Monday, July 14, 2014

The Miracles Continue

The fact that we are experiencing miracles every day lets us know that Hashem is completely running the show.  There are so many subtle things that are overlooked by most, yet very significantly a message from Hashem.  You probably saw in the news about the gas station that was completely destroyed when it was hit by a missile and went up in flames.  What they didn't tell you is that we are hearing about a particular gas station that refused to close on Shabbos, even though I believe all the other stations in that town did close.

One question that has been asked: why is Israel still supplying electricity to Gaza?  Do we enjoy helping our enemy so much, to facilitate their destroying us more efficiently?  The Knesset seems to be more worried about world opinion than helping Israel.  So Hashem decided to send a message.  One of the rockets being sent to Israel hit a power line and knocked out power to about 70,000 Gaza residents.  Netanyahu stated that it would be too dangerous for electric company personnel to go in and repair the damage.  Cute!!!  Hashem does what our leaders are afraid to do.  I forgot to mention that the people under the leadership of the PA and Hamas who receive their utilities from Israel owe the electric company 1.5 billion shekels – they just don’t pay their bills.  The electric company wants to cut them off, but the crazy, cowardly Knesset couldn’t do it.  After all, they would have to answer to the world why we are not helping those who want to kill us.

If you want to read more about the electric miracle, go to “Moshiach is Coming,” and click on the article from the Jewish Press:

There are so many subtle miracles happening that will never make the news, but should not be ignored – it is continued chizuk from Hashem and a continued sign that the happy ending is near.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

More Exciting Tidbits

I heard that a Rav went to Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, recently to ask for a haskamah (approval) letter for his soon to be published book.  The book is about Eicha, lamentations that we read on Tisha B’Av.  Rav Chaim said it won't be needed this year.  Rav Chaim, who recently told us that Moshiach is at the door, is hinting to the fact that the mourning and fasting of Tisha B’Av will revert to a feast day.  Tradition has it that when Moshiach is announced, Tisha B’Av will change from a fast day of lamentations to a feast day of celebration.  Does that mean that Moshiach will be announced within the next three weeks?  With all that is happening in the world, especially in Israel, I think it is looking very good, B”H

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, - Parasha Pinchas, 8 Tammuz תשעד


G-d, King of Kings, is asking all civilians of the state of Israel, the government of Israel, the Mossad and GSS, to urgently give backup to the IDF soldiers, who are loyally, honestly, and truthfully doing their work!  All of the media outlets who film all kinds of things to harm and demoralize the IDF soldiers - it is all a lie!  It is not true, not accurate, and greatly exaggerated.  The modern world, modern media, process, edit, and distort the images, exaggerate and upload it to the media - it is not the truth!  G-d is asking all Israeli civilians, the government of Israel, the GSS, Mossad and Jews living overseas, to give strong backup to the defense and mission of the IDF soldiers.

The IDF soldiers defend and watch over the holy land.  Thanks to them, the orthodox, religious and nonreligious citizens can live.  Thanks to the IDF soldiers they sleep well at night, learn well and pray well.

The IDF soldiers are in very dangerous places doing holy work to save the state of Israel.

The government of Israel is in the process of making very difficult and important decisions in order to make conclusions concerning who they are dealing with.  They have finally made those conclusions. There is no faith in the Palestinians, the Hamas, the Jihad, and some of the Arabs in Israel, none!  The government of Israel, Mossad, and GSS need to remove the leaders of Hamas; they are the ones rioting in Israel.  They are inciting a large part of the Arabs in Judea and Samaria and in the north to create riots – it is all the work of Hamas.

We fully believe that the Mossad and GSS will get to them and remove them from this world – remove them from the root.  They are brainwashing the Arabs in Israel, inciting and causing harsh riots in the state of Israel.  Nothing will help them.  They will fall on their own swords; their bows will break and the Mossad and GSS will destroy them.

The leaders of the Hamas, Palestinians, Fatah, Jihad, and Abu Mazen are pretending to be sweet and pleasant peace lovers.  They are all working together, and nothing will help them.  Abu Mazen has convinced the Hamas and all those looking to harm the state of Israel and the Jews.  He promised them parts of the holy land of Israel and there was a long period of silence.  When the Hamas saw that they are getting nothing , they decided to disrupt the quiet before the storm.  The Hamas and all the leaders saw that there is no chance to deceive, lie and fool the state of Israel and the Jews; they decided to fight now.  Hamas' and Abu Mazen's deception to hurt and destroy the state of Israel has been discovered!  All of the released terrorists have created a gang of terrorists.  The Mossad and GSS, quietly will arrest all of the Hamas leaders and all those who want to harm the state of Israel.  They are still planning to kidnap IDF soldiers and young boys; they continue as usual with lots of gangs. Because of summer vacation, there needs to be a watchful eye on the children of Israel, especially since the Hamas and Palestinians know, heaven forbid, when to surprise.  Do not trust the quiet, watch the children in safe places.  Don't say "it is quiet now", there is no faith in them.

In the Gaza Strip Hamas and the Palestinians have weapons that are more modern than what they had three years ago.  They have more devices to set more accurate targets and they are using them.

One Arab has been killed, it is unknown who killed him and they rioted.  We lost three pure righteous children, make your own conclusions.

The Hamas, Palestinians, Abu Mazen and all of the terrorist leaders are accomplices in kidnapping the righteous kids.  There are many more gangs working together with the kidnappers who murdered the three kids, they are not alone.  The Mossad and GSS will catch them all, don't worry, G-d will help them.  They need to remove the Hamas leaders and all those who want to harm Israel so that they are a flock without a shepherd.

The great pain and sadness over the three murdered kids will never be forgotten.  Every Jew wept and shared the pain.

Jewish women married to Arabs are the greatest danger in the world to Jews.

G-d will continue with the earthquakes, harsh winds, storms, fires, floods, natural disasters in every place, and disasters with trains, airplanes and ships.

Animals will go crazy and harm humans.  Dear Jews, do not go to a mixed beach!  Germs will come out of the ocean, small and large animals to harm the people at mixed beaches.  There is judgment in heaven and earth, do not mess with G-d!

Jordan is getting new immigrants from Iraq and is continuing to get refugees from Syria and Hamas and is on the brink of collapsing.

Turkey continues to get refugees and immigrants from Syria and is on the verge of collapsing.

Syria will continue to be erased.

The border with Jordan must urgently be closed with a strong concrete wall so that not even one refugee from Jordan enters.  This is an opening which can't be stopped and will bring millions, the government of Israel must be careful.

Iran wants to look like a giant, like it is helping the Americans in Iraq, but it is a very close friend with the Russians.  The Americans are delusional; they don't know that the Iranians and Arab countries are volatile.  Iran can't do anything to Israel – any country or any person in the world who wants to harm Israel, G-d will eradicate them from the face of the earth.

Egypt is in conflict with the Hamas.  A golden platter filled with swords and troubles from the Hamas awaits Sisi.  We are showing Sisi who the Hamas really is.

The IDF must not trust the Lebanese border.  Nasrallah and Hezbollah are waiting for orders from Iran to surprise the northern border.  Despite the fact that they are being erased because they have no backup from Syria, the IDF needs to make sure no ammunition reaches them from Syria and Iran.

All the white and black collars, the corrupt and corrupters, the cheaters and deceivers who cheat Jews, should wait in line, they will all be revealed.  G-d is in pain when a Jew cheats a Jew.  Every thief will hang.

Jews in Israel need to be very happy that there is a minister in parliament who decided to close supermarkets on the Sabbath.  He is being strengthened from the heavens because the Sabbath is the life and defense of the people of Israel.

G-d is doing everything so that the people of Israel will shout out to have the Messiah crowned in our generation; we will do everything to make it in our generation.  G-d promises that it will be in our generation!  Like it or not, the crowning of the Messiah will be in our generation!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Sunday 1 Tammuz – Parashat BALAK, תשעד

The Master of the Universe will not give in to any land or any country in the world – anyone who wants to harm and destroy the Holy Land of Israel!  All countries in Europe, which go against the settlements and the Holy Land, we shouldn’t be afraid of them, they cannot do anything.   Do not fear them; go forward with full confidence and faith in the Almighty!  The Land of Israel is the source of blessing.  No one can interfere and stop the blessing.  Economics of the Holy Land of Israel – no one in the world, not a country, not a person, can interfere!  Look what the Creator will do to them; He will ruin their economy, as they wanted to do, measure for measure, to Israel.  Their swords will go in their own hearts; their arrows will break and cause themselves damage.

(This drasha was given before the situation of the hostages was known.  I have eliminated paragraphs asking for us to continue praying for their safe return.)

Hamas, Palestinians, Abbas and Hamas chief executive, know exactly what happened with the hostages and what will happens to them.  Abu Mazen was aware of the situation for sure, yet played the Man of Peace.

All those who shoots missiles is doing a disgusting thing!  They are all working together -- Abbas, Fatah and Hamas CEO.  They deny knowing who makes these missiles – as if it were a new idea.  Hamas is the seed of Amalek, this is the mistake that King Saul made, who didn’t listen to Hashem.

Big warning to the Israeli government, the Mossad and the Shin Bet: not to be squeamish!  Not Jordan, not Syria, not with any other country, be careful accepting refugees from Jordan, Syria or any other country!  Not accept them!  Watch out!  If the smallest opening, the State of Israel will not exist.  The smallest opening will grow to millions (of refugees).  This is one of their goals; don’t live in allusions, watch out!  Jews have nowhere to go, the whole world has places to live – the Jews do not.  Jew-hatred is getting more difficult, other countries will not accept even one Jew.

Some of the Arabs in the Judea and Samaria are the most extreme, hate the Jews, and act as if all is well.  The Holy One, Blessed is He, says: 'My children wake up, keep your souls!'

Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Hamas, Fatah and the Palestinians, are all one arm against the land of Israel. All the Middle East is burning, complex and complicated.  The Creator shows the people of Israel that in all the other nations there is in-fighting and murdering in cold blood; you cannot believe any country in the world.  They should not cooperate with any Arab country.  Do not let the infiltrators and refugees invade from Syria, Jordan and Judea and Samaria toward the rest of Israel.

Gaza cannot restrain themselves, but only want to send missiles.  They think that the IDF is one person.  They do this to get the IDF to leave Hebron and focus more activity in Gaza.  The IDF is impossible to confuse!  The IDF is the most powerful army in the world – they know when to attack and when to turn ignore.

This week the children of Israel are out on vacation.  Only the regions that are in danger of missile fire will need to take care of the children and to insure that they are in protected buildings while on the vacation, not wandering the streets.  Parents work for livelihood yet need to guard their children.  Every town and city is providing national service girls and women to take care of children to be protected against missiles from the Gaza Strip, while the parents are at work and cannot protect children.

Not all Arabs with blue ID cards are loyal to Israel.  Soldiers should be vigil on the home front and pay attention to traffic, from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and places that connect to Israel.

Israel's economy will continue to flourish and grow; every blessing exists in the land of Israel. The Land of Israel is the source of blessing and it is spreading to the world – thanks to Israel, the world exists!  Although Israel is a small country, it is of high quality to be in it – welcome and enjoy!

Dear Jews you should know that no one can harm the State of Israel, have no fear!  Go with heads held high and with confidence!

Jew-hatred outside of Israel exceeds all bounds!  Jews, hurry, hurry, come to Israel it is Urgent! Do not wait to be, G-d forbid, in the situation that the Jews were in decades ago.  Today Jew-hatred is sophisticated and elegant; and, they slowly hurt, break and destroy the Jews in exile.  All Jews have a job, a living, a good life in protected Israel.  The Creator asks: Enough with these words of doom, it will not happen to us!   Those who say such things do not believe the Holy One, Blessed is He.

Syria crumbles, to be deleted from the Earth.

Iraq is crumbling, to be wiped off the earth.

Turkey is bursting with the influx of refugees; they do not know what to do.  They do not openly oppose them because they are "like" a modern state.

Jordan has scared and terrified refugees from Syria and Iraq.  It is becoming chaotic.

Egypt, Sisi thinks he caught a big fish – he caught nothing.  There will be problems with all his people.  There will be no peace in Egypt – the hunger gnaws and the famine is very difficult.

They fire from Gaza in all directions and say it is another organization – liars and cheats!  Palestinians and Hamas are together.

Natural disasters continue on sea, land, air and fire.  The Creator has even raised the threshold for all those who want to disturb the people of Israel, to insure that the state, country or person has something to occupy them.

All white and black collar individuals, all institutions of Israel, all departments in the government and military, religious and non-religious, repent urgently and stop negative acts, corruption, fraud.  "Keep Me and I will keep you.”  He who repents will be saved.  Do not say "it will not happen.  The Creator purifies everyone and gives everyone the opportunity to stop the corruption, those who repent immediately, will not be discovered.  Say "it will not happen,” and expect to be discovered.

The Creator said: The world is in chaos for nothing?  The land is in chaos for nothing? Our Heavenly Father runs the world!  Fruit and vegetable trees grow from a small seed.  Fish eggs produce billions of fish.  From a small drop are born beasts, animals and humans.  Who can dare not to believe that our Father in Heaven rules the world!

The Almighty says: "What remains yet to be proven?  I've done it and you do not see!

The redemption of Israel began on the day of Independence; the Messiah comes, acts and works wonders and miracles in secret.  If it was not secret, all might think, G-d forbid, that he is G-d and they would make him an idol.  Until he will be crowned by G-d, everything will be secret!  Signs and wonders in secret.  The Creator expects the cries of the Jews and the Torah sages, asking the Holy Blessed One to crown King Messiah Now!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parshas Chukas תשעד

The Holy One, Blessed is He, everything starts and ends with Him.  The three boys who were abducted, have righteous souls.  Only mass prayer, that have been ongoing, will continue -- praying that the Almighty will reveal where they are and will find them alive, safe and well.  The prayer will help the Israeli Defense Force, IDF, reveal them and ease the pain of the mothers.  We Jews do not fully understand the language of the Hashem.  Every morning our prayers ask the Holy One, Blessed is He, all kinds of requests and messages, that we ourselves are not sufficiently aware of what we are saying.

What's happening with righteous youths – Hamas received backing through their interactions with those Israeli Arabs of high status.  They give them help which provides strengthening shame since the media gives them a platform.

The IDF and the ISA, should catch the main bosses, leaders – those who were liberated from prison.  They know more than anyone else.

Jewish people of Israel will continue to pray.  Do not despair – there is always a positive thought to save the righteous youths and increase charity and kindness.  Israel’s prayers to Hashem have been strong during these days and will not diminish!  Prayer will protect the IDF and, with Hashem’s help, the righteous youths will be found alive and well!

The IDF is doing all that they can, above and beyond and from the heart, to find the righteous youths!  They also do their best to rescue the boys and not get hurt.  It is possible to use sniffer dogs in the places that the boys may be held.  The soldiers should  not get tired and lose their calm.  This is the largest trial for the IDF.  They should approach Hebron and other areas with a strong arm and not give in to terrorism and Hamas!

There are no small groups of Israeli Arabs who cooperate with Hamas.  Continue to hold the leaders who had instituted changes; they have the key and know very well what is going on with the boys.  They have been for three consecutive years making plans to kidnap Israeli soldiers. We Jews are asking Hashem to help us find the boys alive and well with no soldier being hurt.

Syrian citizens have scattered to all Arab countries.  We are seeing the end of Syria.  There is no help for them.  Hashem will continue to eliminate them and let them deal with themselves.

Iran, the world is getting the misimpression that she loves the United States and is a friend of the Americans.  Now she wants to help Iraq to show that it is a great power.  Iran is going into Iraq, as are the Americans, and there will be a mess.  Whoever touches Israel, Hashem touches and hurts them.

There is great pressure on Jordan with everything that happens.  And everyone is saying that whatever happens - happens against them.  They always thought they were receiving special consideration, but they have received over a million refugees from Syria, over 700 thousand Iraqis and continue to receive tens of thousands of Hamas.  Jordan will be eaten up in a different way – a land that devours its inhabitants.

West Bank, even though the Arabs give the impression to the Israelis that they are with them, some of them are waiting for an uprising against Israel.  They are working in a nice way with Israelis, but are waiting for approval to disrupt.  Approval comes through the media and through their messengers in Ramallah, Nablus and other places to coordinate with them.  Hamas and the Palestinians want the Israeli government to get down on her knees to negotiate the hostages.

Turkey.  Have patience, there will be a revolution.  There are hundreds of thousands of refugees coming into Turkey, and the citizens cannot tolerate the influx.

Egypt.  Hamas wants to take over the new government.  Hamas works in secret, not in public, waiting for Sisi to make great changes in Egypt.  There is presently a great famine in Egypt with no bread and no food.

Gaza.  Hamas is firing missiles and are jubilant, happy and are taunting Israel.  Israel has a lot of discretion, so as not to be drawn into the war.

The government of Israel is aware that every house in the Gaza Strip has heavy ammunition – very, very, very much!  They are continuing to dig tunnels.  They think that no one sees them and that nothing is happened.  They teach and guide the Hamas in Hebron how to dig tunnels, even though it is an area full of rocks.

Hamas was to give the Palestinians peace, but everything is fake.  They were friends long ago, so they can work together collaboratively to attack Israel.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are drowning in the mud; they are messing with Syria and the rebels.

All members of the peace delegation, journalists and other people who want peace with the Palestinians, please, the government of Israel is not doing anything wrong!  Stop agitating the people; let the government of Israel to do its work quietly!  They should listen to the Israeli government and not fight it and degrade it.  Jews are forbidden to defame Jews.  We must unite to save the State of Israel and to preserve every piece of land of Israel, for all Jews.  There is no one to protect us.  Only Hashem will protect Israel.

Further explain and teach the soldiers and every Jew what it may face from accepting rides. Hamas, do not pity them – they are the seed of Amalek.

IDF knows that dangerous terrorists are in every hole and in every home.  They must be very careful, everyone and especially the soldiers.  The situation is not easy at all and it needs Hashem’s help with heavy prayer to Him!

The world’s natural disasters continue; all the strange things that are happening, we never could have dreamed about.

Jews who live outside Israel: as long as you are still alive, run away!

Each state and country that wishes to intervene in Israel and wants to give away parts of the Land of Israel, even a single inch, will harm themselves.  What is happening in the Ukraine will continue to run from the land to land like wildfire.  Trouble is in Europe and soon the United States.  The Jewish situation is more difficult than ever, the materialism that is holding them. We should renounce the materialism and fly to Israel!  Whoever goes against Hashem never wins! Jew-hatred is going to get stronger and stronger.  Millions of Jews will arrive shortly and settle the Negev, the western Galilee, Samaria, and Benjamin.  Holy Land belongs to the Hashem!  Woe to anyone who touches an inch from the holy land!  It is not Gush Katif.  Gush Katif will return to Israeli control - patience.  Gush Katif is a one-time warning and will not be repeated.

The Creator killed a whole generation in the desert.  The spies heard a voice, mocked the holy land, and spoke slander the Holy Land.  Creator delayed entry to Israel - for forty years!

The world is complicated and day by day will be even more complicated.  The sacred land of Israel will be in purity and holiness; and, the kingdom will rule over the whole world!  The big day should arrive, the day of the Messiah; and that it will be very soon.  With his coming there will be order in Israel and the world, but the world will enter into chaos and destruction before the time of order.