George,” or Magog is very accurate. Extra note: WW1 was a false flag operation from the US of Magog. WW2 included false flag aspects, but there is nothing more telling than the source of financing that Hitler received for his war. He did not have the money, the armament, the fuel, etc to stage such a massive war until it was setup for him by, of all people, Prescott Bush, the father of Gog. Yes, WW2 occurred only through the auspices of the US of Magog.

There are many more details to all this that I can’t go into because they come from my secret sources in Washington and Europe (if I disclose the sources and/or the information, I will lose the source as I would get them in trouble). Just know that my research on all this is extensive and over decades including my time in the military and government that gave me access to very telling information. I also know and have confidence in the Midrash about the King of Damascus and the war between Edom and Persia (Yoma 10 and the Yalkut Shimoni), both of which will happen before Moshiach and both of which have not occurred yet (however, both seem to be on the verge of happening).

Everything that you see, especially on the web, should be taken lightly (including my dot-connecting). As we said in the prayer of Hallel last week, Hashem does what He wants. Since our thoughts are not His thoughts, we can only feel confident that all is coming from Hashem, and that all is for the good.

Read my post of 7 Oct 2012 entitled 
“Don't Expect What You Expect, but Expect the Unexpected,” 
Realize that the only source of what is happening and what will occur soon is Hashem. Yes, He told us in scriptures what will be, but the only truth to be seen is after the fact, not before. We can speculate all we want and listen to whoever we want, but the true message is very simple: We are in the End of Days and every indication is that the Geula and Moshiach are imminent. But the information is only to serve one purpose: to get us to do what we have to in order to come out the best at the time of Geula – the best Tikun we can. Hashem is helping us by whetting our appetite and giving us very definite signs of the end being near, only to help us. This is not a wait and see event, this is an exercise in preparation to do the best you can to succeed for the rest of eternity. Thank you Hashem.

Extra note: the messages from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, have been very encouraging and even giving a feeling of how close we are. But the last message that I posted said:

Dear Jews, there are seven locks that must be opened in order for G-d to crown the Messiah as King;six have been opened and the seventh is on its way!
Dear Jews, it will be opened this year!
May this year be the year of the revealing of the King Messiah, son of David!
This is encouraging but not as imminent sounding as before. Has the timing of events been changed? Did our performance during the holidays show we need more time for preparation? As I said, we will only know after the fact, but it still sounds good for the near future. Just do your part to cause it to happen.

The most important message I wish to convey is that we have a mitzvah in the Torah to eliminate Amalek, our arch enemy. If we find it hard to believe the truth about our enemies, we instead honor Amalek by releasing him from the evil deeds he does. We also honor Yishmiel by giving him credit for being intelligent enough to pull off such vicious evil. We did the same thing with 911, honoring Yishmiel by giving him credit for the most sophisticated controlled demolition in the history of the world, while we honored Amalek for helping, rather than carrying out such an evil plan and killing so many innocent people. It may seem like a simple mistake, but it is nothing short of a Chillul Hashem to desecrate a Torah mitzvah. If we take the killing of millions or perhaps billions of people lightly, as Amalek has planned, by accusing the wrong person, we do ourselves and the world a great disservice – one that we may pay a horrible price for eternity. If I am sounding overdramatic, then heed the fact that you and your loved ones are the target of Amalek, chas v’shalom. Don’t take it lightly.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Stop Threatening Me!!!

I received an excellent question that deserved a thorough answer. First the comment:

Hal October 2, 2015 at 6:52 AM
Why are you threatening people all the time? Are you a BT or a convert? There's a lot of Xianity in your approach.
My response:
If I am coming across as threatening, I humbly apologize, since those who know me will tell you that I am probably the least threatening, loving, caring pussy-cat of an individual that I can be (I have been working on those character traits for many years, not the pussy-cat part).

Why do I sound so threatening? Because, everyone in the world is being threatened and is in great danger. You probably are aware that the world is on the verge of World War 3, great threats from the global elite who want to kill off 93% of the world population for their evil Communist one world government called the “New World Order.” You are probably aware that the world is greatly unstable with the greatest earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc, etc, etc being imminent. There is your threat, not me. I am the one who is passing on Hashem’s message of why we are being threatened, and how to survive.

I started this blog 42 months ago to try to “save the world,” as is hinted above. Yes, the pointing out of our threatened situation is for the purpose of each one of us doing the right thing to survive and thrive. Everything that you may be reading as a threatening approach is the Torah answer on how to weather the threat. If I sound frustrated in my approach even to the point of sounding threatening, it is because we seem to be out of time, possibly within days. You are either getting Hashem’s message or you know better and are putting yourself and your loved ones in horrible danger. If that sounds threatening and I save your life as a result, you can thank me later for the threatening approach.

You ask about my very secular approach, and ask where from my background is this coming. I am a retired US Army Officer who for decade learned and taught the discipline on how to survive. I know that Hashem put me through such a career to give me the tools to help you. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that people are very undisciplined, with the brazen attitude of I’m OK, tell the other guy. Take notice of the way people drive. “Accidents don’t happen to me, they happen to the other guy” (until they happen to…). Since the majority of my readers are human beings, I have no doubt that sometimes I need to be a staunch military commander rather than the approach of the soft-spoken Rav.

I always look to the Torah for guidance. When Yaakov was ready to confront his brother Esav, Hashem told him not to worry, that He would protect him against his brother. Yaakov then set up military tactics for the meeting. He divided up his camp, had angels lead the way, brought gifts, etc. Wait a minute. Did Yaakov not trust Hashem’s word of protection? Why would he go to so much trouble after being told: Don’t worry? The Torah tells us that Yaakov didn’t feel that he was worthy of such protection from Hashem. It wasn’t Hashem that he doubted, but himself.

We should all feel exactly the same way as Yaakov with the upcoming possible craziness in the world. Instead of each one of us feeling that we have turned to Hashem and are doing the right thing, we should all be doing the best Teshuvah, repentance and telling Hashem how unworthy we feel to receive His Divine protection. We just spent 10 days repeating that theme after weeks of Selichos asking for forgiveness. Are we that unsure of ourselves that we are not doing enough to serve Hashem? You better believe it. Anyone who is arrogant enough to think “I am good to go, it’s the other guy who needs help,” that individual is in trouble. If I have to sound threatening to save that individual’s life and the lives of his or her loved ones, then consider me threatening. If it seems like I am having a secular moment in my approach, so be it, if it works.

I love my fellow Jew and all righteous non-Jews and whatever it takes to help them, that is my purpose here. You can thank me later when we meet Moshiach together at the Temple.