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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayeishev, 17 Kislev 5776 (29/11/15)

Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy, Creator of the World - the world is His and in His honor alone. We came to this world to obey the will of G-d and if we do as He wishes, He will do as we wish.

We see what is happening in the world, we see the leadership of G-d, how He guides each country, creates conflict within each country, brings the rain and floods, winds and storms, complications and conflict, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Now we really see how G-d watches over the earth from beginning to end. G-d is bringing back an eye for an eye to each country that harms Israel and the Jewish people within the holy land. G-d will harm them one, two, or three days after, He will never forget any country that harms the state of Israel or the Jews living in Israel.

Arduan dishonored Israel with the Marmara, and now G-d dishonors him and humiliates him to dust. Turkey is filled with ISIS and is funding ISIS. Turkey is a by station for ISIS, from Syria to Turkey and into Europe. This is the reason that the Russians are bombing ISIS in Syria, so that they don't get to Russia.

Russia doesn't care about right or wrong, whoever harms them gets in trouble. Russia is bringing order and whoever goes against them is handled - that is Russia. Whoever causes even the smallest problem for Putin gets twice as much back so that others can see and know that ISIS will not come into Russia. Russia is working secretly and has gone quietly into Syria.

The United States is working in the open, talking with the Israeli government to establish a Palestinian state. Do not give into the United States; it wants to draw in countries so that it can rule the Middle East. It will not work and they will rule nothing. Some of the US leaders are wasting the time of the state and government of Israel - stop it!

The government of Israel must never ever give away even a centimeter of land, do not believe in this peace. The US has an interest in this peace; it is not for the benefit of the state of Israel. Don't let them tell you that what happened in Gush Katif is just the beginning. It was a onetime thing and Gush Katif will return to Israel; remember that!

The government of Israel should feel sorry for every centimeter within the state of Israel that Jewish blood is spilled and fight for it! This has belonged to our ancestors for thousands of years; do not give even one centimeter to the gentiles! This way G-d will be happy and will make all of your wishes come true.

ISIS will continue with the attacks in Europe and the United States. The IDF must be vigilant in East Jerusalem and the south and northern borders. Hamas is in the Gaza Strip waiting with the Palestinians, and continuing with the tunnels towards settlements and army bases - do not believe them, monitor their digging. The Palestinians don't want peace, they want another and another part of land for peace, and to take, heaven forbid, the entire land of Israel. They see that the government of Israel is making a gesture, doing what they can for them, and they get greedy. The state of Israel must not give weapons to the Arabs! They are organized, one entity, and they can cry but it is an act.

The Arabs have a lot of countries, they can go live there. Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world and the Arab countries have huge pieces of land that can house even one hundred million Palestinians and Hamas members, they need to stop bothering Israel.

They have they own way in the West Bank and Hebron, they are training and there are people that fill them with confidence and courage. They help each other through the internet and social networks.

Iran is happy about everything that is happening in the world with the Russians, the Turks and the Americans, like Iran has been forgotten. It continues with the atomic bomb as usual and is doing as it pleases without interruption.

Egypt has big problems, the extreme Islamists are getting stronger and they don't want Sisi. Sisi is doing a great job and wants Egypt to be modern and the extremists want to bring Egypt back to be primitive. There is heavy hunger in Egypt and not enough work. The extremists want to take money from the rich, that is why there are riots and it is not in the media. Sisi should not trust anyone around him; he needs to search for the heads in the Sinai desert. Sisi needs to be vigilant 24 hours a day, he is the best option for Egypt and they want to harm him to bring chaos to Egypt.

Syria is dying.

Jordan is filled with refugees; four million refugees are eating it alive. Jordan is waiting to get land from Israel and put the refugees on the border. What we are writing now is exactly how it is happening!

Lebanon is deathly afraid, Nasrallah and Hezbollah are deathly afraid. They see Syria being wiped off the face of the earth and they are scared also because all of the ammunition from Iran is being destroyed on the way by the IDF.

The entire world is in chaos, the entire world is going to be Armageddon. In Israel, the Holy Land, through which the world exists, there is gold, silver, diamonds, oil, gas, real estate, and work for everyone. There will never be a work problem in Israel!

Those who were harmed from attacks and car accidents must open their eyes and be more vigilant. Every Jewish driver must open his eyes and be vigilant and ready, eyes on the road and follow the law so you do not get harmed in an accident. All of the Jews and Jewish soldiers - be vigilant and don't believe any Arab, always be suspicious and watch over yourselves so that no Jew is harmed. If you say "it won't happen to me", and get complacent and don't watch over yourself, the heavens won't watch over you.

Dear Jews, you have a soul and it is part of G-d above, all of the Jews are merciful. Left or right, there is no difference, a Jew is a Jew! You must unite, be one body and one soul and don't disrespect or harm any Jew. Whoever curses another Jew curses himself, and the other Jew is blessed - so says  G-d in the Torah. Dear Jews there is no faith in the gentiles, they are losing it because they don't have a soul or mercy.

All of the IDF officers must work together don't work alone.

All of the white and black collars, the adulterers, thieves, bribers, if you do not repent you will be discovered in the media from small to large, religious or secular.

The forces of nature continue to do their work all over the world except for Israel.

The government of Israel must work with the Israeli youths and solve the problems of drugs, alcohol abuse, gambling and assimilation. These are the hardest things and they are destroying the future of the Jewish people. The government must see this as top priority, before everything; take care of the future of the people of Israel!

G-d is speaking to the Jews abroad, obligating them and asking them to come urgently to Israel to live in the holy land! Even Jews who are married to gentiles must come and convert them, this is your opportunity and there won't be many more. Do not mess with G-d's requests. All of the conflict that G-d is doing around the world is so that Israel is left alone, and so that the Jews around the world run to Israel. Anti-Semitism continues to strike harder, much more than you think. Jews must not say "it will not happen to me" because it will start with you.

All of the Rabbis and Torah greats in Yeshivot make time to cry out to G-d not to give parts of Israel away! The government of Israel must not give in to those who want to harm Israel! The Jews of Israel and the world are aware, and everyone in the world knows that there is a spiritual leader, a man of G-d called the Messiah who gives strength, protection, and watches over the state of Israel. In this generation, The Messiah is the man of G-d; that is why the people of Israel are protected from all angles! We, the Jews, must watch over ourselves. To the believer and non-believer - the Messiah is here, working and taking care of and guiding the people of Israel. Through what is happening in the world and in Israel, most of the Jews come closer to G-d. Soon, they will see the actions of the man of G-d in public; he will come out of hiding.

Hanukah is a happy holiday with miracles and wonders, and it will continue!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Who Owns This Land?

There is no land in the world that is more controversial than the land of Israel.  Wars have been fought over it and, for some strange reason, this country, the size of the state of New Jersey, is in the news and on the agenda of many governments and the United Nations, more than any other country in the world (except, perhaps, for the US of A).  Why?

The answer has a similar connotation to another popular topic – Jew hatred.  It is all from the Owner of the land, Who wants the most important place in the universe to thrive.  Who is the real Owner of the land?  HASHEM!!!!!!!!!!  Of course; He owns the entire universe, so the Land of Israel is on the same deed.  But, what did the Owner say about the land?  Also, in all fairness to the world, especially those who don’t go by the word of this Owner, what does international law say about this land?

Israel was the name given to Jacob after he fought the angel, Genesis 32:25-29.  Hashem also told Jacob directly that he would be called Israel.  The country was named the Land of Israel meaning that Hashem told Jacob, or Israel, that this land belongs to his descendants.  Of course, this was the same message that was given to Jacob’s father, Isaac and his grandfather, Abraham.  Later it was told to Moses and all the Israelites (called as such since they were the descendants of Israel).  The Jews, or as they were referred to in the time of Abraham, the Hebrews have dwelled in this land for over 3700 years.  Even with exiles, which were accompanied with the destruction of the Temples and more, there has always been a Jewish presence in the land of Israel.  So it looks like, biblically, the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews and has for thousands of years.  All the peoples who were in the land, the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Amorites, the Perizzites, the Jebusites and any other Parasites (I made up the last one) were all occupiers and not owners of the land.

Moses was even told exactly where the borders are.  Miraculously, those borders match the area that the Jews live in today.  This is a map from Artscoll (right) depicting the borders that Moses was told would be the land for the Israelites.  I am comparing the map to a satellite view which shows what we call the Green line, the area the Jews live in today. This is the area that has produced because of our return to the land (left) as the Torah prophesied (that is why it is green).  What a coincidence (I know, there is no such thing) that the borders described in the Torah match the area where Jews are today – this must be the end of days.

We are told in the Bible that when the Jews return to their homeland, this land that has remained desolate for 1880 years will miraculously start to produce.  After 1948 this totally useless land that many cultures tried unsuccessfully to cultivate, became some of the most fertile producing farmland in the world.  Hundreds of millions of trees have been planted since 1948 and Israel in present time exports produce in great quantity.  They even designated the area where the Jews live “the green line” since the areas where non-Jews live is still not fertile and still remains desert (check the satellite picture above).  This is a strong message from Hashem that His people are returning and the end of history, as we know it, is about to occur.

One question that I have is how long do you have to live in the land before you are considered a permanent dweller and not a SETTLER?  If 3700 years isn't enough, then the entire world, especially the US, should be called settlements.  After all, when the Colonists occupied the land that belonged to the British, French, Spanish, Dutch, Germans, the Indians (let us not forget them), etc, were they called occupiers and settlers?  Why is Israel under a different standard than other nations?  Rhetorical question -- I know the answer.

Let’s talk international law.

With the second exile in the year 68, some crazy Roman renamed the country Palestine (mostly because he couldn’t pronoun Philistine).  Even in the 1880 years, that the country was erroneously called Palestine, there was still a presence by its designated owner, the Jews.  Here is the funny part: before 1948, the Palestinians were the Jews.  I have neighbors who were born here before 1948 who joke about the fact that they were the real Palestinians.  The Arabs would never use that name and, in turn, called themselves Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Egyptians, etc.  In other words they went by their place of birth, since they were not of the land of Israel.

When Palestine finally returned to its proper name, the Jews returned to the name Israeli in 1948.  The Arabs didn’t accept that name at all.  It is important to note that Palestine was never a sovereign nation and that the name the land of Israel goes back thousands of years – not made up in 1948.  What is my proof?  Do you remember King David, King Solomon, King etc, etc, etc, they were the kings of Israel, not Palestine, not Canaan and not of any other name.

In 1964, the Palestine Liberation Organization, PLO, formed.  It was a terrorist group under Yasser Arafat with the help of Abu Mazen, who we know now by his other name Mahmoud Abbas (he put on a suit to try to look less like a terrorist and more like a decent person – it didn’t work).  They started a very well organized propaganda campaign and pretended that the Arabs who live in Israel were the real Palestinians.

The British Mandate (in effect, British rule) of Palestine, including the Balfour Declaration, was confirmed by the League of Nations in 1922 at the San Remo conference.  It came into effect by treaty in 1923.  The boundaries of Palestine were drawn by the British and included modern Jordan, which was called Trans-Jordanian Palestine (you mean there is a Palestine that exists today that is much bigger than Israel and is being hidden and lied about?).  The declaration included the wording “His Majesty's government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.”  Watch this excellent short video.  It says a lot:

This eventually led to the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 by the newly formed United Nations.  The problem was that the UN took away 82% of the land designated for the Jews including most of the area that was biblical Israel.  This was done by a UN resolution, which by international law is not binding and definitely does not replace a treaty.  It was well known that the United States State Department advised the then President Harry Truman to sign in favor of the Jewish state, but only because the US was convinced that 5 mighty Arab armies would obliterate this new nation.  How noble of the US and many other Jew-hating countries who thought they had the next “final solution.”

Hashem had other plans.  To this day the US military will never teach the tactics of the Israeli military used in the 1948 war since miracles aren’t part of military tactical training.  Israel had no army to speak of, no armament to fight with and only One top General to lead them – Hashem.  I guarantee that Israel in every war that followed (1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 1991, 2006, and all the terrorist attacks in between) was not as mighty as they thought and has always relied on great miracles to experience the success they enjoyed.

So what does it mean when you see in the news how Israel is constantly trying to occupy Arab land?  It is the most effective propaganda from terrorist groups and has the complete support of the Jew-hating media and Jew hating nations of the world.  All of the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea is Israel by international law.  The only way that land can be given to someone else is by a legal treaty such as the treaty that resulted from the San Remo Conference, 1920 (ratified by 51 nations), that gave the Land of Palestine back to its owners, the Jews.  The UN resolution of 1947, the Oslo Accord of 1993 and any other bogus agreements to give the land away are not legal by international law – it can only be accomplished with a treaty, not a resolution and not an accord.

Another consideration is that any country that is attacked and wins territory in that war, keeps it according to the Geneva Convention.  Why does Israel have to give back land to Arab terrorist organizations that they won in war, and belonged to Israel in the first place?  What is even more interesting is that the 19 years that Judea and Samaria were in the hands of the Jordanians according to the UN Resolution, Jordan never annexed the land.  In other words, the so-called West Bank was never a part of sovereign Jordan.  Why?  Jordan really didn’t want the land, they, as today were only interested in getting rid of the so-called Palestinian refugees who were living in Jordan.

The Arabs of the Middle East have about 650 times the amount of land that the Jews have.  If we talk about Islamist countries, we increase to over 1000 times the land area that the Jews have.  The Jews are in great shortage of land, the Arabs are not.  What is even worse is that the Arabs don’t even want the land.  When we hear speeches in English they talk of the horrors of the Jews stealing their land.  When they talk in Arabic (in their mosques, for instance) they tell their true agenda – we want all the infidels dead, the world is meant to be totally Muslim.  What is even sadder is their popular expression “first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.”  In other words the bottom line is to kill all the non-Muslims and make the entire planet Islamic. It is even in the Quran that if an individual accepts Islam, he is allowed to live; if he doesn’t accept Islam he must die.  They are making great strides since the Jew-hating gentile world supports their efforts even though it would mean the demise of all gentile nations.  I wish Israel’s propaganda was that good.  Bottom line is the only occupied territory in Israel is the Arabs occupying Jewish land (by international law).

All this is prophesied in the Torah.  In the book of Deuteronomy 32:21, Hashem tells us “They have moved Me to jealousy with that which is not G-d, they have provoked Me to anger with their vanities; and I will move them to jealousy with those which are a non-people; I will provoke them to anger with a foolish, senseless nation.”  In other words, Hashem is telling us that when we are not doing His will (since Israel is being run by a secular government that does a lot of improper things) he will provoke us with a vile people who are not a sovereign nation but, as in this case a bunch of terrorists, pretending to be a government.

There was an organization that wrote an article in their newly published magazine several years ago.  They said “We know the land belongs to you, but as long as you fear people more than you fear G-d, you do not deserve the land.”  Who said such a truism?  It appeared in the first addition of the new Al Qaeda magazine.  Our enemy knows more about our mistakes than we do, since Hashem uses them to bring us around to what we are supposed to be doing in this world.

It is interesting to note that Jerusalem, the so-called third holiest city to Islam, is not even mentioned in the Quran – that’s right zero times you will find Jerusalem.  However, it does say in the Quran that the land promised to Moses is for the Jews – all of it.

Mohammed was honest and acknowledged the special relationship of the Jewish people with G-d and the land He gave them:
[Sura 5:20] Recall that Moses said to his people (the Jews), "O my people, remember G-D's blessings upon you: He appointed prophets from among you, made you kings, and granted you what He never granted any other people."
[Sura 5:21] "O my people, enter the holy land (Israel) that G-D has decreed for you, and do not rebel, lest you become losers."
Later in the Quran, in order to make it clear and leave no doubts that the G-d of the Jews had given ownership of the land to the Jews and even set the mission of the Jews, Mohammed took additional time to repeat the writing of the Torah in Sura 7 about the Jews and Moses:
[Sura 7:137] "We let the oppressed people inherit the land, east and west, and we blessed it. The blessed commands of your L-rd were thus fulfilled for the Children of Israel, to reward them for their steadfastness, and we annihilated the works of Pharaoh and his people and everything they harvested."
[Sura 7:144] He said, "O Moses, I have chosen you (the Jews), out of all the people, with My messages and by speaking to you. Therefore, take what I have given you and be appreciative."
I really wish Israel’s propaganda was that good!  If Israel would start telling the truth about the land, the people who own it and the history that created it, the world would respect Israel much more.  After the war of independence in 1948 and the Six Day War of 1967 there were no Arabs in Israel.  The world respected the fact until the secular government (I will avoid names here) decided to invite the Arabs back.  They thought they were being politically correct and showing the world their benevolence.  They only lost total respect from the other nations.  They set themselves up for much more suffering, and worst of all they ignored Hashem, Who arranged for the Arabs to be gone.  As quoted above when we are not doing Hashem’s will, He will punish us with a non-people, a vile nation to straighten us out.

We are our worst enemy.  It is believed that if we had accepted Hashem’s gift of no Arabs at the end of the 1967 war, the Moshiach would have come then.  Why do we not live the Absolute Truth as individuals and as a nation?  Why do we not accept that Hashem’s plan for our happiness and total success in this world is a flawless plan?  We have such tremendous proof from history of its validity and effectiveness.  It will take Moshiach to change it all, hopefully today or tomorrow at the latest.

Also, wouldn't it be nice if the world knew and lived the Absolute Truth?  If we followed Hashem, He would guarantee the world would change and do the right thing.  What a easy solution to all the world’s problems – Hashem!

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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayishlach, 10 Kislev 5776 (22/11/15)

King of Kings, G-d, Creator of the World, is the leader of the world and the world is only His. G-d will decide what will happen in each country, what will be destroyed and what will be built, what will be flooded, which will have disasters and conflict – these things G-d determines and not man. G-d speaks through the forces of nature, it is hidden. You do not hear G-d's voice and you do not see Him, the forces of nature are his sight, voice, and hints. The world has freedom of choice and G-d is acting secretly; He runs and revives the world. G-d is tired; He is ridding the world of impurity, hatred, and murder. G-d wants us to obey the commandments and there will be a new world of kindness. This is what G-d is doing in the world. The believer will be blessed and will have entrance into the new world; the non-believer will continue to suffer.

G-d is very angry and those who want to give away parts of the Holy Land - don't you dare. The state of Israel, the Holy Land belongs to G-d alone! No one has ownership on the state of Israel and the Jews living in it!

Everything that is happening in the world, in Europe and other countries is a red light to the Jews - run, run, run while you still can and come to Israel, and only to Israel. Jews living in the US and Europe should not test G-d. In Europe the Jews are telling the entire world that they will continue to fight terror. They are mistaken, they are fighting against G-d's will to bring them to Israel and they will lose their lives. G-d is showing signs since 1948, when Israel was established: 'Come only to the Holy Land.' The state of Israel, the Holy Land, is protected from all of the countries in the world only for the Jews. There is salvation since 1948, and there is the Messiah acting in secret, and G-d wants to crown him and build the third Temple in this generation! The material and money keep the Jews abroad, G-d is warning them: if you do not come now, no one will buy your home and property from you; they will run to save their skins and lives and they will come to Israel in shame, not with honor. It is not without reason that G-d is attacking the earth with the forces of nature, attacking Europe and other countries with anti-Semitism, ISIS and extreme Muslims. Just like there is a storm at sea, so it is on earth. The whole world is getting the ten harsh plagues one after the other.

In Israel, the Jews must be vigilant. Be wary of every place, every city, be vigilant so that you are safe and protected. If you are complacent and act in a belittling manner, you will not be protected by G-d.

In Egypt G-d brought the ten plagues so that the people of Israel would wake up and come back to life, and the Egyptians were punished. Now the entire world is Egypt. The first salvation will be small - the last one will be big, the same idea; the Messiah is coming from the desert and is in Israel. G-d is bringing the ten plagues to the world so that the Jews see and fear the Father in Heaven.

G-d is asking the Jews to pray three times a day: Shaharit, Minha, and Arvit, to set times for Torah and to mention G-d and thank Him for all that is good and not good. When a Jew accepts torment and pain with love and joy, G-d gives him good and healing because he believes that it is from G-d for his own good. Jews must turn all that is bitter to sweet.

G-d is telling his Jewish children not to believe the goyim because they want to destroy the people of Israel. They want to control and turn everything to extreme Islam, they don't want peace. The peace they are asking is a trap for Israel to take more land and destroy the state of Israel, heaven forbid. That is their true plan.

G-d is telling the Jews: the choice is in your hands; since the first man, there has been freedom of choice. Watch over yourselves, choose to watch over yourselves. G-d is protecting the people of Israel and there is a cloud of fire around the borders of Israel, but you must still choose to watch over yourself. If Jews do not care for themselves, they get prideful and begin to belittle G-d, heaven forbid, so G-d belittles them. This whole process is G-d preparing us for salvation and the crowning of the Messiah as King in our generation.

The world thinks that ISIS is a state - this is a mistake. Every state has 30% that can turn, in one second, into ISIS and extreme Muslims. Hamas, ISIS, Palestinians, and extreme Islamists have rules of their own. They have lost their minds and want to rule the world. In France they ask who the brains behind the attacks were, but the world doesn't know that for each "brain" and leader, there are 200 lieutenants.

Dear Jews living abroad: come to Israel urgently! You won't have time to take clothes to wear, come now, sell everything and come! In Israel there is everything you need, gold, diamonds, iron, copper, oil, gas, all in abundance and G-d is in Israel! Israel, the land of the deer, and deer skin stretches. Jews be patient, there is everything in Israel, beautiful view, beautiful land, beautiful people, beautiful and good Jews, and G-d wants to do good to the people of Israel, so long as you believe in Him and do not pity the cruel.

Every Jew that was murdered and has his blood spilled on the ground is crying out to G-d to forgive and have mercy on the people of Israel. The government of Israel must stop being naive, be united and consolidated and get the refugees out of Israel in a legal manner. Anyone that is not allowed to be in Israel must be taken out by law. In France there are French, in England there are British, in Turkey there are Turks, in Egypt there are Egyptians, and in Israel there are Jews! Israel has been a country of Jews for generations and not a mixed country. Jews outside of Israel must stop saying that they are doing well; they are lying - they are threatened, the economy is being erased before their eyes!

The state of Israel must not worry about the ban in Europe and must not get angry. Be smart. Listen, Jews: anyone who harms the state of Israel, the Jews in Israel - G-d will give them complications from the forces of nature or conflict within themselves and they will be destroyed. G-d will teach them a lesson about banning the Jews and will not forget any country that goes against Israel - He will strike them with one hundred plagues, not ten!

Armageddon is only outside of Israel! Chaos is only outside of Israel! The world, outside of Israel, is a catastrophe! Even those who didn't believe two years ago, believe now! Jews, do not be afraid, Armageddon is overseas, in Israel everything is good.

All of the terrorists must be neutralized at the source. There are gangs of leaders in Hebron that are being trained with weapons. There is a "snake head" that is guiding all of the Palestinians and Hamas - he must be crushed! They promise money and women, give them drugs and make them cruel.

In Egypt, Sisi must be vigilant and watch over himself from the people around him. He is the best king in Egypt. He is next in line to be harmed. Sisi, if you want to overcome and succeed, clean all of Sinai desert. Start with the border of Eilat towards the Red Sea and El Arish. This entire area must be cleaned, their masterminds are there. If you don't do that, there will be harsh complications in Egypt, like there are in Syria.

Turkey is next in line to be like Syria. Arduan is in deep with ISIS, the economy is getting worse, everything is getting worse.

Jordan, the Jordanian king and four million refugees are going crazy, they do not know what to do, and are getting destroyed every day.

In Iraq there is chaos, no law and order, it is a ghost country.

Syria is destroyed. The Russians are destroying it. Everyone wants to destroy it and it will eventually be destroyed.

Iran is happy and dancing from everything that is happening in the world - it has been forgotten. It is dancing at two weddings; the United States and Russia have left it alone for now. Iran continues to make the atomic and chemical bombs. It is deathly afraid of Israel. If Iran tries to do something to Israel - G-d will erase it from the face of the earth. It is a done deal - do not worry!

In Europe, the attacks will continue and with much more force. All of Europe will be in fear. The entire world will face huge terrorist attacks. The United States is next.

Jews in the Unites States don't wait for them to come to you. Sell your property now and come to Israel!

White and black collars, thieves and bribers, rapists and adulterers will all be revealed in the media. If they repent instead, G-d will not reveal them in the media and will forgive them.

Dear Jews - have patience! G-d wants to save more Jews in the first circle. Everything has an end. In the heavens, G-d, the angels, and the righteous are waiting for the day of the crowning of the Messiah and building the third Temple in our generation. It is 100% in this generation! Only G-d has the date for the crowning, not the angels nor anyone else.   G-d wants to surprise the world with goodness and love! The day will come and it is near, there will be great joy for the people of Israel! All of the pain will turn into joy!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Monday, November 23, 2015

A Follow-up to Yesterday’s Post


I receive this excellent comment to my post yesterday. I wanted more people to see the comment and my thoughts on the subject. First the comment:
Stephen Williamson has left a new comment on your post "A Comment Answered":

Regarding the thought that we Noahides may be a part of the lost tribes, one of my beloved teachers taught that when the Torah was offered to the nations of the world (before it was offered to the Jews), the nations all rejected Torah. However, in every nation there were the people in the back of the crowd who put their hands up saying "Hey, what about us, we will accept Torah, look at us, we want to take it on." Those people are now able to accept their portion of Torah and are becoming active Noahides. Some of us realize that we may not have a Jewish soul but we have a Jewish heart. We do not seek conversion, but we stand by and support the Jews and Torah and Hashem. I wish the very best for our friend in Brazil, and I hope he realizes that if he is meant to become Jewish, he will find a way to do so. As for the cost of conversion, yes, it is expensive. Some of us will require a Bris, the cost of creating a Kosher kitchen, the cost of tefillin and talit all add up to make conversion a very expensive prospect. As in a previous comment, there are ways to raise the cash needed, and many people out there who would be willing to help out.
My thoughts:

Thank you for this excellent comment. You are correct that there will be many non-Jews to whom Hashem will give a very happy future. It is brought down that Israel will be renamed Jerusalem, and that all the remaining land in the world will be called the holy land. It will be a world of goodness and righteousness for everyone. There is nothing written that says all the world will become Jewish, just that all the world will become monotheistic following the One Living G-d.

My speculation is that all the lost tribes, which could be a large population these days, could be showing up as groups like Noachides. The Noachides that I have had the privileged of meeting have been more spiritual and righteous than many observant Jews that I have known. They truly feel and want the goodness of Hashem. I just speculate that they will find themselves returning to Israel, or Jerusalem along with the known Jews of the world. I have had complaints from Noachides that they would like to live in Israel and that they feel deprived at not having a "right of return," as the Jews have. I am saying maybe they do have the "right of return" as a member of another tribe. After all, that means they did live here before.

I know that Hashem will take care of His faithful and that the happy ending will be a very happy beginning for all those who feel Hashem in their hearts, Jew or non-Jew.

I agree that becoming observant and following all the commandments can be expensive, but let me let you in on a secret (this is a secret, so make sure you tell everyone). Those who truly love Hashem and want to do His will also find that Hashem provides and eliminates any hardships or barriers. I am amazed at how many people I have known, including myself, that investments of many types became much more successful at the time of need -- the fulfilling Hashem's requirements. Nothing has been more obvious in my life than the idea that the closer I want to be to Hashem, the luckier I seem to be in everything. I am going to admit it, but there were times that I needed large sums of money to serve Hashem and a relative passed away months before with a big inheritance check coming exactly when I needed it. I feel bad about that happening, but the timing was such a strong and obvious message to my family from Hashem. There is no such thing as luck; there is only the mercy of and help from Hashem. It may not happen right away, since this is the world of testing and Hashem wants us to be completely convinced of His ways, but it definitely happens. You may find many who would disagree with what I am saying, but they will find out at the time of Geula that it was their shortcomings that held them back, not Hashem's merciful system.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Comment Answered

I received an excellent comment from one of my favorite readers, who has become a long-distance friend. The concern is for righteous non-Jews, but my reply is as pertinent to Jews as it is to any non-Jew. First the comment:

November 22, 2015 at 2:35 AM
Hello Menachem!!!
I would like to ask you two things. First:
Why the Bnei Noach sit as if they were part of Am Israel?! I say this, least the Bnei Noach pello of Brazil, I heard from many that feel like they belong to the Bnei Israel.
For me (and I believe that for many other Bnei Noach), we feel like we're part of Am Israel, even without belonging officially (I mean conversion).

Since I discovered the absolute truth, when I was 13 years old (I'm 27 years old), I have come to love and be faithful Am Israel with all my strength that love and fidelity only grew each day.
I unfortunately still have not converted (after almost 14 years of waiting) because I have no financial conditions, because I am very poor (financially), and in Brazil the conversions cost around $4500 (cost of time of Rav and lessons - in Chabad Lubavitch).

Another question:
Because you think the Bnei Noach are people who belong to the lost tribes?! Please, I know it's a very extensive to be treated here, but I believe it is a great gift of Hanukkah (no size) to the Bnei Noach as I, S.C. and many other hundreds or thousands of Bnei Noach in the world who read your blog. :) Please!!!
My answer to this very special concerned reader and friend:

I could write another book in covering all that you question, but I will try to be concise. First of all, know that as you talk of your love for Am Yisroel, know that all real Jews have a very deep love for you and all righteous non-Jews. The problem is for thousands of years there was no love between us, only persecution, hatred and pain.

The much more important love is that from Hashem. His love is what is important to each one of us, Jew and non-Jew alike. I have mentioned numerous times that this world is the world of testing. Your particular situation is what Hashem has given you because He knows that you need such testing. It is actually good news, since He only give severe tests to those who are worthy of His kindness and mercy. In other words, when Hashem pays this much attention to you, you have to be very special in His eyes. I know from our correspondence over many months that you are very special, as well as many of my readers. The most important thing for you is to have complete faith that Hashem is helping you to a wonderful future, which appears to be imminent. Your testing will not be much longer. I know of several possibilities that would make you very, very happy, but I can't talk about anything until I see the absolute conclusion, especially for individuals like yourself.

The idea of you being a possible member of a lost tribe is my speculation. It is based on the fact that population growth in this world would dictate it. Because we had about 600,000 men (about 2 1/2 to 3 million Israelites) 3328 years ago, who left Egypt, that population would be tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions today. Who are they in the world today? The faithful, the ones who feel the love of Hashem and live to follow His ways. That is definitely not a big number, but when we are looking at 7.3 billion to choose from, hundreds of millions is small. We have a prophecy in Zachariah 13:8 that “Two-thirds of the people in the land will be cut off and die,” which will happen in the end of days, now. Through war, natural disasters, etc, there will only be approximately 2.4 billion people left for the time of redemption and Moshiach. We also know from scriptures that all the wicked will be gone and only the faithful, righteous people will remain. We also know that the wicked are very much ignored by Hashem, since we are on this Earth with this life to perfect ourselves and to achieve the best possible eternity that we can.

Hashem helps the righteous who are destined to a tremendous future. In what form is His help? Testing. As it says at the end of Malachi, the last of the prophets, the righteous will have the toughest times, and wonder why the wicked seem to be thriving. Hashem will judge each individual to see no matter how tough life gets, who stayed faithful to Hashem. The end will be the righteous who worked hard to pass the tests will survive, thrive and reap the reward of a wonderful life beyond our wildest imagination. The wicked, who look like they are getting by easily these days, will be wiped out completely and even punished after they leave this life.

I know I repeat myself, but it all comes down to measure for measure for every individual and even every country. If Brazil is so difficult and so wicked to good people, Brazil will get its just reward or punishment (guaranteed that we are talking about the individual leaders who have caused the evil).

Keep up the good work of turning to Hashem for everything and know the time of change is very soon, B”H.

One last note is that I have never heard of conversion being that expensive even though a proper conversion does take years. My hope is that what the Arizal said is very valid here. He said that anyone who converts for the right reason, a true love of Hashem, is really a Jew from birth. They were Jewish in a previous life, but needed to go through the process of conversion in this life by passing difficult testing. That is how their perfection is achieved. Moshiach will be able to tell each individual that he or she is actually Jewish. The conversion process will not be needed, just a very concise learning program.  This will result in Hashem instilling a higher level of a Jewish soul into the individual; but, if the person had the potential from birth, it is a definite result.  If this sounds different from what Rav Nir Ben Artzi was saying, let me clarify that he was talking about those who may be converting for the wrong reason, such as a love of a spouse rather than a love of Hashem.  Hashem is sorting it all out, and every deserving person will get a deserving future, Jew or non-Jew.

You may be poor financially, but you are rich spiritually and that is the best investment for a very lucrative future.